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  PEMERINTAH KABUPATEN ACEH JAYADINAS KESEHATAN UPTDA PUSKESMAS CALANG Jl.Pasar Baru Gampong Blang ! .Kru!ng Sa#!! Hp.$%&&'%($')*Ema+l , pus!smas alang-gma+l. om CALANG  Ko SURAT PESANAN (SP) Nomor , $$( 1SP1APBK2DAK1($&%Yang #!r3ana 3angan + #a4a5 +n+ ,Nama, r.J+mm6T!mpa3 Tugas, UPTD Pus!smas CalangAlama3, Jl. Pasar Baru Gampong Blang 2 Calangs!lan7u3n6a +s!#u3 s!#aga+ P!nanggung Ja4a# B8K Pus!smas CalangD!ngan +n+ am+ m+n3a un3u apa3 m!ng+r+man 1 m!n6!+aan #arang Ala3 Tul+s Kan3or !paa ,Nama Too, C9.Ja6a Man+r+Alama3, Jl.Calang 2 M!ula#o56ang alam 5al +n+ +4a+l+ ol!5 , Sa:r+;als!lan7u3n6a +s!#u3 s!#aga+ P!n6!+aan Barang 1 Jasaun3u m!ng+r+man 1m!n6!+aan #arang !ngan m!mp!r5a<an !3!n3uaan2!3!n3uan s!#aga+ s!#aga+ &. R+n +an Barang NoJenis BarangSpesifkasi/Merk/ TipeKuantasSauan Ukuran &Amplop B!r3al+=ol+o/l!m#ar*>$$$.2(Pulp!nBo?+ Un+#all/Ba3ang()>$$$.2/Sp+olSno4man)Ba3ang&$>$$$.2*P+sau Cu3!rK!n o L20$$&Bua5/'>$$$.20L!mPron3o &0 gr(Bua5&0>$$$.2'Map =ol!rCom#o *$&/Bua5/%>$$$.2)Map Plas<=ol+o&0Bua5/>$$$.2%B+n!r Cl+p No.($$No.($$(Bua5&%>$$$.2@B+n!r Cl+p No.&00No.&00(Bua5@>$$$.2&$Tr+gonal l+pA3om(Buag*>$$$.2&&Sp+ol 5+3! BoalSno4man0Ba3ang&$>$$$.2Jumla5&=o3o Cop6=ol+o*>$$$l!m#ar(0$.2To3al Harga Ukuran (RP)   Pos , (/'0* !r+u3 ,&($$$%&$$$)$$$$/'$$$/$$$$&&*$$$*0$$$/'$$$&%$$$%$$$0$$$$0$$>$$$.2&>$$$>$$$.2&>0$$>$$$.2 Toal Harga RP 3
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