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Kami dari Jasa Pembuatan Website menawarkan Pembuatan Website baik Website untuk Perusahaan ataupun Website Personal dengan Desain yang istimewa. juga menyediakan beberapa produk jasa lainnya selain JASA PEMBUATAN
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   Telp./sms. 081 333 555 017 / 085 749 502 032 / 085-105-469-999 e-mail : web : Web Programming, Aplikasi Android, Konsultan Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimation   ~ 1 ~   SEARCH ENGINE O P T I M I Z AT I O N INCREASE WEBSITE TRAFFIC AND CUSTOMER LEADS WITH CANDIDATE POSITION REACHED TOP 10 IN SEARCH ENGINE TROUGH SEO   Telp./sms. 081 333 555 017 / 085 749 502 032 / 085-105-469-999 e-mail : web : Web Programming, Aplikasi Android, Konsultan Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimation   ~ 2 ~     April, 04 th  2015 Malang Attachment : 1 (one) set of proposals Subject : Offer SEO Services Dear. Governing Institutions / Companies in Place. Dear sir/madam Distroblogger is well dedicated and experienced at servicing the making of website application, consultant internet marketing, Android application, software engineering and Website Company Profile which is based on internet availability. The scope of Distroblogger includes Indonesia as well as global coverage. Through this letter,we offer you the SEO's service making proposal for your agencies and institutions that you are leading at this moment. The proposal is attached along with this letter. Thank you for your attention Regards Agus Widyatama, S.Kom   Telp./sms. 081 333 555 017 / 085 749 502 032 / 085-105-469-999 e-mail : web : Web Programming, Aplikasi Android, Konsultan Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimation   ~ 3 ~     Proposal Offers SEO Services I. INTRODUCTION Developments in technology and resources through a variety of media, especially the Internet media, is increasingly favored by the people or businesses. Internet as a medium of information technology has the function of providing the information needed by the user. Information obtained via the internet in addition to quickly and accurately, also can be accessed anywhere. To be able to connect to the Internet, multiple devices can be used as home phone, mobile phone through a network server/internet café. Nitizen more widespread with the growing public awareness of the importance of the internet and the convenience offered. Online Store (Online Shop), Website portals, web application and company profile is a new trend in the use of internet. Through the Internet, users can buy and sell easily and quickly, to access information and news. Business can promote their goods all over the world at a cost proportionate. DistroBlogger  is a provider of online media and other information media. We are a provider of website creation service that can help the organization, institution or company engaged in business or commercial. Not only for service, but the quality and price, the best thing for the promotion of corporate / business venture at internet network II. VISION AND MISSION Vision: 'Being a provider of services and contact information of sellers and buyers are reaching through the media’ . Mission : 1.   To provide website creation services and applications in the form of internet media. 2.   Make the product services as public consumption. 3. Assist information service companies to introduce their products to the public / consumers III. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES   Online Services Product 1.    Web Development A division that provides design services and application development website as a promotional medium businesses at internet network. The design and application website   Telp./sms. 081 333 555 017 / 085 749 502 032 / 085-105-469-999 e-mail : web : Web Programming, Aplikasi Android, Konsultan Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimation   ~ 4 ~     development designing websites can be a static or dynamic website (CMS) even an Online-Shop application and website to order. 1)   Website Development Services, a product service we offer is a website creation services that are compatibility to the needs of your company. 2)   Services Website Redesign, product services we offer is a website redesign services that can be compatibilty to the needs of your company. 3)   Website Maintenance Services, product services we offer is a website maintenance services that can be compatibility to the needs of your company. 2.   Private E-mail This service is part of the product  Web Development , where each design and development are entrusted to us, will be given a private e-mail account for free. 3.   Multimedia, Graphic Design & Printing A service creation services logo design, banners, brochures, business cards, invitations and other products design to be used as part of the promotion of the company. 4.   SEO Services Passive Marketing Services Online with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Google and other media, with the maximum rank 1st page of Google ( or The purpose and goal of "Search Engine Optimization Google" is a way of promotion / marketing online passively (for website owners) on the Internet, because the website is able to properly indexed in Google, another term that Google employs to market actively. So afterwards, without doing anything worth visiting the website allows internet users search through Google ( or through the "Keyword". IV.    WEBSITE OFFER APPLICATION SPECIFICATIONS: a.   Globally contains some of the following:  a.   Search Engine Optimization –  Onpage Initial SEO optimization and technical work to web pages with keywords and keyphrases selected by website content. b.   Search Engine Optimization –  Offpage Optimized outside the web pages by building a reputation through ‘Incoming’ and ‘Outgoing’ link management to achieve high page rank value and strengthen its ranking in the top 100 to 10. c.   SEO Program Specification SEO services from our program does not use SPAM techniques and Black Hat SEO, otherwise 100% conform with the prescribed rules and logarithms the world's major search engines, especially Google and Yahoo !. Coverage SEO action SEO package   Telp./sms. 081 333 555 017 / 085 749 502 032 / 085-105-469-999 e-mail : web : Web Programming, Aplikasi Android, Konsultan Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimation   ~ 5 ~     offered in customized depending on the needs and purpose of the website, the target audience, competitor websites and how competitive the keyword / keyphrase targeted.  d.  All services SEO Packages that we do consists of 5 steps:   1. Stage I - Evaluation & Planning 2. Stage II - Execution 3. Stage III - SEO Implementation 4. Stage IV - Completion 5. Stage V –  Monitoring Evaluation & Planning : Days 10 th   Process Timelines Note the current statistic (Link Popularity, PR, etc.). Days 1 st - 10 th   Pre-optimization submission to search engine Days 1 st - 10 th  Pre-optimization search engine rank recording Days 1 st - 10 th  Riset Keyword dan Keyphrases (draft) Days 1 st - 10 th  Election Keyword / Keyphrases (based on your feedback) Days 1 st - 10 th  Pemilihan Keyword / Final Keyphrases (based on your feedback) Days 1 st - 10 th  Website Analyis for Search Engine Friendliness Days 1 st - 10 th  Content writing recommendations Days 1 st - 10 th  Selection for optimizing web pages Days 1 st - 10 th  Recommended Link Building and Link Management Days 1 st - 10 th   * COST, prepaid expense 30% Note: 1. Admission to the Search Engines will be carried out in major free search engines and directories .  2. Research keywords based on data obtained from our software tools keyword. 3. The complete Report was given on day 10 th  , with insterspersed some report that must be delivered that day . Phase of execution : Days 5 th   Process Timelines Making the SEO optimization of data (used in the implementation phase) Days 11 th   –  15 th   Existing content optimization (revision of existing content) Days 11 th   –  15 th  * website optimization should be in according to the rules of our Note: 1.   Making Data Optimization will contain complete details of the on-page optimization for web pages that will to be SEO. Included in this is the Title Tag, Meta Tags, Content Optimization, Image Alt-Text, naming Optimizing File / Directory, Title attributes etc.
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