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  REBATE PROCESS IN PURCHASE  Rebate agreement is contract that is made between the vendor & the buyer for giving certain percentage of discounts on supplying over a particular value of material. The below mentioned is the step for the same Step 1: Creation of a Rebate Agreement .   Vendor Used:100023 Rebate Agreement Created: 37  A. T-codeàMEB1 Select Agreement Type -1000(Vendor Based Rebate). -2000(Material Based Rebate) Then select . Enter the required Purchasing.Org & Purchasing Group Enter the Condition Granter ( i.e. Vendor),Currency, validity start & end of the agreement.   Select the . Maintain the rate of rebate.  Select Maintain Scales according to the value & discounts.  A. Goto-->Material for settlement. Enter the material code. This material will be used at the time of settlement through credit memo. We can create a dummy material for this purpose. Save the agreement.    Step 2: Setting up the vendor master.   T-code: XK02  Select the Purchasing Data Field & select the mentioned fields in Control data. 1. 1. Subsequent Settlement 2. 2. Subseq.sett.index. 3. 3. B.vol comp./  Step 3: Partner function   The partner function Invoicing Party need to be maintained as to vendor. Step 4:Define Business Volume Comparison type      A. SPRO-->MM-->Purchasing-->Subsequent Settlement-->Agreements Step 5: Define Rebate Arrangement Types for Subsequent Settlement        SPRO-->MM-->Purchasing-->Subsequent Settlement-->Agreements
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