LOGO of the CREATIVITY LEADER Program (plus older objectives statement)

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This is the chief IDENTIFIER of the program, its LOGO. IT was designed by 3 of the world's very top designers in a New Zealand beers filled session at Shanghai's CICC building. Now, 3 years later, we all like it more than we did when we made
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  : Copyright 2014 by Richard Tabor Greene, Rights Reserved, for hire De Tao Masters Academy Progra% O";e'tve! 1*o join t"o bo/ies o! no"(e/ge444(ea/ersip an/ creativity 2*o be te primary /epartment !or covering a(( aspects o! creativity in te university:tat means uniting a(( /istinct creativity sciences no" scattere/ in various programsan/ /epartments6 into one /epartment an/ stu/ying tem togeter6 especia((y teir interactions: invention6 !asion6 per!orming6 innovation6 /esign6 venture (aunc etc.3*o cover ten "ays tat (ea/ersip an/ creativity over(ap6 name(y:a. (ea/ing by creating an/ /esigningb. maing oter peop(e creativec. (ea/ing creators an/ /esigners/. out4creating oter creators an/ a(( competitorse. (ea/ing creativity itse(! into ne" rea(ms !. (ea/ing via maing /esigns4tat4(ea/ entire in/ustries in ne" /irections ;(ie pp(eg. creating (ea/ers an/ creators. (ea/ing in creative in/ustriesI. (ea/ing creativity in genera( in/ustries an/ government j. (ea/ing combinations o! various creativity sciences: invention6 !asion6 innovation etc. $&repare stu/ents !or tree po"er!u( !irst career /irections: a. gra/uate e/ucation at g(oba( top 2# universitiesb. g(oba( corporation manageria( emp(oyment (ea/ing innnovative teams 0 projectsc. !oun/ing ventures an/ consu(tancies6 stan/ a(one or parts o! (arger enterprises)&repare stu/ents !or !our speci!ic !irst jobs:a. pro/uct /eve(opment team or researc team (ea/er b. g(oba( maret /eve(opment manager c. /esign team (ea/er /. "eb business /eve(opment manager %*o insta(( !our primary si((s in stu/ents:a. !orming an/ (ea/ing mu(ti4!irm<4pro!ession<4nation<4cu(ture teamsb. assessing customer nee/s6 tecno(ogy rea/iness6 maret rea/iness6 =ua(ity (eve(c. negotiating among /iverse parties tat is time (imite/ /. assessing "ic creativity6 innovation6 /esign6 mo/e(s are in use6 omitte/6 nee/e/ 7*o /emonstrate te po"er o! an ne" "ay to e/ucate6 7 /i!!erent simu(taneous curricu(ums unite/:a. te core courses curricu(um1#$ courses are te core ones o! tis programb. te creativity stu/io o! $ year4(ong an/ 32 one4mont4(ong /esign projectsc. 3# intervie"s an/ company<pro/uct<maret assessments /one by a(( stu/ents in $ years/. 12 boos o! 1)#+ pages eac compose/ an/ e/ite/ by eac stu/ent in !our yearse. a(( "or uses ne" bio4 an/ computation4 inspire/ "ays to rea/6 "rite6 present6 process "or6 meet6 /iscussup/ating ancient no" out4o!4/ate inter!aces an/ me/ia !. 13 course tracsso 8 semesters in a ro" stu/ents practice an/ /eepen 13 types o! tining an   / pro/ucingg. 32# great boos rea/ "it =ua(ity ;)#+ main points per ey capter /iagramme/ in $ years. 8*o /emo te po"er !or e/ucating o! rep(acing 18 basic me/ia<inter!aces use/ every/ay:a. rep(ace meetings "it Scienti!ic u(es o! Or/er b. rep(ace /iscussion "it Strati!ie/ espon/ingsc. rep(ace "or processes "it mass "orsop events/. rep(ace brainstorms "it socia( /esign automatae. rep(ace rea/ing "it structura( rea/ing /iagramming !. rep(ace prose page "riting "it "riting !racta( concept mo/e(s 9*o /emo te po"er o! >!(ippe/ c(assrooms? "ere c(asses becomes instant !rom4"eb boocomposing events6 concentric >ne" !ie(/? pone researc an/ intervie" events6community =ua(ity cabarets o! many arts joine/ in 2 our so"s o! 3#+ acts<scenes1#*o insta(( in stu/ents ) emp(oyer /eman/e/ capabi(ities: 1 creativity 2 (ea/ersip 3 e/ucate/ness ;se(! cange $ career commonsense ) expressive po"er.  10 Copyright 2014 by Richard Tabor Greene, Rights Reserved, for hire De Tao Masters Academy The CR!AT)+)T &!AD!R (rogram-et6een&!AD!R# / CR!AT"R# A -R)DG! CR!AT"R#$%" &!AD&!AD!R#"' (!"(&! $%" CR!AT!CR!AT)"*#T%AT &!AD&!AD!R#T%AT CR!AT! TheCR!AT)+)T&!AD!R(rogram LANDSCAPES OF LEADERSHIP:  Brain,Social,Biosense,System,Culture,Technology,Emotions,MindTypes,Gender  LANDSCAPES OF CREATIVITY:  Brain,Social,Biosense,System,Culture,Technology,Emotions,MindTypes,Gender  -io. / Comptation.)nspired*!$ T""&# "' T%"G%T(&RA& D)+!R#! M"D!&# 0 Creativity #ciences, 0 Creative )ndstries,0 Mode3s of Creating, 0 Mode3s of )nnovating,0 Approaches to Design
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