Syed - Employee Development in a Changing Organization (Review)

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Syed - Employee Development in a Changing Organization (Review)
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  Review by Syed Hayat (Aug 2013)  Employee Development in a Changing Organization    by Papmehl, Anne    Complexity and speed of change is more than most high level executives can manage o   Hence they have to rely on skill and education of their employees at all org. levels o   The phrase “grow or go” applies t o organizations who need make certain their employees are growing as well    Org. must be able to obtain max contribution from their workers o   Two way street o   As employers seek best out of their works; employees seek to get the most out of their jobs    This requires clarification of their own professional development, needs and expectations relative to those of the organization    “Where I have seen people grow a lot of their   knowledge,” says Peter Strum, CMA, FCMA, president of Ottawa- based spdGlobal, “the employees themselves understand the framework within which the company is working and have determined whether it is in sync with their own personal objectives. Where the two don’t   converge, it doesn’t work.”      Must be able to retain them otherwise will feel it at the bottom line o   Gap b/w what company’s offer and what employees value      Employer want to buy loyalty through high salary and motivation through enrollment in expensive training courses    Whereas knowledge workers want to have a space to develop within their jobs on a continuous, autonomous basis. They want to overcome a climate of uncertainty by being kept informed of what’s happening during times of org. change      People with high level of knowledge, intelligence and motivation do not respond well to hierarchical command-and control management. Their preferred leadership style is one that invites input and involvement o   Being successful in retaining employees reflects an effective communication structure established by the leadership    Whatever stage (good/bad) org is in, employee development be a built in future of the org o   This leads to employee satisfaction o   Which allows employee to convert knowledge into power o   Which allows the employee to sustain the change and propel it towards org. growth    For growth all above are requisite from the leader of today o   Who must listen o   Promote innovation and challenge for employee satisfaction and growth o   Work as effective teams which can create camaraderie and social support o   Team must have effective leader ship o   Leader must be able to resolve conflict to minimize stress o   Leader must be vary of employee skill stagnation o   Org. environmental factors play important role in the way employees develops knowledge e.g. private sector is rife with challenges for individuals to overcome  Employee Development in a Changing Organization.. Papmehl, Anne; Management, Feb2002, Vol. 49 Issue 1, p12, 4p.  
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