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  LESSON PLAN School : SMAN 1 Merbau Grade/Semester : X/ Ten Subject Matter : Biology Topic : Fungi Time Allocation : 2 x 45 minutes (1 meeting) Core Competence (KI) Core Competence Competence Description KI 1 (Spiritual)   Understandingandpracticing the religious teaching that embraced.   KI 2 (Social)   Demonstrate honest behavior, discipline, responsibility, care, polite, responsive and  pro-active and show attitude as part of the solution to various problems in interacting effectively with the social and natural environment and in putting yourself as a reflection of the nation in the association of the world.   KI 3 (Knowledge)   Understand and apply factual, conceptual,  procedural knowledge in science, technology, arts, culture, and humanities with the insights of humanity, nationality, state and civilization on phenomena and events, and apply procedural knowledge to specific areas of study in accordance with  their talents and interests to solve the  problem.   KI 4 (Skills)   Processing, reasoning and chanting in the realm of concrete and abstract realms are linked to the development of the self-study in schools independently, and able to use methods according to scientific rules.  Basic competency ( KD ) 3.7. Grouping fungi based on characteristics, ways of reproduction, and linking its role in life. 4.7. Presents an investigative report on the diversity of fungi and its role in life. Competency Achievement Indicators (GPA) 3.7.1. Describe the classsification of fungi 3.7.2. Identify the desease of fungi in life 3.7.3. Explain the benefit of fungi in life Learning Objectives 1. Student are able to describe the classification of fungi.   2. Student are able describe the desease of fungi in life.   3. Student are able to describe the benefit of fungi for life  Principle Material 1.   The classification of fungi 2.   The desease of fungi in life 3.   The benefit of fungi for life  Learning Method 1.   Approach : Saintifik 2.   Learning Model and Method :   Questioning and Anwering, Group Discussion  Cooperative Learning   TGT (Team Games Tournament) Tools and Media  A.   Tools a.   LCD projector  b.   Laptop c.   Hp B.   Media a.   Power point (PPT)  b.   Video c.   Biology book Syntax of Learning Activities Activities Description of Activities Time Allocation Opening 1.   Teacher says greetings and praying together. 2.   Teacher checks the absency of student to show discipline value. Apreception : Anyone know the classification of fungi? What the desease has relationship with fungi? What the benefit of fungi for our life? 15 Minute  Motivation: Teacher give motivation students “ Who wants to be a scientist ”  1)   Teacher starting teaching and learning process Teacher explain classification of fungi , desease of fungi in life , benefit of fungi for life 2)   Students listening presentation  before doing the task 10 Minute Core competence Phase I : TEAM Teacher make the team students are placed in a some member learning team that is a mixture of achievement, gender, and likes. Phase II : GAMES Teachers prepare lessons, and then students work on their teams to ensure that all team members have mastered the lesson.  Phase III : TOURNAMENT Finally, all students are subjected to quizzes, during this quiz they can not help each other. Teacher give reinforcement about discussion student 10 Minute 10 Minute 15 Minute
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