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  Volume 3issue 2 (4)NOVEMBER 2013 IMPORTANCE OF QUALITY IN MARKETING QUALITY  International Journal of Marketing Principles and PracticesVolume 3, Issue 2(4), November 2013 2 Editorial eam PUBLISHER: International Institute of Marketing Professionals EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Dr. Dalia Kriksciuniene, PhD (Marketing Information Systems) CO-EDITORS:  Dr. Vesna Damnjanovic, PhD (Management) Dr. Riteshkumar Dalwadi, MBA, FDPM, PhD (Management) Dr. Suneel Sethi, PhD (Business Administration), MABC (USA), FIMM, MIMA, A-IIMA WRITERS: Mohsin Altaf Amjad ShamimUsman Yousaf Dr. Zulkipli GhazaliIbironke, O. T.Famakin, I. O.Aje, I. O.Enoidem, J.Weng Marc LimDing Hooi TingWin Yen HanHuey Yi Khor Yee Ken SawGRAA AmelDani El Kebir MaachouBenhamida FaridDr. Makarand Upadhyaya EDITORIAL REVIEW BOARD: Dr. Aftab Alam, PhD (Business Administration) Dr. Alfred Riachi, PhD (Strategic Marketing) Dr. Alvin Chan, DBA, MBA, PGDEDr. Bashir Ahmed Bhuiyan, PhD (Marketing) Dr. Bikramjit Rishi, MBA, PhD (Management) Dr. Claudia Cacia, PhD (Marketing & Communication) Dr. Devinder Pal Singh, PhD Dr. Gurmeet Singh, PhD (Marketing) Dr. M. Tariq Intezar, PhD Dr. Pierre McDonagh, MBA, PhD (Marketing) Dr. Rany Ibrahim, MBA, F.CIM, Ph.D (s) Dr. Sanjaya Singh Gaur, PhD (Management) Dr. Slavica Cicvaric Kostic, PhD (Marketing & Public Relations) Dr. Soa Daskou, PhD (Marketing) Dr. Vandana Tandon, PhD (Services Marketing) Dr. Veena Tewari Nandi, PhD, MBA (International Marketing) Dr. Wu Zhiyan, PhD (Marketing & Consumer Research) Dr. Dhiraj Sharma, PhD (Marketing) Prof. Dr. Christopher Preece, FCIOB, MCIM, FHEA, PhD (Construction Marketing) Prof. Dr. Devashish Bose, PhD (Marketing) Prof. Dr. Elena Cedrola, PhD (Marketing Research) Prof. Dr. Jane Peihsun Wu, PhD (Marketing) Prof. Dr. JD Singh, PhD (Marketing) Prof. Dr. Naushadul Haque Mullick, PhD (Marketing) Prof. Dr. Pacha Malyadri, M.Com., PhD, PGDCA Prof. Dr. Peter Yannopoulos, PhD (Marketing) Prof. Dr. V.V Gopal, PhD (Retail Management) Prof. Kunal Gaurav, MBA, PhD (Marketing) Candidate Prof. Ashish Bhalla, MBA (Finance & Marketing) Djordje Teolovic Djordje, MBA, PhD (Marketing) Candidate Jacqueline Humphries, MBA (Marketing)Marija Jovic, MSc, PhD (Marketing) Candidate Suzana P. Nikiforova, M.Sc., PhD (Marketing) CandidateZahid Ali, MBA (Marketing), M.Phil PUBLICATION MANAGEMENT TEAM: Dr. Anne-Flore Maman Larraue, PhD (Business Admin) – VP Publications Zahid Ali, MBA (Marketing), M.Phil – AVP Publications Marija Jovic, MSc, PhD (Marketing) Candidate – Editorial Director Sumardy Ma, MBA – Graphic Art & Design Director Burak Eker, BS – Editorial Manager Cagdas Kanar, BS – Editorial Manager Dimitar Stoyanov, BA (International Business) – Editorial Manager Richard K. Achu, MBA, ACIM – Editorial Manager  GRAPHIC ART & DESIGN DIRECTOR: Sumardy Ma, MBA ADVERTISING/SPONSORSHIPS: Jacqueline Humphries, MBA (Marketing) GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION: EBSCO Publishing  NextGen Interactive Media Inc. DISTRIBUTION COVERAGE: The publication is distributed internationally to over 120 countries AUTHOR GUIDELINES: SPONSORSHIP AND MEDIA KIT: SUBSCRIPTION: One year subscription to be mailed internationally is $80 (US Funds) that will include 2 issues. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT TEAM:  Nisar Butt, MBA, DBA (Marketing) Scholar  President & Chief Executive Ofcer  Prof. Dr. Chuck Hermans, MBA, PhD (Marketing)Senior Vice President Marketing and CommunicationTahir Khurshid, MBA, PhD (Marketing) CandidateSenior Vice President EducationJacqueline Humphries, MBASenior Vice President FinanceMd. Zahir Uddin Arif, M.Com. (Marketing), M.Phil Senior Vice President Academic AccreditationRon Caughlin, MCOMSenior Vice President Global AlliancesDr. Rajender Kumar, LLB, PhD Vice President Academic AccreditationCarvalho Pedro, Masters (Economics)Vice President Business Strategy  Karen Clumpus, BA, Certication (HRM) Vice President Human Resource  Djordje Teolovic, MBA, DBA in Marketing (Candidate) Vice President IAMS Committee Amjad Shamim, MBA, MS, PhD CandidateVice President Conferences & Awards Committee  International Journal of Marketing Principles and PracticesVolume 3, Issue 2(4), November 2013 3 Dr. Anne-Flore Maman Larraue, PhD (Business Admin)  Vice President PublicationsDr. J. Barry Dickinson, MBA, PhD (Marketing) Vice President of Academic AccreditationHenry Aladiume, PhD (Marketing) Candidate Vice President Global Alliances for AfricaPalma Petrilli, MS (Marketing) Vice President Global Alliances for AmericaProf. Dr. Hasan Hasanuzzoha, PhD Vice President Global Alliances for AsiaDr. Lucia Aiello, PhD (Marketing & Communication)Vice President Human ResourcesProf. Joefrelin C. Ines, MBA, PhD (Candidate) Associate Vice President Business StrategyMark Kustra, MBA, PhD Candidate Associate Vice President EducationProf. Dr. Mohan Agarwal, PhD (Marketing)Vice President of Academic AccreditationDr. Nancy E. Furlow, PhD (Mass Communication) Vice Presdient Academic AccreditationDr. Claudia Cacia, PhD (Marketing & Communication)Vice President Global Alliances for EuropeZahid Ali, MBA (Marketing), M.PhilAssociate Vice President PublicationsDr. André Carneiro, MBA, PhD (Administration)Associate Vice President Conferences & AwardsDr. Sanjaya S. Gaur, PhD (Management & Marketing)Associate Vice President Conferences & AwardsDr. Roudaina Houjeir, MBA, PhD (Marketing)Associate Vice President Conferences & AwardsPhilip J O’Dwyer, MBAAssociate Vice President Brand ManagementDr. Vickram Aadityaa, DMS Associate Vice President Brand Management------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAILING ADDRESS: International Institute of Marketing ProfessionalsInternational Journal of Marketing Principles and Practices 24-499 Ray Lawson Blvd.Suite #185Brampton, L6Y 4E6Ontario, Canada CONTACT INFORMATION: Phone: (416) 477-8591Website: E-mail: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: Published and copyright © 2011-2013 by International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP®). All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in the form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written consent of the International Institute of Marketing Professionals, including but not limited to, in any network or other electronic storage or transmission, or broadcast for any other purposes, unless approved by the International Institute of Marketing Professionals. ISSN 1927-1689 International Journal of Marketing Principles and Practices (IJMPP) (Online)ISSN 1927-1689 International Journal of Marketing Principles and Practices (IJMPP) (Print) DISCLAIMER NOTE: The publisher, International Institute of Marketing Professionals, is not liable for any claims or discrepancies arising from any advertisements, articles and news in this publication. The opinions expressed in this publication may not be those of the publisher. ACHIEVE BETTER MARKETING RESULTS WITH DATA:    Drive an integrated approach to harness customer data   Engage customers and maximize your marketing ROI   Meet the most innovative firms and experts   Learn about the marketing technology landscape Don’t miss this 2-day conference - STAY AHEAD OF MARKETING TRENDS!  CRITICAL INSIGHTS FROM:   TwitterWalmart TD Bank Forrester ResearchMonsterRBCNational PostRAPP DBBRotmanOCAD   Toronto CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION December 9-10 at Hyatt Regency Hotel Unlocking the power of your customer information  MORE INFORMATION AT WWW.DATAMARKETING.CA  IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: Kirstine Stewart Head of TWITTER CANADA   Former EVP of CBC English Services  Ann Cavoukian,  Ph.D Information and Privacy Commissioner OIPC OF ONTARIO Michael C Wong Director of Enterprise Business Intelligence Services RBC ROYAL BANK  Jean-Paul Isson Global Vice President BI and Predictive Analytics MONSTER WORLDWIDE HEAR FROM OVER 50 SPEAKERS OF THE DATA MARKETING SPHERE!  International Journal of Marketing Principles and PracticesVolume 3, Issue 2(4), November 2013 4 able of Contents Editorial Customer Relationship Satisfaction and Relationship Improvement: Key Determinants of Customer Loyalty Mohsin Altaf , Amjad Shamim, Usman Yousaf, Dr. Zulkipli Ghazali Marketing echniques And Service Quality Of Nigerian Quantity Surveying Firms Ibironke, O. T., Famakin, I. O., Aje, I. O. and Enoidem, J. Consumer Perceptions and Evaluations of Green Products Weng Marc Lim | Ding Hooi Ting | Win Yen Han  | Huey Yi Khor  | Yee Ken Saw Te Influence of Product Characteristics and Situational Factors on Impulse Buying Behavior of Algerian Shoppers: An Empirical Study  GRAA Amel, DANI EL KEBIR Maachou and BENHAMIDA Farid Radio axi Services In Jaipur: A Learning Experience From Meri Car Dr. Makarand Upadhyaya 5613212737  International Journal of Marketing Principles and PracticesVolume 3, Issue 2(4), November 2013 5 Editorial Dear colleagues,The fourth issue of the International Journal of Marketing Principles and Practices (IJMPP) invites you to get acquainted to the research ndings dealing with various aspects of marketing. The articles included to the current issue present the research works which have very broad geographical scope of the markets explored as well as strong empirical aspect. The rst article by the authors Amjad Shamim, Mohsin Altaf, Usman Yousaf and Zulkipli Ghazali coming from Pakistan and Malaysia research communities explores Customer Relationship Satisfaction and Relationship Improvement determinants in cellular services industry of Pakistan. The empirical ndings of the research bring evidence of strong impact of customer satisfaction and relationship improvement on customer loyalty in cellular industry. The second article by Ibironke, O. T., Famakin, I. O., Aje, I. O. and Enoidem, J. can attract attention of marketing specialists and scholars as it explores marketing role in the specic area of quantity surveying services in the expanding construction industry of  Nigeria. The authors present discussion based on empirical survey, which reveals potential of application professional marketing efforts for the development of the business area. The article pinpoints the highest impact of professional qualities of personnel to the quality of services rendered by rms to their clients and the potential for adopting electronic transactions in project management activities. The third article offered by the group of authors from Monash University (Australia) Weng Marc Lim, Ding Hooi Ting, Win Yen Han, Huey Yi Khor and Yee Ken Saw explore consumer perceptions and evaluations of green products, which conrms that the attention of marketing science to environmental issues is constantly growing. An understanding of various aspects of consumer attitude to green products will provide a better comprehension on the effectiveness of marketing efforts in this area. A qualitative approach was adopted by using in-depth interviews. Findings from this study suggest that consumers highly rely on interpersonal and external inuences when evaluating green products and in making purchase decisions.The fourth article by Graa Amel, Dani el Kebir Maachou and Benhamida Farid (Algerie) bring insights to major factors inuencing the impulse behavior, giving special attention to those determined by store environment, time pressure, perceived crowding. The fth article by Makarand Upadhyaya provides discussion of the business case from India, discussing “Radio taxi services in Jaipur: a learning experience from Meri Car”. It discloses advantages and vulnerabilities of the enterprise, and presents preferences of the customers, which build requirements to the business strategy revision. We would like to thank the authors for sharing their research results and our peer-reviewers for their diligent efforts and attentive remarks for enhancing quality of the articles. Dr. Dalia KriksciunieneEditor-in-Chief of IJMPP
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