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Go4braindumps offers you updated and actual 499-01 exam braindumps. Our 499-01 exam preparation material covers the entire anticipated syllabus of Riverbed 499-01 exam. https://www.go4braindumps.com/riverbed/499-01-exam-braindumps
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  • 1. Riverbed 499-01 Exam Dumps Demo [PDF + Practice Test]
  • 2. Latest 499-01 Exam Questions & Practice Test https://www.go4braindumps.com/riverbed/499-01-exam-braindumps Question: 1 What is the maximum number of transactions stored by Transaction Trace Warehouse (TTW)? A. Infinite B. 1 billion C. Last 3 years' worth D. Infinite, but dependent on disk size E. Last years' worth F. Previous weeks' worth Answer: D
  • 3. Riverbed 499-01 Exam Questions - Pass 499-01 Quickly https://www.go4braindumps.com/riverbed/499-01-exam-braindumps Question: 2 With AppInternals Xpert, how are SQL queries captured? A. An agent installed on the database B. AppResponse Xpert Appliance capturing traffic C. Agent installed on application server D. Agent installed on web server Answer: C
  • 4. Riverbed 499-01 Exam Dumps – 100% Guaranteed Success https://www.go4braindumps.com/riverbed/499-01-exam-braindumps
  • 5. Riverbed 499-01 Test Preparation is not Tough anymore Question: 3 How do you control the overhead of AppInternals Xpert agents? A. Install agents on a limited number of machines. B. Restart the server. C. Agents self tune so there is no need to control the overhead. D. Never install more than 5 agents. E. Use multiple consoles. F. Unplug the server. Answer: C https://www.go4braindumps.com/riverbed/499-01-exam-braindumps
  • 6. Real 499-01 Exam Dumps – Samples For Free Question: 4 What is the most recommended network time protocol (NTP) configuration for AppInternal Xpert? A. Managed nodes use the embedded client and synchronize with a common server. B. Managed nodes use the embedded NTP client and synchronize with symmetric multiprocessing (SMP). C. Managed nodes use their own NTP client. D. No specific NTP configuration is needed, as AppInternal Xpert could handle the correct timing by itself. Answer: B https://www.go4braindumps.com/riverbed/499-01-exam-braindumps
  • 7. Try These Riverbed 499-01 Exam Questions Question: 5 How should you instrument a Java application when a command line to start the application is not readily accessible? A. This is not feasible currently. B. Recompile or modify the code. C. Set the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variable to add the argument into the application start up. D. We should not instrument applications that use embedded virtual machines. Answer: C https://www.go4braindumps.com/riverbed/499-01-exam-braindumps
  • 8. Riverbed 499-01 Exam Dumps – 100% Guaranteed Success https://www.go4braindumps.com/riverbed/499-01-exam-braindumps
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