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Serving God s People Our Savior Lutheran Church th Street SW Minot, ND Usher Guide Serving as an usher is one of the most vital ministries in the church. For example, statistics
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Serving God s People Our Savior Lutheran Church th Street SW Minot, ND Usher Guide Serving as an usher is one of the most vital ministries in the church. For example, statistics indicate that most visitors decide within the first 10 minutes or so of walking in the door of a church whether or not they will ever return. In other words, first impressions make a huge difference. That means that ushering is one of the most important callings in a local congregation! Main Goal Ushers serve the Lord in two significant ways: 1. They do their best to make visitors feel at home. 2. They work to create an atmosphere conducive to worship. Performance Standards Time: Be at church at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the service. At special services (e.g., Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, etc.) be at the church at least 45 minutes early as these may include extra set-up for larger crowds. Faithfulness Because you are serving God s people: You are expected to be faithful to your duties as an usher. You are expected to be present at the services to which you have been assigned. If you are unable to usher on your assigned Sunday, it is your responsibility to find a replacement in advance. o Find your replacement from the list of alternates. o Notify the Elder in charge that you will not be there. Let him know who your replacement will be. o Under no circumstances (other than sudden illness or emergency) should you simply not show up on a Sunday. When You Come For Services Arrive 30 minutes before the service begins. Please check to make sure the Sanctuary is neat and orderly. Make sure the guest registration books are placed on the end of each row. (If there was a wedding or funeral, the guest registers may be in the church office on the table next to the copy machine.) Make sure the candles are lit. Provide assistance for the REM and nursing home people in being seated they may have wheelchairs. As the church fills up, help people find a seat! Welcome And Serve People With Warmth Two ushers are needed to pass out bulletins and greet the people as they arrive. Put a smile on your face and be friendly! The bulletins will be on the table next to the copy machine in the secretary s office. After the service begins, wait at least 10 minutes before you are seated. This will allow time to watch for late arrivals. Greet them as they arrive, give them a bulletin and help them find a seat. How To Gather The Offering During the service six ushers are needed to take the offering. Two ushers ( C and D ) will go up the center aisle, receive the offering plates from the pastor and start passing them among the people. Front of Church A B C D E F seating seating seating seating seating seating seating seating seating seating seating seating The additional four ushers assist as positions A, B, E, and F. After the offering is taken, the plates are returned to the pastor and placed on the altar. How To Help Communion Go Smoothly Four people are needed to usher for communion. The pastor and an elder will receive communion first. An usher should be positioned at aisle B and one usher at aisle E (see diagram) at the front of the church. They will tell the people when to go forward to the communion rail. Our communion rail will hold approximately fourteen people seven on each side. Try to keep family units together and always have people waiting up front while others are communing. Help people get up from the kneeling position if needed and guide them down the step. This is especially important for the elderly or mothers holding babies. A third usher will go down aisle B letting people go forward row by row. A fourth usher will do the same going down aisle E. At The Close Of The Service After the service the sanctuary will once again need to be cleaned up in preparation for the next service. Straighten the chairs, pick up any hymnals, bulletins, papers, etc. left on the floor. Place the guest registers on the end of each row. After the last service of the day, remove the signed attendance sheets from each guest register and place them on the secretary s desk in the office. During Lent and Advent we also have Wednesday evening services. We will need ushers for these special services. !
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