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ppt on public distribution system of india
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  Improving reach and efficiency of the Public Distribution System Team Randheer Singh Prashanna Kumar JhaVedik Bobba R.Karthik Prakhar Jha 1 DAKSH   Plugging the Leaks :     Improper  Storage, handling and shortage of covered warehouse    “Rs 58000 Cr” –  Loss due to improper storage in 2011-12 *    “Rs 85000 Cr” –  Loss due to improper storage in 2012-13 *    M iddle men and lack of information in procurement of food grains from farmers  39% of farmers unaware of minimum support price *  Nexus between officials and middlemen causing significant losses in the supply chain    Intended Benefits not reaching “below poverty line families(BPL)”      “Rs 8.5 spent to transfer Rs 1 to the poor” *  58% subsidized food grains doesn't reach BPL families *    Lack of transparency and accountability  Lack of awareness on quality requirement of food grains  Information asymmetry in the supply chain    Fare price shop are barely profitable  Cronyism and nepotism in license distribution to FPS    “Rs 8 commission per quintal of food grain” *   2 Problem Definition * References in last slide  3 Proposed Solution Increasing accountability of procurement process through closedloop verification systemFlexible storage systems and mechanized handling in warehouseInformation and communication technology integration across thesupply chainStandardized packaging solution for Fair Price Shop  Implementationstrategy Proposed sources of funding : Initial funding can be arranged byPublic Private partnerships, incubators like IITs & SMEs. 4 Pilferages onaccount of lessquantity i.e.malpractice of less weighing canbe controlled Gettingappointment inadvance willreduce waitingtime at DPCReduction of corruption andinvolvement of middleman fromprocurementprocessStateparticipation intraining farmerswill lead toImprovement of food grain qualityInstant paymentof MSP to farmersdue to e-transfer.Better controlover the processthrough ERPimplementation. Mobile numberand past supplyrecord of farmers to beintegrated withtheir UID No. indatabase Farmers can getappointment atDPC by sendingmessage fromregisteredmobile number,mentioningtype andamount of foodgrain.At DPC rejectedfood sample hasto be collected &sealed which willbe tested atDistrictagriculturaltesting facility.District testingfacility willeducate thefarmers toimprove qualityElectronic receiptswill be given tofarmers at DPCand Systemgeneratedmessage will besent towarehouseResource required:ERP solutions withmobile applicationsand IVRS system.Recruit trainedpeople to work onERP and databasemanagement.Funding has tocome from removalof subsidy from APLcategory Advantages Increasing accountability of procurement process throughclosed loop verification system
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