I. Company Overview

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I. Company Overview
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  I. Company Overview The Bosch founded in 1886 in Germany and considered as ‘workshop for precisionMechanics and electrical Engineering’ y !oert Bosch" #$er 1%& years' the Bosch name has een familiar with engineering e(cellence" )ts home appliances are renowned y *uality'reliaility and performance which deri$e from inherent' unflagging commitment and the painstaking thoroughness" The $alues that shaped !oert Bosch’s $ision for his new company in1886 are the same principles until now +) ha$e always acted according to the principle that it is etter to lose money than trust" The integrity of my promises' the elief in the $alue of my products and in my word of honor has always had a higher priority to me than a transitory profit",Therefore' guiding the Bosch today ne$er lose the trust of its customers' staffs and partners andchange things for the etter" That is what has kept Bosch at the forefront of the automoti$eindustry in the future"The Bosch group is the iggest automoti$e technology' supplier in the world" )n addition'in the fields of automoti$e technology' as a leading technology - ser$ices company' Boschde$elops partners' high *uality' and cost.effecti$e solutions" The Bosch group comprises of !oert Bosch Gm/ and more than 0& of its susidiary and regional companies in o$er 6countries are industrial technology' consumer goods - uilding technology" )f its sales andser$ice partners are included' then Bosch is represented in roughly 1& countries" This worldwidede$elopment' manufacturing and sales network is the foundation for further growth" !egarding to all its products and ser$ices' Bosch enhances the *uality of life y pro$idingsolutions which are oth inno$ati$e and effecti$e" The company also has e(cellent !-2 andmanufacturing capailities y strong customers" 3urthermore' its market leadership is testimonyto the high *uality and technology of its products" )t also has a strong presence in the )ndianautomoti$e ser$ices sector" Bosch’s ser$ice network spans across 1' towns and cities with& sales outlets and o$er 4' authori5ed representati$es who ensure widespread a$ailailityof oth products and ser$ices"fter the ac*uisition of !e(roth' Bosch !e(roth is the dri$e and 7ontrol 7ompany ecame a gloal rand in industrial automation systems" 2uring this di$ision' Bosch takesresponsiilities to supplies technologies for controlling' dri$ing' and mo$ing machines" Bosch!e(roth set the re*uirements for machine' proect' and system" Then' they are comined y dri$eand control technology and uni*ue e(pertise to gi$e the est solution" 9hether it is for Moilepplications' Machinery pplications and Engineering' 3actory utomation' and !enewaleEnergies' companies worldwide trust Bosch to pro$ide inno$ati$e components' complete systemsolutions and e(pert ser$ices' drawing on portfolio of precise' pro$en' energy.efficienthydraulics' electric dri$es and controls and linear motion and assemly technologies" Therefore'Bosch:s two core markets are ser$ed y factory automation and moile hydraulics" )n addition'electronic security systems for homes' offices and $ehicles are also supplied" Bosch:s packagingtechnology di$ision plans' designs' manufactures and installs packaging lines for manufacturersof pharmaceutical' confectionery' food' and similar products" t now' Bosch is the largestsupplier of packaging technology"  Bosch !e(roth is the est choice for supplier wihth high *uality electrical' hydraulic' and pneumatic' mechatronic components and systems for more than &' customers in o$er 8countries" 7onsidering as a system.le$el partner' Bosch !e(roth has a strong of knowledge inaout ; industrial sectors' and also offers a wide range of dri$e and control technologies for allindustries" !egarding to comprehensi$e ser$ice portfolio' Bosch !e(roth underpins its marketleadership position as a partner for machine and system manufacturers" )n <iet =am' Bosch !e(roth ser$es customers through its manufacturing facilities andser$ice centre" )t offers a comprehensi$e spectrum of ser$ices to repair' maintain' and moderni5eheterogeneous machines" Trained and e(perienced specialists support end users and machinemanufactures with consulting ser$ices for energy efficiency and machine safety" )n addition'modular ser$ice portfolio is reducing the comple(ity and costs for maintaining and repairing your  production e*uipment" )t is guaranteed *uickly to access to *ualified technicians who sol$e prolems at the root' thanks to their comprehensi$e knowledge of all dri$e and controltechnologies" There is no dout to say that Bosch !e(roth is considered as gloal partners ysupporting mechanical and plant engineering which efforts around the world" >tatistically' morethan 06'& associates are de$eloping tailored' safe and resource.friendly solutions in the world"Bosch’s inno$ations deli$er multi.dimensional enhancements for machine manufacturers and endusers" n e(ample is that helping to reduce harmful caron dio(ide emissions whilesimultaneously raising producti$ity" )n sum' it is made easily to use cross.technology solutions ymeans of predefined functions and integrated engineering tools"
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