The 2013 Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions Award for Excellence in Research

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The 2013 Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions Award for Excellence in Research
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  Forum The 2013  Journal of Continuing Education in the HealthProfessions  Award for Excellence in Research T ANYA  H ORSLEY , P H D Each year the chair of the Research Committee for the So-ciety of Academic Continuing Medical Education has thehonor of leading the process to select the recipient of the  Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions Award for Excellence in Research. The award recognizesexemplary work in health professions research and is ad- judicated through rigorous peer review. The following in-dividuals dedicated their time and expertise to the selec-tion process; a sincere thank you to Drs. Dave Davis, ToddDorman, Ivan Silver, Gabrielle Kane, Craig Campbell,Robert J.Birnbaum, and Mary Bell, who, among others, pro-vided personal insights and expertise.Over 20 strong srcinal research papers, all published inVolume 32 of   JCEHP,  were considered, and each was uniquein its perspectives and approaches. What made this year’sdecision so difficult was the breadth and scope of work in-cluded within the catchment of nominees. This isa testamentto the burgeoning level and depth of research excellence weare witnessing in the field of health professions education.This year’s nominees were methodologically heterogeneousinvolving research methods from randomized trial design,survey design, mixed-method evaluation, longitudinal eval-uation and interrupted controlled time series to name a few.Authors represented Canada, the United States, Denmark,the Netherlands, and Iran and included physicians, nurses,pharmacists, health care professionals (generally), and CMEdirectors as the units of analysis. Disclosures: The author reports none.  Dr. Horsley:  Principal Scientist, Health Policy and Communications, RoyalCollege of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Correspondence:  Tanya Horsley, 774 Echo Drive, Ottawa Ontario, K1S5N8; e-mail: ©  2013 The Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions,the Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education, and the CouncilonContinuingMedicalEducation,AssociationforHospitalMedicalEduca-tion.  •  Published online in Wiley Online Library ( DOI: 10.1002/chp.21179 But, alas, only one research paper can be chosen; it is anhonortogivethisyear’s  JCEHP AwardforExcellenceinRe-search to Jane Belland Karwoski, PhD, for her article titled“Revisiting the Educationally Influential Physician: Devel-opment of a Simplified Nomination Form.” 1 Educationally influential physicians are oft described asan individual sought out by colleagues for informal clini-cal advice for unfamiliar or novel patient cases. Describedas “an elegant study” and “transformative in our thinking of EIs in modern health care” by the peer reviewer committee,the work by Dr. Karowski examines a contemporary updateto the srcinal 1978 educationally influential (EI) physiciannomination form using a mailed survey to specialist physi-cians. The study included 500 specialists treating neuromus-cular disease who were asked to identify and rate traits theymight look for in colleagues when seeking clinical advice.Based on study hypotheses, the traits were categorized apriori as representing one of four categories: approachabil-ity,declarativeknowledge,practice-basedproceduralknowl-edge, and translational ability.While there can only be one “winner,” there are sev-eral srcinal research reports that are worthy of honorablementions. The following works were identified as exem-plary and identified by their peers as “strong candidatesfor the award” (in no particular order): Colin Dormuth(“A Randomized Trial Assessing the Impact of a PersonalPrinted Feedback Portrait on Statin Prescribing in PrimaryCare”), Esther De Groot (“Critically Reflective Work Be-havior of Health Care Professionals”), and Katarzyna Cza-banowska (“Development of a Competency Framework forQuality Improvement in Family Medicine: A QualitativeStudy”).Dormuth, of the Department of Anesthesiology, Phar-macology & Therapeutics, University of British Columbia,measured the impact and estimated savings resulting fromthe distribution of individualized portraits of statin prescrib-ing along with therapeutic recommendations. Using a pairedcommunitydesign,theauthorsfoundthatindividualizedpre-scribing portraits had a significant beneficial effect on new JOURNAL OF CONTINUING EDUCATION IN THE HEALTH PROFESSIONS, 33(3):153–154, 2013  Horsley  statin prescribing for primary prevention but not secondaryprevention. Strengths lie in the practical application of thisto “real-life practice” and the rigor of research (accountingwell for both confounding and bias). 2 The study by De Groot (a PhD student, Faculty of Vet-erinarian Medicine, Utrecht University) and colleagues ex-amined a hypothetical model developed to measure criti-cally reflective work behavior (CRWB) using survey data,which was then tested against the model using structuralequation modeling. Key findings included the importanceof “perceived need for lifelong learning” as a predictor of CRWB and embraced research utilization as a critical fac-tor in CRWB. Peers noted that, although the study was con-ducted using a sample of veterinarians, the paper was con-ceptually strong, theoretically based, and thoughtful in itsapproach to design and analysis. 3 Finally, the work by Czabanowska (assistant professor,Maastricht University, Faculty of Health, Medicine and LifeSciences) and colleagues developed a comprehensive frame-work of quality improvement (QI) competencies for use incontinuing professional development and continuing medi-cal education for European general practice/family medicinephysicians. Based on a synthesis of evidence, consensus de-velopment panels, and a Delphi approach, the authors de-veloped a 35-competency framework in the following do-mains: Patient Care & Safety, Effectiveness & Efficiency,Equity & Ethical Practice, Methods & Tools, Leadership &Management, and Continuing Professional Education. Ma- jor strengths of the paper included a rigorous study de-sign and the robustness of the framework for identifyinggaps in knowledge and skills guiding CME/CPD curriculafor GPs not only in Europe but here “at home” in NorthAmerica. 4 On behalf of the other members of the selection com-mittee, I want to congratulate Dr. Karwoski on receivingthe 2013 JCEHP Award for Excellence in Research andalso to thank the Alliance for Continuing Education in theHealth Professions, Society for Academic Continuing Medi-cal Education, and the Association for Hospital Medical Ed-ucation for their ongoing support of research that enhancestheory and practice in continuing education in the healthprofessions. Acknowledgment A sincere thank you goes to Dr. David Price, MD, FAAFP,FACEHP, who provided thoughtful contributions and reflec-tions to the final draft. References 1. Karwoski JB. Revisiting the educationally influential physician: devel-opment of a simplified nomination form.  J Contin Educ Health Prof. 2012;32(1):10–23.2. Dormuth CR, Carney G, Taylor S, Bassett K, Maclure M. A randomizedtrial assessing the impact of a personal printed feedback portrait on statinprescribinginprimarycare.  J Contin Educ Health Prof. 2012;32(3):153–162.3. de Groot E, Jaarsma D, Endedijk M, et al. Critically reflective work behavior of health care professionals.  J Contin Educ Health Prof. 2013;32(1):48–57.4. Czabanowska K, Klemenc-Ketis Z, Potter A, et al. Development of acompetency framework for quality improvement in family medicine: aqualitative study.  J Contin Educ Health Prof.  2012;32(3):174–180. 154 JOURNAL OF CONTINUING EDUCATION IN THE HEALTH PROFESSIONS—33(3), 2013DOI: 10.1002/chp
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