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INGOLD Leading Process Analytics THORNTON Leading Pure Water Analytics Tailored Services for Process Analytics Solutions 2 3 Worldwide network of experts METTLER TOLEDO specializes in the area of precision
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INGOLD Leading Process Analytics THORNTON Leading Pure Water Analytics Tailored Services for Process Analytics Solutions 2 3 Worldwide network of experts METTLER TOLEDO specializes in the area of precision instruments and offers the most comprehensive range of services on a global level. As part of the METTLER TOLEDO Group, the Process Analytics division focuses on analytical measurement solutions with its two business units INGOLD and THORNTON. The METTLER TOLEDO network The worldwide METTLER TOLEDO network covering more than fifty countries and including over 2000 trained and qualified service technicians guarantees our customers to receive the quickest response time and exceptional service. INGOLD Leading Process Analytics The INGOLD ph, DO / O 2, CO 2 conductivity and turbidity product lines firmly establish METTLER TOLEDO as a worldwide leader for process analytical measuring systems in chemical, food and beverage, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. THORNTON Leading Pure Water Analytics For over forty years THORNTON has been recognized as the technology leader by defining the most accurate conductivity / resistivity, ph, DO and TOC for measurement of ultrapure water for the pharmaceutical, power and semiconductor industries. INGOLD / THORNTON worldwide network. Production sites Market organizations Distribution partner Tailored service offerings The ServiceXXL approach means delivering excellent services tailored to your needs. These services include classic repair services, tailored service plans, and on-site services that ensure your equipment is reliable and provides you with the maximum return on your investment. Our qualified specialists are committed to providing the highest level service to support you in ensuring quality and improving your manufacturing processes. Online support Our Internet ( provides an extensive information system from Product Support to Service and Support documentation 24 hours per day and seven days a week. Technical support You can count on a competent consulting service for technical questions on a wide range of requirement-based services for our products. In addition, we provide an extensive repair and spare parts service for high levels of operational reliabilities. Field service Whatever you require to support you in commissioning and maintaining your system is a primary requirement for assuring availability. INGOLD and THORNTON ServiceXXL offerings at a glance Industries Service Pharmaceutical Chemical Beer Semiconductor Depot repair Sensor refurbishments Installation / commissioning Training / seminars Maintenance contracts Factory re-calibration / verification On-site qualification / verification EQ documentation Validation support 4 5 On-site loop verification and qualification METTLER TOLEDO s contractual services These services offer the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and brewing industries a thorough measuring system verification that follows factory SOPs and use comprehensive service tools. Our certified service staff ensures a high service quality and hence reliable service performance. INGOLD DO loop verification in pharmaceutical and brewing industries For safety and cost savings: A regular loop verification helps ensure safety, reliable measurement and cost savings. For example, using specially designed equipment for DO and O 2 loop verification, our service engineers can minimize the spill at filler lines in breweries or ensure safety conditions in inertization applications in pharmaceutical processes. Typical loop verification process Loop verification services include following measuring parameters: DO/O 2, conductivity, TOC, ph, CO 2 and turbidity. Measurement loop to be tested SOP guidelines for each type of parameter Verification of each element with appropriate test tool Transmitter Cable Housing visual check Electrode / Sensor Turbidity ph DO/O 2 /CO 2 Conductivity THORNTON conductivity and TOC loop verification in semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries THORNTON offers unique on-site verification capabilities for multiparameter instruments and sensors used in semiconductor ultrapure water and pharmaceutical pure water applications. In addition, TOC system suitability tests ensure reliable performance and full compliance to industry standards. Parallel measurement Protocol Qualification report for measurement loop Reference system + METTLER TOLEDO METTLER TOLEDO METTLER TOLEDO METTLER TOLEDO METTLER METTLER TOLEDO METTLER TOLEDO METTLER TOLEDO Unit ID: METTLER M 700 s/n: TOLEDO METTLER TOLEDO Certificate/report: METTLER TOLEDOMETTLER MT Cert 1025 TOLEDO Calibration METTLER date: TOLEDO 3/15/05 METTLER TOLEDOTOLEDO Calibration due date: METTLER 3/15/06TOLEDO METTLER Signature/visa: TOLEDO METTLER TOLEDO Product sticker 6 7 Traceability to standards Compliance to international standards is critical to ensure quality of your water purification process. THORNTON is leading in international USP, EP and JP standardizing efforts and hence its products meet all global conductivity and TOC requirements for Purified Water, Highly Purified Water, and Water for Injection in compliance with USP 645 conductivity, USP 643 and EP TOC Conductivity and TOC factory re-calibration Our factories and laboratory calibration processes in the United States and in Switzerland are fully traceable to ASTM and NIST standards. Conductivity and resistivity sensor and system calibrations Individual sensor calibration Standard conductivity calibration Calibration at a specific temperature ASTM verification ASTM verification with historical data Specifics Ultrapure water at 25 C (77 F) Conductivity and temperature between 5 and 90 C (41 to 194 F) A standard calibration verified to ASTM D1125 and D5391 Verification using previous calibration data Complete system calibrations are performed for each of the previous methods using your instrument, sensor, and calibrator to reduce individual component error. Re-calibration of calibrators Instrument calibration modules Re-calibration with NIST traceability System suitability and IQ / OQ for TOC analysers System suitability Installation and operation qualifications TOC system suitability verification to comply with international pharmaceutical requirements SOPs are available High value-add solutions ServiceXXL provides cost effective service solutions to ensure optimized equipment uptime, traceability of results, and regulatory compliance. Our ServiceXXL solution Customer value EQ documentation: IQ, OQ, PQ documents Regulatory Compliance Service Complete documentation for your validation process Maintenance agreements Equipment re-calibration On-site qualification / verification agreements Factory trained and authorized technicians Contract Services Verification / Qualification Calibration Maintenance Refurbishment Conformity with industry specific standards Ensured FDA compliance Ensured performance of your equipment optimizing up-time Service standards Installation & repair Start-up support Technical / application support Training seminars Maintenance & Support Installation Start-up / Commissioning Training Repair Optimized up-time and productivity Low start-up costs High quality documentation 8 Get online support on Visit our website for fast and competent information available 24 / 7. The latest and most updated product and support documentation is available in many different languages. Support center with easy and free downloads Declaration of conformities Certificates Device descriptions User manuals / data sheets For online contact simply click on: Contact us Request more information Get a quote Country specific information Pre-select your country for additional local support. Search tool Find your answer by entering your keyword. Find and download product and application documents Product News Industry Brochures Application News Your local METTLER TOLEDO partner: Mettler-Toledo GmbH Process Analytics Im Hackacker 15 CH-8902 Urdorf, Switzerland Phone: Mettler-Toledo Thornton, Inc. 36 Middlesex Turnpike Bedford, MA USA Phone: Mettler-Toledo GmbH, Process Analytics CH Urdorf, Switzerland Phone , Fax Subject to technical changes. Mettler-Toledo GmbH, Process Analytics 05/05 Printed in Switzerland
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