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  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 1 hps://   VEEAM VMCE_V9 Exam VEEAM Veeam Certified Engineer_V9 Exam Thank you for downloading VMCE_V9 exam PDF DemoYou should try our VMCE_V9 pracce exam sowareDownload Free Demo:  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 2 hps:// Version: 14.0 Queson: 1 What is the purpose of scheduling a virtual synthesized full backup for tape jobs? (Choose two.)A. To avoid copying a full VBK le to tape from the source Reverse Incremental Backup JobB. To be able to ooad forever forward incremental backups to tapeC. To be able to restore les and folders from tapeD. To be able to create the synthec full backup directly on tape Answer: BDQueson: 2 What other recovery mechanism can be used to restore quest os les if the virtual machine guest osle system is not supported by Veeam Backup & Replicaon Windows Instant File Level Recovery orMul-OS File Level Recovery?A. File level recovery would not be possibleB. Request a hoix from Veeam SupportC. Leverage Instant VM RecoveryD. Use Extract Ulity Answer: DQueson: 3 How are VMware replica restoring points stored at the target host?A. As virtual machine snapshot(s)B. As incremental .vib lesC. As incremental .vrb lesD. As full .vbk les Answer: A Reference: hps://ngs_vm.html?ver=95 Queson: 4 Which are valid types of Veeam backup repositories? (Choose four.)  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 3 hps:// A. Deduplicang storage applianceB. ESXi host databaseC. Microso Windows serverD. Linux serverE. Tape libraryF. CIFS (SMB) share Answer: ACDF Reference: hps:// Queson: 5 Which of the following statements regarding encrypon in Veeam Backup & Replicaon are true?(Choose three.)A. If data is encrypted at rest, it means a Backup to Tape job is storing encrypted backups on tapeB. If data is encrypted at rest, it means a Backup Job targeng a Backup Repository has encryponenabledC. A Backup Jab has encrypon enabled and is used at the source for a Backup to tape Job. If the TapeMedia Pool has encrypon enabled, the data will be encrypted a second meD. A Backup Jab has encrypon enabled and is used at the source for a Backup to tape Job. If the TapeMedia Pool has encrypon enabled, the data will be not encrypted a second meE. To ensure backups stored on tape are encrypted, enable encrypon in the Backup to Tape jobF. To ensure backups stored on tape are encrypted, enable encrypon in the Tape Media Pool Answer: ACFQueson: 6 Which predened test performed on the Applicaon Group during vericaon diers betweenSureReplica andSureBackup jobs?A. The applicaon test is dierent for SureBackup and SureReplicaB. There is no heartbeat test for SureReplicaC. There is no dierenceD. There is no ping test for SureReplica Answer: CQueson: 7 Choose the correct statements about the Failover Plan funconality: (Choose two.)A. Undo failover can be performed for the enre Failover Plan group  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 4 hps:// B. The whole Failover Plan group can be failed back using the Commit failback oponC. Failover Plans must be created in advance of a disaster situaonD. A Failover Plan is permanent recovery soluon that doesn’t need to be nalized Answer: AC Reference:hps:// Queson: 8 Which backup mode uses the le extension .vib for incremental backup les?A. Veeam Backup & Replicaon does not create les with the .vib extensionB. Veeam Backup & Replicaon always creates .vib les to store increments and rollbacksC. Forever forward incremental backupD. Reverse incremental backup Answer: C Reference:hps:// Queson: 9 Veeam Backup & Replicaon establishes the stabilizaon point during SureBackup vericaonaccording towhich of the following algorithms? (Choose three.)A. Stabilizaon by heartbeatB. Stabilizaon by maximum allowed boot meC. Stabilizaon by resource allocaonD. Stabilizaon by applicaon groupE. Stabilizaon by IPF. Stabilizaon by applicaon test Answer: ABE Reference:hps:// Queson: 10 Which addional metadata is captured when backing up vCloud Director VMs?A. Replica metadata  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 5 hps:// B. vApp metadataC. vDC metadataD. Backup metadata Answer: B Reference:hps:// Queson: 11 Which Veeam backup & Replicaon funconality allows a VM to be powered on a directly from abackup le?A. Planned FailoverB. Full VM RecoveryC. Instant VM RecoveryD. Item-Level Recovery using Veeam Explorers Answer: C Reference: hps://on.html?ver=95 Queson: 12 Which acons can be used to locate the exact extent of a Scale-Out Backup Repository containing aparcularvirtual machine’s backup data? (Choose two.)A. Check Job session dataB. Check backup Proxy sengsC. Check Scale-Out Backup Repository sengsD. Open the extent repositories manually Answer: ACQueson: 13 Veeam Explorer for Microso Acve Directory oers which of the following capabilies? (Choosetwo.)A. Send an object/container as an aachment via emailB. Support for Microso Acve Directory on Windows Server 2000 or newerC. Restore a container to an Acve Directory Domain Services serverD. Restore a single object to an Acve Directory Domain Services serverE. Export an object/container as a Personal Folder File (.pst)
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