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  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 1 hps://   APICS CLTD Exam Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution Thank you for downloading CLTD exam PDF DemoYou should try our CLTD pracce exam sowareDownload Free Demo:  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 2 hps:// Version: 7.0 Queson: 1 Which of the following shipment modes is the most prone to packaging and product damage?A. AirB. TruckC. WaterD. Rail Answer: CQueson: 2 When imporng goods such as fruit and produce into the United States (U.S.), which governmentagency is responsible for protecng agriculture from harmful pests and diseases?A. Food Safety and Inspecon Service (FSIS)B. Food and Drug Administraon (FDA)C. US Customs and Border Protecon (CBP)D. Farm Service Agency (FSA) Answer: CQueson: 3 Under what circumstances should management generally consider ulizing qualitave forecasngtechniques?A. When real-me data ow is availableB. When historic data is both clear and relavely stableC. When developing strategic-level forecastsD. When demand is dependent on bill of material (BOM) calculaons Answer: BQueson: 4 A carrier's costs are driven by equipment movement rather than shipment weight Which of thefollowing rates would be most appropriate for the carrier to ulize in charging its customers?A. Incenve rates  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 3 hps:// B. Any-quanty ratesC. Freight all kind (FAK) ratesD. Per-car and per-truckload rates Answer: CQueson: 5 A customer is looking to purchase product from a company. Which of the following outputs of outbound order management would the customer consider primary?A. Order cycle meB. Logiscs operaons responsivenessC. Postsale logiscs supportD. Product availability Answer: BQueson: 6 From a health and safety perspecve, which of the following sets of parameters must be taken intoaccount when considering manual material handling?A. Task, working environment, equipment, and individual capacityB. Task, load, layout, and equipmentC. Layout, load, working environment, and individual capacityD. Task, load, working environment, and individual capacity Answer: DQueson: 7 Which of the following categories is a weakness of the rail systems'?A. Safety recordsB. Inexible infrastructuresC. Eects of the weatherD. Routes from city centers Answer: DQueson: 8 Which of the following statements represents the primary funcon of inventory?A. Make products available while minimizing total carrying cost.  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 4 hps:// B. Realize economies of scale while minimizing total carrying costC. Reduce ordering cost while minimizing total carrying costD. Buer against delivery me while minimizing total carrying cost Answer: DQueson: 9 Which of the following factors would be considered of strategic importance to a rm's logiscsfuncon?A. A rm operates in a compeve oligopolyB. Total cost of produconC. Producon lead meD. Order cycle me Answer: AQueson: 10 Which of the following lean tools would a warehouse team use to document, analyze, and improvethe ow of informaon and materials to customers?A. Lean six sigmaB. KaizenC. Value stream mappingD. Five S methodology Answer: CQueson: 11 Climate-controlled warehouses are typically usedA. to assure operators can work in the best condions.B. for storage of food items such as pasta and sugar.C. for storage of raw material used in aerospace industry.D. for storage of certain agricultural and medical products. Answer: B  Quesons & Answers PDF Page 5 hps:// Thank You for trying CLTD PDF Demo To try our CLTD pracce exam soware visit link below hps:// Start Your CLTD Preparaon Use Coupon “20OFF” for extra 20% discount on the purchase of Practice Test Software. Test your CLTD preparation with actualexam questions.
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