IFL MA Handbook 2011 | Second Language Acquisition | English As A Second Or Foreign Language

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For those who want to pursue higher degree after Bachelor at IFL.
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  IFL   MA in TESOL   Royal University of Phnom Penh English Department   1   C ONTENTS      P AGE   Program Overview 3Vision and Expectations 4Program Aims 4Degree Structure 5Course Units/Subjects and Credits 6Units/Subjects Description 7Teaching/Learning/Assessment 15Payment and Schedule 16Program Schedule and Calendar 16Admission Requirements 17Application Procedure 18Faculty/Areas of Expertise 19  IFL   MA in TESOL   Royal University of Phnom Penh English Department   2   “It is today we must create theworld of the future.” Eleanor Roosevelt    IFL   MA in TESOL   Royal University of Phnom Penh English Department   3   MASTER OF ARTS IN TEACHING ENGLISHTO SPEAKERS OF OTHER LANGUAGES  MA in TESOL   P ROGRAM O VERVIEW This course is designed for trained, experienced and professionalteachers, curriculum developers and consultants who wish to gain ahigher degree and professionalism in a range of areas such as teachingEnglish language, language program administration, bilingualeducation and applied language study. The course integrates theoryand practice which focuses on second/foreign language learning,teaching, managing and research.    IFL   MA in TESOL   Royal University of Phnom Penh English Department   4   V ISION AND E XPECTATIONS   The Master of Arts in TESOL Program embraces a dynamic andstrategic vision to provide practical, relevant and advanced Englishlanguage education, applied linguistics and applied language research.Students who complete the masters should:acquire an advanced understanding of concepts, current issuesand research methods in the core areas of English languageeducation and applied linguistics;complete a focused piece of research; and gain specialistknowledge and research techniques in English languageteaching and relating issues. P ROGRAM A IMS   The aims of MA in TESOL program are:    to enable students to achieve and consolidate specialist, professional competence as practitioners in teaching and programming English;    to develop students’ awareness of the empirical relevance and application of theoretical issues in linguistics;    to develop students’ understanding of the linguistic dimensionsof cultural diversity, globalization and social change;    to give participants the opportunity to reflect on this professional knowledge with regard to the appropriateness of itsapplication to a range of educational contexts; and    to extend the participants’ ability to work autonomously in a specific area of interest to them.  
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