Leeds International Film Festival Special: Tsai Ming-Liang at Leeds (2010)

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Leeds International Film Festival Special: Tsai Ming-Liang at Leeds (2010)
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   1 LEEDS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL SPECIAL: TSAI MING-LIANG AT LEEDS REPORT Dr Ming-yeh T. Rawnsley (26 November 2010) Organized by Centre for World Cinemas, University of Leeds White Rose East Asian Centre Leeds International Film Festival Taipei Representative Office in the UK Supported by Arts Faculty, University of Leeds Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds Convened by Dr Ming-yeh T. Rawnsley 15-16 November 2010, University of Leeds Introduction Renowned Taiwan director Tsai Ming-liang was invited to Leeds on 15 and 16  November 2010 to receive the Golden Owl Lifetime Achievement Award at the Leeds International Film Festival (LIFF). LIFF is one of the largest film festivals in the UK, showcasing over 200 films from all over the world each year. The Golden Owl has  been set up by LIFF to award the best new film of the year. Director Tsai is the first  person to receive the Golden Owl Lifetime Achievement Award at LIFF. To celebrate Director Tsai’s visit, University of Leeds’s Centre for World Cinemas and White Rose East Asian Centre, together with Taipei Representative Office in the UK, co-organized a special programme convened by Dr Ming-yeh T. Rawnsley as part of the 24 th  Leeds International Film Festival. On 15 November, a screening of The Wayward Cloud   ( tianbian yiduo yun , 2005) took place at Hyde Park Picture House where Director Tsai made his first appearance in Leeds. On 16   2  November, a workshop, ‘Tsai Ming - liang Study Day’, was organized at the University of Leeds to examine Tsa i’s work closely, followed by a lunch reception with Tsai himself. There was also ‘ An Audience with Tsai Ming- liang’ in the afternoon at Hyde Park Picture House, where Tsai Ming-liang received the Golden Owl Lifetime Achievement Award from the Director of LIFF, Chris Fell, followed by a screening of Tsai’s short film,  Madame Butterfly  ( hudie furen , 2009) and a question and answer session with Tsai. The 24 th  Leeds International Film Festival took place 4  –  21 November 2010. Workshop: Tsai Ming-liang Study Day Three specialists in Tsai Ming- liang’s work are invited to present their research in the morning of 16 November and they are:    Dr Song Hwee Lim, Senior Lecturer, Film Studies, University of Exeter    Dr Cecília Antakly de Mello, Fapesp Postdoctoral Fellow, University of São Paulo, Brazil    Tiago de Luca, PhD Candidate, University of Leeds The workshop was co-chaired by Professor Lúcia Nagib, Director of the Centre for World Cinemas, and Dr Ming-Yeh Rawnsley of the Institute of Communications Studies (ICS), University of Leeds. In addition to convene the LIFF Special: Tsai Ming-liang at Leeds, Dr Rawnsley also worked as the interpreter for Director Tsai throughout the event. The workshop was participated by UK-based film specialists and postgraduate students at the University of Leeds. Time Activity Venue 09:00  –  09:20 Register & coffee LHRI 09:20  –  09:30 Welcome address by Professor Lúcia Nagib LHRI 09:30  –  09:40 Introduction by Dr Ming-Yeh T. Rawnsley LHRI 09:40  –  Paper 1: Dr Song Hwee Lim (University of Exeter), LHRI   3 10:20 ‘Slowness, Nostalgia, Cinephilia: Tsai Ming -liang and a Cinema of Slowness’  10:20  –  10:30 Discussion LHRI 10:30  –  10:40 Tea Break LHRI 10:40  –  11:20 Paper 2: Dr Cecília Antakly de Mello (University of São Paulo, Brazil) , ‘Cinema, City and the Ephemeral in Tsai Ming- liang’s The Skywalk is Gone , Goodbye Dragon  Inn and  It’s a Dream ’  LHRI 11:20  –  11:30 Discussion LHRI 11:30  –  12:10 Paper 3: Tiago de Luca (University of Leeds) , ‘ Tsai Ming-liang: Cinema of Bodies’  LHRI 12:10  –  12:20 Discussion LHRI 12:20  –  12:30 Closing Remarks LHRI 12:30  –  14:00 Lunch/reception for Tsai Ming-liang LHRI 14:30  –  16:30 Golden Owl Award Ceremony + Screening of  Madame  Butterfly  + an audience with Tsai Ming-liang (open to the public) Hyde Park Picture House Result: ‘Tsai Ming - liang at Leeds’ has been a truly special and fantastic event. Director Tsai arrived in Leeds at lunch time on 15 November 2010. He received two interviews in the afternoon  –    Vertigo Magazine  of the UK (www.vertigomagazine.co.uk ,  www.closeupfilmcentre.com) and Screenfun  of Taiwan. Both will publish the interviews sometime in 2011. Prior to the screening of The Wayward Cloud  , Director Tsai met with Mr Chris Fell and Mr Alex King of LIFF at Hyde Park Picture House, a movie theatre of 90   4 years old. When he met with the audience in the early evening of 15 November, Director Tsai commented on how much he treasures the opportunity of showing The Wayward Cloud   at a traditional movie theatre with only one large screen such as Hyde Park Picture House, not a multiplex. Director Tsai invited the audience to come  back the next day for a more in-depth exchange at An Audience with Tsai Ming-liang. There were 78 tickets sold for The Wayward Cloud. On 16 November, 30 people attended Tsai Ming-liang Study Day at the University of Leeds. The three papers delivered by Dr Song Hwee Lim of Exeter, Dr Cecília Antakly de Mello of São Paulo, Brazil, and Tiago de Luca of Leeds stimulated lively discussions. The three papers will be included in a special issue on Tsai Ming-liang for the  Journal of Chinese Cinema  in 2011. When Tsai Ming-liang attended the lunch reception after the workshop, his arrival stirred genuine excitement among  participants. Two members of staff from the Press Division, Taipei Representative Office (TRO) in the UK also came from London to join the lunch reception. Prior to An Audience with Tsai Ming-liang, the TRO staff met with Mr Chris Fell and Mr Alex King to discuss possibilities of future collaboration between the TRO and LIFF. There were around 202 people attending An Audience with Tsai Ming-liang. Mr Chris Fell presented Golden Owl Lifetime Achievement Award to Director Tsai on behalf of LIFF and Leeds City Council. In his acceptance speech, Director Tsai said that he feels privileged to receive such an honor. He thinks that life is too short to be wasted. One must produce as good a work as possible during one’s lifetime. For him, it means that he must produce as good a movie as he possibly can. But what is a good movie? Director Tsai said, the Golden Owl Award represents good films. The moment when he received the award, he knows that he has produced good movies. Following the Golden Owl Award ceremony and the screening of  Madame  Butterfly , Dr Ming-yeh T. Rawnsley hosted the question and answer session with Director Tsai Ming-liang. The audience was extremely enthusiastic and the questions were non-stop. Director Tsai was very candid and thorough in giving his answers. An Audience with Tsai Ming-liang began at 14:30 and it lasted until 16:45. The audience was inspired by Director’s artistic vision while Director Tsai was deeply impressed by the cinephile in Northern England. Publicity:   5 Tsai Ming-liang at Leeds has been widely covered by the media in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Here are the reports that the convener is aware of:    Radio Taiwan International: http://news.rti.org.tw/index_newsContent.aspx?nid=266170&id=1&id2=2     MSN News: http://news.msn.com.tw/news1925034.aspx     Taipei Representative Office in the UK: http://www.roc-taiwan.org/uk/ct.asp?xItem=165897&ctNode=893&mp=131     HiNet News: http://times.hinet.net/times/article.do?newsid=4220483&option=entertainment     Sina Entertainment: http://ent.sina.com.tw/music/news/content/67329     Hong Kong Wenweipo: http://paper.wenweipo.com/2010/11/05/EN1011050038.htm     Portal of Republic of China (Taiwan) Diplomatic Missions: http://www.taiwanembassy.org/ct.asp?xItem=168999&ctNode=2221&mp=2     China Times: http://showbiz.chinatimes.com/2009Cti/Channel/Showbiz/showbiz-news-cnt/0,5020,130511+132010110400669,00.html     The Liberty Times: http://www.libertytimes.com.tw/2010/new/nov/5/today-show18.htm     Taiwan Today: http://taiwantoday.tw/ct.asp?ctNode=445&xItem=129861&mp=9 
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