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Southern Illinois University Carbondale OpenSIUC January 1970 Daily Egyptian The Daily Egyptian, January 15, 1970 Daily Egyptian Staff Follow this and additional works at:
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Southern Illinois University Carbondale OpenSIUC January 1970 Daily Egyptian The Daily Egyptian, January 15, 1970 Daily Egyptian Staff Follow this and additional works at: Volume 51, Issue 65 Recommended Citation,. The Daily Egyptian, January 15, 1970. (Jan 1970). This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the Daily Egyptian 1970 at OpenSIUC. It has been accepted for inclusion in January 1970 by an authorized administrator of OpenSIUC. For more information, please contact Daily EGY TIl SoutItan IlIUWu UraWenity Critie... I~~ Loci, oj irderdl SIU Senate On the imide II _rr-..., ~.c; 1M Cop. b.roke...,. -..,-- DIIMcnI1c... ~ oc-.-~..._-. _ 601loy F.ot..-. _ r...-. I_ ,_-.! cans Con-Con ~tae. Illinois Vobnr 5 I Thutst:»y.w.c-y IS, 1910 Senator Gilbert knocks May Fest a..8abc.. 0..,.,.type..,. SU Writ_ 51..., Senator JobD G.lben pld Weclat8l1ay.bat If be -..d May Oay Fesa..,~ '0 ~ belel. II... lei ~ IIDIhIn& IIuI a pl.lbllc nwsanc~ lor au 01 WOo GIIben apote before.~ lhird mee ,ic 01 be Con- ~trci~i!f~,,~~:e,:n~~no~ar:o ~~le~ ~ do ncm &ec, rc,i!!oun.ii tuc pt-r!ion,,-ould flvor lhls t.n (be Upi of. au (he tb.i~ 6 that are gouta to be r equired to make Ih..a.. 5UCCt!Iia.. In addition. the KMitOr Innouncc.-d thl' ~. Cooc.erncd Cuuen' s P r ejudenr Thomas Dtnnu and St.le- Rep reaentajivc' Cale WiUr.mli wtu prelicnt petiuons be&ring lhou.und.5 01 Mfne. to [be go, cr no,l.oeomhimo ned week. .,otbe peopl,e In lbu area Ire entliled to be proleoed:' be added. Jack.,n COUnl), Director of E..avtronmencal Health Let: MlUer told tbe c rowd WIlli ~J.b and aanilatton muaurea m...' be' met. lie eai_mated 6SO privy 1)'pC' IOUeta wl.11 br needed wen a. enouah wltcr 10 supply ODe 10 one-and-onc-b.ali,auon. to eacb perlion anead.i... Harold Rob.naon. repru.,,,,mw from lbe Rural E lectric AuocJa'IOjI.old lbe c rowel lbal power 10 be AudJ... Meadow lie m... be pwylcieci upoa reque.. Jact.aoD COWIIY SUtC!a AuonIey RIcbaI'd 1UcIuDaI dial an IDjwlc:don to ball Cbe Nay oa, p_ bad... IllecI IJI J~ C~ Coun 1M Spr1Jw ArlIor Late... eoc1atloa.. pljlalff. Tbt I... junc:dod WIll anempt 10 ball all proc 9 ijii WII1I.uru.tea concend... emeruja.rnera tacuitlea In... t.anda lownshlp can ~ rcyiloed. SIU baa bee named... aecond plaintiff. / Death ruled aceidental A corone... )ll.ry 1_ Cbe de.b or Lord Simona. aft II,.,ar-old SIU rr-tlman from Deerfield. m.. '0 be occ.ldem.j In an it'kiu t'1il Wedne-Iday nljlll M f Simona wa. Wled when.ruck by m.. OI:PObUe as pled 10cro.. U.s.. S I at the f h.rwood AyeDUe' Intc r ecaton. ()ec, 9, 19M, 5 Sec:urtry Pol ~ ideotllied be d 'r or me car.. Cbad_ Eo Doa.Jp. 23-,.,.. -oid SIU enIP befo re,be )ll.ry. IIuI cl dlnecl 10!eMl/y... _Ice of COUDdJ * cileii bell.ltbam AccordlDI 10 le1ili.m..., at. ' ' CaIhy C...,.. _ a. aijtlnl De XI I 0 Mlu 51maD. WhaI IIhe....uuct. DeDIP.... dtly1n1 ,... 'or condluona t b.jit cu.ed. ' f l\41.. C... uld that 1 he)' bad Idt tbe C\I rb briore- t No.alt alp _ 0'- on but IhM lbe Up...,.,110. In!be o her direction. The -.It &Jp came on h c n we - ere Abour: CIn(! 'nb Of II ,,... (be I... ~... ~.. Cue, 1IIded.. i Mtaa IO'IId: jqi... Cbe_... Ofdlllt iii. ..,..,..u- IIaH CIuI. dlyl& lbe A...,. , lound IhM MI.. 51 ,..... kill..., by rr_l'i' be... fore,, . r- A.'... ty SJU n. K... _IL 0J0t - pl W;IIo... -_ ~ ~ LA'ft!llOWl FlU. SAT. II:GO.M. TlleB... T-.... ~... b?- CD brlijeb--_ ftsidoiu ct;-r.r.*i. Dn1dN.... J(; fei.laa rem CD cip. . dtey. , CD do... If.rb do wiur c!! !'i' ID de ... e an: ayina CD,.. tbem...,.mer. TIle T... en oamples Ia OIlIy III Ita year of edaence. Peodtel aajd. L.. year. aalyitle i bere were more of... expc'_r1meal..... of!he realcieau were IDOt'e 1n1~ In Ihelr 0_ baiididp _ area aalm:ies. wu D«mucb aadjdon or.,ndellde. f tr.0.,by. ThIa,ear. empbuta Ia 011!he A.lro... I. like Alpert a joiar e(iort _... bwlcllnp Inae.s of a ~ ~. Peoebel aajd. TbIa Y. resident. oould won. em a much lacier 8Cale than _reo TIle area 11 ,- :Den!!.a compo_ of 12 memb e r 6-0 D e repre.eftud'f'e from eaeb of tile 12 Doore HCUSTON, (API - lnae.s 01 Army lleorel1le:' me I.' ron... a.j'l! shoen i choice of _ mey..,. CD beu for wake-up c&.ua. and mo. 01 tbem bave c.boaea _. by Hem Alpen and the Tljuanl 8rua. of :; , entire complex.!bere nir;l;;:::;m;:::;i=;;:;--; are : 7.0 . In Mae Smlrb TOwu (for womea) and 17.onea In Scbnelder T~er!fOr mc). 'mae area pem.ment ~ pan of!he... dent aalytry money and!iodr mod e y (ooatrtbu'tlona) for IIICttrittea, Pencbel 1&14. Open and .tneday. are beld becween Doon of the two towen... A Ooor I. al.. l~ tbree open bouaea I quaner. be aajd Daily Egyptian ,..... ~ . ~ ~ ~, cw t..., wl ~ '-T ~T ... a...i ,~ Oa~_ :: '.:::.-:~-,~-::.~=- LATE SHOW - A R 5 I T Y...,... 80X 0f'I'1CE OI' NS 10: IS SHOW ST AJtT5 11 :ClOP.M..... SI:80 ma I Silm I WJ IWl.A ItIID PAUlI des~di' ~---- C I ,-- _ SAT. AT 1:30 3:20 5: :00 NOW /.I Hi VARSITY FEAllJRE TIMES 2:20. :30-6 :4()- 8' 50 William Faulkne~ Pulitzer Prize Winning Navelihe Reiversis now a film! Sleve McQueeIl plays Boon in'ihe ReiYerS g; ceafo6d-'~... c..a,..miidi _,,-,7... I a ~- Population problems, solution ducu.,ion at Newman Center Zero PopulMlOll Growtb ~ the Newman Cencer wtli be aponoortn, dlacuul on popul.ioii problem 'p.m.. Tburllday at he ~wm an :enlee. The di... Ion. Tbe Pop IlII11Ion Crln.....Ill cenrer AI'ClI.Wld tbe incre_ prob- 10m. of population ADd the poaalble eolutlona. accordlna to Fotbt'r WUIl_ Lonpo_. director of lbe Newman Center. Sucb problem... Incree..o COIIU'OI r.lcit...!telllb and lonser lu. 1Ipa!l. are uualnllarae_ ActivitieS on. campos ' lo$l8y C~ Seda: Al ar~ 1ft W des ValIe)1 aIJ. 6 p.ja.,.- - BktII c-. ~.. ~ f- C, ; R_ '~ Sill Balrd. DIrecmr &l1li II p.m~ PuJliam HaU. p.m.. G, ; C-..ed- P ' 01 New Yod: Par- Wdp il-oom. Uge Swim. :;:e p.iii PaI- --- Ajd SocIeqo. I -.. Depanmeta of ' CbemtAl) bam Hall Pool; Fe..c:u. sru Aftna; Coffee Hour. 2. ' Force C... 'u.. - :alcula- CIIIII. 1 p.m. G,.,.. IH.. p.m.. Ullh.nlly C~ uoo ~nci Appllcauoa. - Mr. W_ UaIledNatloDaA...aa 0II!0 r.oom ' Gnlfln. ~aer.. ~ loll: Commlttee ~ ~ 01 Music: Fa :- p.m.. 'l b,-..ic.1 Sc.eoc...,,30 p.m Norna LJ.brar)' uhy Recital. ~Id Wood- IluiJclu g. ROom 21 AudlIonwn. -;nne! Qw.. ec. S p.m Old. Obelia: Group p.eutre5, Puce Commme.o:... morlo.l IUpUit FOUIlCWJon C-bapeL b- 1O p.m.. Aarl ulture for Dr. 1::.1\Il. S p.m 0.'1\. General SludJes Advaeme.. Arena. Auditorium. AppoI.. me s P I Stsnu Epollon: M ng. Ii 'l ie!- Je.. it;b A IaOOft: y.m Uruversi.ty Cem:er p...m LawliOQ. Room Cenlcr CJPf'-D 7:lO-lO:lO B.t.!1room B Ple !ge Meeu..:. S-IO p.m..!103 S. 0 1 BUSlDe Sa;de,rw p.m., Lawson, Room 211. Ge-rnun Club: German), To- Council: O~r. b p.m Block 6. Bndle Club: Meet. al. Dr. Ire... etnroal'nift'tsh), Ce-m:er. DllDots 'I. 7:30. 9:30 p.m Agrt- k). speaker. -; p.m., Claoe Room. cuhurc Seminar Room. Tbt.-al rc.. Scl ocl 01 Tecbnol ll): LuDcb. SAIling Club: 9 1! r.;.;;;;.;;.;.;.;.;ij:..-i3~~---- i (:'on, noon. UruveTSU) Cen- p.m., Home.- Ecooomics. tcr. Kast.ast l3 Room. Room 1..a8. War.:vef AlumJnum: Job Ka.ppa. lplu PSI: RU5h lme-me 8.i..m.-5 p-m.. p..m... Home' EconomiCS UnJ,'ersuy ecole.! . s.a.nsa- Fauul) LIYln:& Laborato!). 1Jk.,;t Room. Mu Pbl EpSilon: Mt. ctln&. Fu:ult) Adv1SOr& fo r Fra(~r- 0:30-7:30 p. m Old - Trusr your C21 to ~I\ andsorotltle6: Olntk f, FOUncUllUCl, Room 7. r~ ... tnt ~ :~ p.m Uruver&1l) CC'n- Undcrgradu.att' 5o lolog) C lub: ler. Ra.UroomC. Me~ l ng p. m., Wham. M168OUT1-UJ lnoi8 State Schal- room 200. UshlP Appllcano ns: 8 Women's Rr:cn:au or. A68OC1~ JIM'S TE XAC.O rooe _ -.el11l' a. m.- ~ p.m.. Uru Vt:'Tllt) flon; ~st: ib.a U. G\mn.&Ji --, '~. C~rwrr. Mlaaou.CI Room. Male Glee- Club: 8-10:30 p..m.. UnJveraU) Ceraer. Ballroom.. T T T F orel.., Langwtg Group: LWlCbeon. noon. UnJver8U Y Cemer. La.te Room. IMJon inere-aki. F~~r Lon- Hu.ng1Lt'Lan 1h1blllon; MOTns aua aajd. Ubrary. runa until J anua.r) Al.a preeen( tor the dla- 23. gulded [oura avatla.ble. 01_ will bt' BruCt' W. Pec- COlUCI Mr M e h1n~i. 53 er-aed sat. ' profe880r of zooloay and Mart Hanaen Imernational Cemer: Lu.nch- ONL Y THE BEST IN FLOtoIERS _aft.,.eme ~uy a m ~ r~t'o ::n~.~ooo~:n.~u:n~i '~r:m:.~y~c~e~n:.-!::::::======================================~ World Resources Inventory. Bacb are member. of Zero PopulMlon G.rowtb. Zej o Population Growth I. an 0rsanizatJon aimed at ma people. uo 01 'be population problem. Tbe dl..,...on will ~open to the bile. Tbe ~wman CeDler.. located al 715 S. Grand. 403 s. ILL. ~ r - stah.. pinion Students' apathy cripples Con-Con TIle.. powe:r &ad'dfeaj_.. at. JOftr--- Ia cao-joa,bai bu boeft clebmed OIl campuma ac:rou be _0 from be onlljllllon at..ucieui ~owramnu. sru.ia lid nceptlol Eyeryoae -... '0 complain about.uclem pnoe.- AI SID bus DO one I. willi , rodo&jj)' .llljllaboutu. The Iludent pemmem eonm1rydon.j Con... 1on lei _.. (0 ~n prorided a wh tbe rue _rtw1iry to lsea1 wb tile.ery... inalwl.joll ~_be... 1'wJo... YetOlllytweln.. ucleula OIl tbta :ampua ~ft -.. eftouib I.ntue. '0 nid.. cleleplea. and oaj1 1~ were pr_ tbi. _ at tbe IIItroduaory.._OIl_rl... TbIa.patbellc anltude e :prcued by.. uclema clurljll tile ft.r. pattloll at. COO.cOD bu Idt Snide.. Coycr Wllb Ita ~~ tled nd tile.4m1niatratlon baa,.lneci Ic rory w Ultl , a l! ier. Tbe a4ml... ntloo bu 10 a acnae been Jlnn,be,o-abead by be.. ucie.. body to tau be cleclal... of tbe KlWe. I~re them and merely pa.. them off I. the opinion of onl y. few and aume that m OM atudcn,. are.auar.eel with lb.j.n&. {be wa y tbey ar e. And,.a1n... 10,be po..... uclenu on 'hi. c. mp118 wt1i compj.aj n about tllelr lack 01 ri,...!be,eciiou. procc.. at,etu , 'hi ,. dor.e.nd will COIIII ,, 4amolJll atucledl loye-rnme,. The blae.. problem facl , SlU.. uden.. lovernmem Ie lbe ltcuoenu. UNU tbem etude,.. are wuii,. (0 Sl ep 0' of their IMU of lpatb ) and a.. ume.orne poul1caj,reapcmatbou),. tbe, -rude... dectljon... nu.ti,. proce I' Stu wui conf1m'e ID It. pre... condillon- a,.,nami Man y Franct.. StaH Opihion Hey, that'$ cool Toe rec.enr announcement tbac S80.lJiCX) would be u.1 ed to con.ruet I sy.em (0 carry chlllecl water ' 0 Woody Hall leenough to mate one lh.1t'er. Ma rty Francl. Staff Opinion Too much dough? Lene, let's forget the balcery lessons FeiHe, lener Proposal explanation sought To,be ElYP'jln: Open It.-tte r to the re&1denu: of Thompson Potru: I feel tbm l o we some e xpl an.u Ion to you in regard '0 be coeci _y houra. I... your aenmo r, reponed to you and your hill prealde Bl a that tbe chance. of the proc:ram were '1e ry good. To many it mtgbl K em that I OWf' you an apolocy ratbe.r ~ an f' xplan.atlon fo r mi. e~. lnformauod.. Ho we-'1e-r. in rettewtnj tbe clrcumsu.dcea, I feel that WUbur Moulton. (be dean at auc:icnla. owe. you 'hat apol iy. In ('arty NO'le moer I had a te lepbonc convers arlon with [be dean. In that conver sation. 1 was to ld by him that tbe propouj. a approved by hi. ottl~ and wal sent to tbe cbmceuo r. He told m e' that 1M chancello r 1 'vo rable to the Ide-I ~d that the c hances of Ita acceptancc we r e good. I mus( point out, at thll time; th.t t ~ or l- Letter Knowledge vs myths To be Dally EgyplI' Slnce Mr. [)' leher pp:.-.. rt d In thr l.)a11), Egypc tan m :a n) 0 1 m) I rtend8 ve n people. ho 1 pr e'lto,udy did not kni_ t have been cailln g m ~ to pi~ thei r. uppen on my bebj,lf. By noon ~ rur cb} I W In fo rmed by rt:'u.ble 8Our~. that.l ll OYer the peop~ tud r C.ld Dunbar s lemr i nd bad au~nd )' br-com... d by ~ IOIJd m!~i.. ~r' k.... All aay peopk ~re com'n, 10 me with ie- ncn lb cbry! ad written to tile Daily EUPU.n conclemnllll ~ m\dtatrr. 'Illite.1c.1ou. ly na...,reaaktjii ' If I bad...,mln,. I ~ ' 0 acid to 'flrlr tener I am orrll1n& lbl. leno r for,fir fir_ii, at. Mr. DuoIie r 0114 an,.,... d oc.. ho would Ute m, reactlora 1'0 bja II!(U r f'be r e Mr. OIII l ar _. aprn dor Ia br eo... _ ci1nctly equatr. pon dorma with a... ~ r ow ae 0114 probable p~. N.ed l r to.. y. 'do... 1M' lhal tile.. inl_r a 1000e Ia nll4.rp_ apldal tile 1..- of open dorm room.. Ia frtptenlnc '0 thl_ tbac an,... to4ay ad.u IDUCb M MU U cioe. Mr.~.,... at ~r. Dou Dar . Ia ~ _ willi oped ClDrau... ooe mip ollpe 1. a\ftce that Ia tile ~ wi,h wbtcb ' brpa... IIOner. b::t ratbrr with ouch tiddp.. Pfttllutal _... V.D. _. flrailtltau,.. _ btueci...,... _... lioa cat. ... Wltb all.,. rupea CD Mr. ~. _ bit ~ ~Ud.I _..,Iba, 'fta -f\jii 10 br br '!9 _1_, to corr-eel. lilt I patlletkally.. ~ I I tile alnuter 10. _.ttl _ ~r poblkajiy or r:ijm to.. all of tbt t,.:rwd-.. -,..., C'~l.r, ,, U _r... glnal P ropouj... ' It 1 at ell by a apc :lai Unh'e r sjry com m1n~ he&ded by Dean Evan.. of Unh'e r a.u y Part. T hls me propu.. al wa. d.a. I e-gl &.tat Ion by the Studenr Smale on Oct. 22, IQOQ. The Sr-nlle- but and t ~ com muter Tepon wcr e \. (,1) tm U. r. llnuii.ldeat'cal Du nn, the laue T pa n ot fill quane r, nt Y«. J an y 8la.n (.s6!slant csr an., ~ I l den t coun RJor., and C'e's tdent fella.., we~ It.eo tb e. arne lndtc all on by De an Moulton, Lt'.. that the proposal would be a.c ct pced. Som t hall. h.iye.1.1 re.dy ra t c.-n ij05ti lvc' action fo r Impl(- mt. nu ng t ~ program. To t ~se It udftlu, I I.'Xlend my symp.athy fo r :'1 the t roublr rbat t he) We rc fu r ced to 10 through. I fr d th.1t... t... U lio( udenu 01 thi. L'n lvcr 81l), should ft. cc.- IYt. I full C'l. pl.anauoti 00 thl& enti r c m~lt t r Ir m Dcln Moulton. Ji m ()uhr ThumpllloOn Po tnt or SophomoTr GovrrnmC'nr Letter 'Personal'service r o trw: D.a Uy fgypt l an: In retrponk to Chan e llo r MuVlc~ r and (kan Moulton'. retua.aj to g r ant c~u ca IIanal allidy houra I woula lib 10 publici .l bolh o f them a few qu~.. 1onl.bow thet r rc.... tor deaytna t be ItUdc:nt. of sru cer ' P ' rrprcu , L...-.' pe r~ a1 li'1c I. FI r. of all, woui4 lite to - 'JOlI tblnt,be...scm. ' II on canpu. i.e mature etlolic/ to be &lone with. mem)er of tile ,,,.II.IU an'? At e do We acqiii tile abwry 10 delennu. tile _ of our...-&1 IlIPu1 1 _ ISa4 to llaye _ rtry 10 plde th ouch dlfncult arau. and ella.. wt.a I --.w ClDwttb., per~ d&tro. At lira I _ I mtp llaye &0 rdab _ e ciifticui,_ana _ I c... e. to sru. IIuI... _ 'ftad tha dlancdlor _ clean mat. all of my liedalaoa lor mo., ajli ~. T1w cluftceuor _4 up...-1ai ofller houra to a4y1ac -.. _ be correct moral pajo bey ~ IoU.,.. U..., -. acucieui -.. CGl bia morallt,. he caaid dnjp ID _ oat.-ct&.dcdjor _..., problem III... tile a _&I Ulrpi,-,,_r oa_ wily tile lial..&rsirj of n~ _ * CIlIaer II.IIk -... cion', ~u tbia pe... a11u 1 ~I'YIU. n. tr ~ c:diora _, arc - tat1j!c -_'. _....., - bey ciecne. - a.l)'... ~ l _ of -... -. 0 mldd _... ..., &0 car...,1ihdi be ~ u aft. tidm~ '-'-u.iiy d'iatr... III kit Q8catIor ' ''''''1..,,,...UiI ~kar Dna poacia. I partt -- H..-. ., r ~~olci.. g 'MOr.,.nioying it I Ciga.:ettes,help women cope witl1) tensio~.. ow.,.. ~..,..- TIle '* .. cool. Ill. c:oc:tuii. cutt.lasty ' -... 1IlbD ~ '.pc... cndled chid,. til ber IlnFrs.. A. 1Ian1eII. bedr...,..s _Ie...-. a... ~ ~ I aijin. ~Y. 1 bell ~ ~ _..., abe.,.abe d pr_ for I 'fuld dr. before abe poe. ' 0 be plow. I!ftIdeoa... bull emjte 1.0 1,..,..,... I career _an,ate. _.. 1 board me«jda. Tbe dwrman... rpn.e. ber.. lib qu.e llioa. S.lrtJed. abe r ~ad h far ber clpr.l1~.. abe eompo.e. beraelf and A looej Y wom an in ber SO ..Ue-I Uwo ~,.Inlal ... wbicb II be only IU. Ln d... ry room. No «Iepbone QlI or t:noclt 01, be door enr brut. lbe ''''',.QI!y. All abe baa I. ber clpreu T'be-a men ajj ~.e t WO (binll in commoot~.'cwl And cil.reu C'. Uade,... aj_ of bealm.-arnjnp. IMlI 1.0 LncnuInJ nomber. hi.., _opped.mottnc. Bue tor re. .. p.ycholoa;taa ~ only CUea. at, WQrner1 are Imotin, more. Depanmenl of Agr1cuJru,. n ,rel aho.- 22 per cenr 01 women.moted In 19s,s. 2J per cern in per C I~. A..,... 1.0 be Am.,,-lclII lou ,11 of PubUc H.allh repone 40 per cent amotlng In Tbia compu-ea... lib SQ per cent 01 men arnot. I a In 19~9, ~2 per cent In 1965 and 40 per cenl reponed in 1969 by t be.ame.ourer. Paycholos' ae. lhe dpr... mild ~a the..a eon of emoc:tonaj prac.e plpe to counter,he... of dall y li.lna, 1IOOtbln, unruly.molion., Qlmlna lbe lace lo r a aod«y mal IYOlda emoclc.'l. Tberefore. the etlar ene may be more Im portane (0 women who I ce trained a,aln.,entln, lhel r I.elln,_, p.ycholoat... y. Unlit. men, who live up Imoting by a &be ' r let of whi, wom~ Ire le.. able to li.,e by relohal x\l. Take I ctp.reu e Iway ftom the polbed lady ln I MIl,..-n ftiid _ -..oj, diffefta ~..,.. Dr. u.ta p. ~ tie.. a payc:bbidc wtdi ~ a-arcb 01 Sal DIeF. fedenljy IIIIIdod ~.. ::=rs. -- taro propama to p prciiiem aon-1. * -ajb WfdI ~ clldla ~ ,ajautu I..,...,r~ peydijartc practice In SaD DIeF..,. -.. ad be CQIIlJII bebnlor tor IJanIII.bII r_. fear, aaxiecy add _... Tbe dpnlle GIC lower be I ' 01 CXIlUIdous.. ar_. be 03)'1. IIO IQI problem amake,. are afteft per-. wbo do DOl... I cla. loolt.. cbemael.ea. Tbe ~ really URI be dp~ for ~ She ma, r_ a bored 1U~,,be dull liouaeboid routlde, [be lwii p. of ber :hud...,.,.vac1 ber own ~edh: be uy. MMlY profec.ske.aj WOJDea &mote ad enormou. MnOUDl. 1n &-iiuati.ona wbe~ tbey Ire comper:tnl wllb men. smot1ng ~ Ip s tbem cope: wlm t~mtndoua Itrel:s.' Referring to [.~ ~ ou onau y burned-out older woman. Bo z.zet:t1 uya, There I. nu:tung we can o ffer her, S~ l'aii ~ (h:prived of tnterperllol l-.i r elmjonshtps eo long. &M hu become &0 J.ll~ated from eocle y (har the clg.are-th. Is tbe orjy thin, lihe C~ relace to. Bon.ett1 empha.-tz«that problem.moters.a re!y Iult of the (obaceo useu who are addlcttod to (he point where E..hC'y cannoc stop without &Ig ntttcaill.,. tt hct 1 a.~ etfeas. Although BozLcni lnlotsn, Jr ', no( W'J:ualU) as ajl: ' he beltevt-e tmre Is a relauonshlp bc- tween tm Lnc re~ In women amokt=r. and the 1\( _ freedom. of m~ uemand~[ ed.omen. Ncxtna only In rec.enr ye~ra th~( I woman smok Ing 1.0 public baa becom~ ooc:lally acc.publ , h. UY' women m ly be boidlng OCltO their smotel partly out of,_11 Iou... 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