Teaching the American Political Tradition in a Global Context

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Teaching the American Political Tradition in a Global Context
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  149  H PTER  8 Teaching the  American  Political  Traditionin a  Global Context Gerson  Moreno-Riano Lee Trepanier Phillip amilton E ducation is the  task  of  crafting  the  souls  of  students;  it is  never simply  about conveying information so that students can enlargetheir body of knowledge. While education should indeed contribute to a  student's basic knowledge  of  facts  and theories, its  goal ultimately,  isto  cultivate  a  particular kind  of  human.being.The political philosopher, Leo Strauss, suggested that education with a  liberal  focus  was an  education  in  culture  or  toward culture. For  Strauss, education  was not about information sharing, or  indoctrination ,  butrather about cultivating beauty and liberation  from  vulgarity. 1  Strauss's approach to education requked much patience, humility, and discipline.A similar view of education can be found in the works of politicalphilosopher Michael Oakeshott.  In  The  Voice  of Liberal  Learning for example, Oakeshott argued  that  education is about  learning  to become human; it is a discipline of mind and heart and a release  from  all  that is slavish  and circumstantial. 2 Both Strauss and Oakeshott understood  that  education presupposed an  understanding of human nature and of the human condition. Itrequked teachers who had an intimate understanding of  thek  pupils and of  the culture in which they existed. Education could not ignore  die context, in which students lived, the  ckcumstances  in which they werematuring, and the society  into  which they would eventually be  released. Given  die  calls for  internationalizing  the American higher educationcurriculum within American universities and, furthermore, given the existence  of globalization and the rapid dissemination of the Internetand Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in today's world, it is  vital  to  discuss  and  assess  the  impact  of  these  factors  upon  the
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