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Volume 37 Number 11 Gusher RED RIVER DESK AND DERRICK CLUB The November, 2018 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: President s Letter 2 October Program 3 Essays 5 RRI Summary 30 Calendar 31 Coming Events 32 Region III 33
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Volume 37 Number 11 Gusher RED RIVER DESK AND DERRICK CLUB The November, 2018 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: President s Letter 2 October Program 3 Essays 5 RRI Summary 30 Calendar 31 Coming Events 32 Region III 33 ADDC 35 Convention Write Ups 38 Committees 42 Officers / Advisers 43 November Program Membership Party Closed Meeting November Membership Meeting November 13, :30 PM Petroleum Club 16th Floor Cost $20.00 (Effective March 1, 2018) Red RiveR PResident s LetteR November President s Letter Sheryl Cole 2018 President Dear Members, (c) Red River Desk and Derrick Club Board of Directors 2018 President Sheryl Cole Creative Artist 1st Vice President Susie Scasta Argent Mineral Management 2nd Vice President Missy Carroll Carroll Contracting Secretary Kathryn Carroll Carroll Contracting Treasurer Bonnie Fish MacFarlane Co USA, LLC Immediate Past President Margie Steed Independent Contractor Director Laura Duskey Heard, McElroy & Vestal, LLC Director Sabrina Guillory Columbia Ventures, Inc Director Deb McCuller Brammer Engineering, Inc. For those of you who missed the October meeting it was wonderful! Margie Steed did a terrific job of presenting My Career in the Oil and Gas Industry, which was also the topic for our annual essay contest. The essay winners were so excited to be a part of our club for the evening and to hear about the variety of careers that were associated with the energy industry. This year we presented awards for the top five winners as well as an inspiration award. Our judges: Chris Carroll, Jim O Bannon and Byron Trust read 196 essays and stated the top five winners were well written and the scores were very close. I d like to say Thank you to our judges for taking time out of their busy schedules to read all the essays and to Margie Steed for chairing this committee. Our annual Red River Golf Tournament held Thursday, October 11 th at The Stonebridge Golf Club was a huge success. The weather could not have been better! Thanks to all that were able to volunteer. We are planning to be back next year, so mark your calendars for October 10, The November membership meeting is a closed meeting, so our members can vote for the 2019 Board. Candidates are: President Bobbie Trust, 1 st Vice President Susie Scasta, 2 nd Vice President Malissa (Missy) Carroll, Secretary Kathryn Carroll, Treasurer Bonnie Fish, Directors Laura Duskey, Sabrina Guillory, Arlys Milan and Margie Steed, and Immediate Past President Sheryl Cole. Missy Carroll will be sending out more information about the membership party, I hope everyone can attend. Director Bobbie Trust Vector Investments Parliamentarian Dorothy Semon Est of J Pat Beaird Page 2 Hope To See you soon, Sheryl November, 2018 My Career in the Oil and Gas Industry An Essay Contest Award Presentation By Margie Steed The speaker for our October meeting was, well, myself! It was an honor to talk about the history behind my career in the oil and gas industry, in particular, to the younger crowd who attended our Essay Award presentation. The Red River Desk and Derrick Club continued its proud tradition of an annual Essay Contest for middle school students while encouraging them to write an article in regards to our great industry. This year s topic was My Career in the Oil and Gas Industry. We started with a warm welcome to the principals, teachers, parents, grandparents, and of course students who joined us for dinner. I started with 0ur Essay Contest allows us to encourage the growth of knowledge within our industry as well as getting in touch with our younger inner self. So as the program is titled my career in the oil and gas industry went like this. In 1991 my little family decided to move back to the Shreveport/Bossier area from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Why I make sure and mention the city is because Philadelphia had tons of employment opportunity. I had what I saw as a lucrative beginning of a career at Philadelphia National Bank as a Corporate Trust Administrator. And why I mention this is that my responsibility was to manage accounts through the instructions from a Trust Indenture also known as a big book full of rules and regulations. This big book contained all the assets that an entity or individual owned. Some assets being oil and gas minerals that were under a lease obligation. And that s about the scope of what I remember about the oil and gas industry from 30 years ago. The point being oil and gas minerals really didn t mean anything to me. A tickler was spit out and I followed the instructions. Fast forward a little, and here I am back in Shreveport with my very expensive professionally prepared resume. My experience at this point was in big banks. Well at this time, many hometown banks were being eaten up by larger banks like Hibernia National Bank, and their Trust Department was located in New Orleans. And that s where those type of jobs were. Shreveport, for my experience, did not have tons of employment opportunity. So eventually I took my very expensive professionally prepared resume to Jean Simpson. For the younger audience, Jean Simpson helps you find a job by connecting you with possible employers. They called and sent me on a one day assignment to an oil and gas company named J- O B Operating Company. At the end of that day I was asked if I could come back the next day. Of course I said yes. I liked having a job. At the end of that day I was asked if I could come back another day. Yes! So my one day assignment turned into three and on that day, a Friday, the land assistant told me it was her last day at the company and would I be able to come back the next week. I showed up Monday morning ready to work. So my one day assignment turned into 5 years and the beginning of my career as a land assistant in the oil and gas industry. I did accept other opportunities along the way and with this always came an increase in experience and an increase in salary as well. In 2008 I transitioned from the in house company setting to working for clients by contract and during the Haynesville Shale boom. My learning curve was out of control and each day I was learning something new. I saw the typical $350 per acre bonus jump to $35,000 per acre. Today, the average seems to be settling around $1500. Page 3 My Career in the Oil and Gas Industry Cont d A couple of years ago when Saudi Arabia took control of oil production I lost my job. For the first time in my adult life I was unemployed for about 5 months. During this time my job became searching for a job. I learned that I am not a very good salesman. I probably spent more money on classes and licenses than what I made but I showed up each day and did the best I could. The moral of this story is just show up and do a good job. We make our plans in life and life happens and plans are changed. But I truly believe that if you show up, be respectful, eager to learn, follow the rules and do your best, then the outcome will be positive. The only trick is to understand that the outcome for us all isn t completed until our last breath, so in the meantime, just show up! Throughout my career I stayed under the umbrella of a Land Department. And after almost 30 years I can honestly say there is still so much more to learn. What I definitely learned along the way was what I really enjoyed. I m not sure if I became the historian or if the historian became me. And I have always enjoyed putting puzzles together and that is land work in a nut shell. I hesitate to call myself a landman, because my years have encompassed more of title research, title curative, lease analysis, division order analysis and basically whatever the clients ask. I just show up and take it from there! We received well over 200 essays this year and submitted 195 to our three judges. The number of submitted essays this year was phenomenal and we very much appreciate the time and effort given to this contest by our judges. In the past our contest has always had 5 winners. This year, one of our judges, with a big heart, submitted an essay he felt needed special recognition. Our membership agreed and for our first time we are thrilled to submit an essay for an inspirational award. From Herndon Magnet - Katelyn Doyle is our recipient of this inspirational award. Katelyn s teacher is Rachel Miller. Our fifth place winner, with a career choice of chemical engineer, is Jenna Key from Caddo Middle Magnet. Jenna s teacher is Christine Bass. Fourth place winner, with a career choice of petroleum engineer is Olivia Lawhead from Caddo Middle Magnet. Olivia s teacher is Jean Pomeroy. Third place winner, with a career choice of Petroleum Engineer is Jessica Chu from Caddo Middle Magnet. Jessica s teacher is Jean Pomeroy. Second place winner, with a career choice of directional driller is Charles Blanton from Green Acres Middle School. Charles teacher is Ashley Falloon. It is only a coincidence, because I was not a judge, that our first place winner, Trey Deal from Herndon Magnet, chose the career path of landman. Trey s teacher is Rachel Miller. This year s essay contest has been a complete pleasure for me and to the students I just want to say, This is what happens when you show up and Congratulations! Page 4 2018 Red River Desk and Derrick Club Essay Contest Winners Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 Page 17 Page 18 Page 19 Page 20 Page 21 Page 22 Page 23 Page 24 Page 25 Page 26 Page 27 Page 28 Page 29 2018 RED RIVER INVITATIONAL SUMMARY REPORT The recently held Eighteenth Annual Red River Invitational resulted in raising monies for our Scholarship Fund and to provide a means for our members to attend seminars and educational opportunities to broaden their knowledge of the industry which we serve. Eleven members (Kathryn Carroll, Missy Carroll, Sheryl Cole, Bonnie Fish, Becky Hutchings, Deb McCuller, Lauretta Randle, Susie Scasta, Dorothy Semon, Margie Steed, and Bobbie Trust) of our club participated in this day of work, fun, good food, fellowship, meeting new people, and renewing old friendships. We were blessed once again with a spectacular Fall day. We are especially grateful to The Golf Club at Stonebridge, David Martinez (General Manager) and Chris Redman (Golf Pro), for their hospitality and welcoming us to this facility. We look forward to a long future ahead. Many thanks to Jim O'Bannon of Plains Marketing, LP, for his help in assisting with the awards. We express our deep appreciation to the following sponsors and donors: Gold Sponsor: Heard, McElroy & Vestal Silver Sponsors: Independent Oilman's Golf Tournament; NOV Mission; and SPE Scholarship Golf Tournament Bronze Sponsors: Brammer Engineering, Inc.; Hunt, Guillot & Associates; Petro-Chem Operating Company; and Ulterra Drilling Technologies Hole Sponsors: Bass Fishing Tools; B&L Pipeco Services; Cypress Energy Corp.; DOC Energy Services; Emerald Surf Sciences; Ensight IV Energy Partners, LLC; Genesis Crude Oil, L.P.; Halliburton; Regal Plastics; SportsWorld; Ulterra Drilling Technologies; and Vector Investments Food Vendors: Bob Davis Sales, Inc.; Emerald Surf Sciences; 7 Compression; and Fleaux Services Lunch Sponsor: Performance Proppants Beverage Cart Sponsors: Bulldog Oilfield Services; Lane Mitchell; Regal Plastics; and Universal Wellhead Services Team Sponsors: B7 Energy, L.P.; Bass Fishing & Rentals, LLC; B&L Pipe Services; C. W. Ford Rentals; Cudd Energy Services; Cypress Energy Corp.; DOC Energy Services; Ensight IV Energy Partners, LLC; Emerald Sur Sciences; Halliburton; Hunt, Guillot & Associates; NOV Mission; Plains Marketing, L.P.; Select Energy Services (2 Teams); Ulterra Drilling Technologies (2 Teams); and Yellow Jacket Oilfield Services Hole In One Sponsor: Yokem Toyota AND THE WINNERS WERE: CLOSEST TO THE PIN: Robert Busby (Ensight IV Energy Partners) - #3 on the front nine LONGEST DRIVE: Jordan McCart (Select Energy Services #2) - #16 FIRST FLIGHT: First Place - Select Energy Services #2 Second Place - Bass Energy Services #2 Third Place - Select Energy Services #1 SECOND FLIGHT: First Place - C. W. Ford Rentals Second Place - DOC Energy Services Third Place - Ulterra Drilling Technologies #1 Members worked hard and had fun. As of this writing, we anticipate a net profit of approximately $8, The next Red River Invitational is scheduled for THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2019, AT THE GOLF CLUB AT STONEBRIDGE. Please mark your calendars now. Submitted by: Deb McCuller, Dorothy Semon & Bobbie Trust Page 30 NOVEMBER 2018 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Susie Scasta Sheryl Cole Page 31 December 3,2018: Membership Christmas Party / Joint Board Meeting December 11,2018: Membership Meeting (Installation of 2019 Board) LAGNIAPPE SUCCESS Isn t just about what you accomplish in your life, it s about what you INSPIRE other so do. Page 32 Carol Shiavone 2018 Region III Director Page 33 Page 34 Page 35 Christina Forth Page 36 Page 37 2018 Association of Desk and Derrick Club Write-Ups Page 38 Field Trip Fun The Barkley Dam and 1980 s Homestead By Malissa Carroll On Wednesday September 20, 2018 at 7:30 am our adventure began. We boarded a bus and headed to Barkley Dam which is located along the Cumberland River in Kentucky. Its construction along with the Kentucky dam formed the Land between the Lakes National Recreation Area, which is a good place for fishing and boating. Barkley Dam is a concrete gravity and earth fill structure that measures 10,180 ft. The spillway section contains 12 tainter gates with a maximum discharge capacity of 520,000 cubic feet per second. The Barkley Power Plant started operation in early 1966 when the first of its four units were placed on line. Each of Barkley s four generators is capable of producing 32,500-kilowatt hours. In a typical year, Barkley Power Plant is capable of producing enough electricity to power over 30,000 homes. Since being placed in service the four-hydropower units have performed far above industry average with an availability rate of 96.9%. The high availability rate is a testimonial to the excellent maintenance and inspection programs followed by Power Plant personnel. After that we headed to lunch at a Restaurant called Dockers, which is on Barkley Lake. The food was delicious. After we ate our lunch we headed to Tennessee to go visit the 1850 s Settlement. It is museum and working farm like in the 1850 s. The farm successfully secured and preserved 16 original log structures that are located on this working farm. Fifteen of the structures were found within 10 miles of the Pryor Creek area. When you walk thru this farm you will observe what it was like to live on a Victorian farm. You will get to see the men in the wood shop or Tool Barn where tools and farm implements are stored and also doubles as the farmer s woodworking shop. The ladies were spinning wool or using a loom to make a bedspread. Because the 1850 s Homeplace thrives on being authentic many of the animals are rare or endangered. If you go be sure to check out the chickens, ducks, mules, Ox, Pigs and Sheep that live there. We also got to walk thru the heirloom vegetable garden. The 1850 s Homeplace is a glimpse into the past that will make you appreciate the amenities of modern life. Page 39 ASSOCIATION OF DESK AN DERRICK CLUB 67th ANNUAL CONVENTION AND EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE DOUBLETREE BY HILTON EVANASVILLE, INDIANA SEPTEMBER 20-22, 2018 The 2016 Convention convened in the Grand Ballroom on Friday, September 21, 2018 with President Christina Forth presiding. The presentation of the colors were presented by the River Cities Detachment 1090 of the United States Marine Corps League, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and the singing of O Canada and The Star Spangled Banner led by Shelly Hildebrant of the Bay Area. After the welcoming messages were received from Steve Schaeler, Deputy Maylor of the city of Evansville, and Sam Thomas, representing the Region II Clubs, one of my favorite events occurred--the Energy Symposium, sponsored by the ADDC Foundation. This year the topic was Transporting Hydrocarbon Products-Pipeline, Truck, Barge and Rail.. A panel of three industry speakers: Ash Titzer, Manager of Crude Gathering & Transportation, CountryMark Refining & Logistics, LLC; Jay E. Willett, Operating Officer, SynEnergy Partners, LLC and D. R. Cash, Operations Manager, Murphy Trucking, Inc. There are 46 clubs eligible to vote in the Association, of which forty-one were in attendance at this year's Conference. Those missing were Region I, Ohio Valley & Oil Heritage, and Region VI, Butler County, Liberal and Wichita, Kansa. There were 157 registered attendees (including 16 First Timers) at the Conference this year. Membership includes 1264 individuals throughout the United States and Canada. Reports were received from the ADDC Treasurer, the ADDC Technology Committee, and the ADDC Nominating Committee. The Salute to Industry Luncheon followed the morning session, and Terry Ligon, 2018 ADDC President-Elect, was the presiding officer. The key note speaker, Brad Richards of Pi-Petro, Inc. and Past Executive Vice President of the Illinois Oil & Gas Association, was both interesting and entertaining. He was passionate about our industry. Reports of ADDC committees, Certification, Foundation and the Educational Trust were received following the Keynote presentation. The Candidates for 2019 ADDC officers were presented in a Candidate's Caucus on Friday afternoon. They Treasurer, Evelyn Green, Region IV, San Antonio; Secretary, Kim Olesie, Region II, Heartland; Secretary, Wendy Sparks, Region VI, Oklahoma City; President Elect, Keith Atkins, Region III, El Dorado; President Elect, Jill Coble, Region IV, North Harris/ Montgomery Counties. Reports from the following committees were received after the Caucus: Club Bylaws Review, Public Relations, Business Manager, Certification, and Board of Directors. An Open Form included a Parliamentary Briefing, and discussion of the Proposed Bylaw Amendments. Page 40 Continuing on Saturday morning, the vote was taken for officers of the Association for Those elected include: President, Terry Ligon, Region IV, Graham; President Elect - Keith Atkins, Region III, El Dorado; Secretary, Wendy Sparks, Region VI, Oklahoma City, and Treasurer, Evelyn Green, Region IV, San Antonio. Future Conferences will be held as follows: Marriott Courtyard & Residence Inn in Kansas City, Kansas, September Hosted by the Enid Club in Region VI Sheraton Pittsburgh Square in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, September 14-20, Aster Crown Plaza, New Orleans, La, September 15-18, 2021 The Conference in 2022 will be hosted by the Western Region; 2023 by the Central Region, 2024 by the Northeast Region; and 2025 by the Southeast Region. The Regional reports were given by the seven respective Regional Directors, The proposed bylaws were presented by Judi Adams, Rules Committee Chairman, Westbank Club, Region III. After some discussion, all of the proposed amendments passed. There were a few amendments to the amendments, but they all ultimately passed. One amendment was made from the floor to change the contract signing for Annual Conference to one year in advance. This motion was defeated. Christina Forth presented on her term as President of the Association. She indicated that the Board is streamlining some committees in an effort to lighten the financial load and perhaps use some outsourcing for some business items. A full report will be presented by Audra Horton, Evelyn Green, Rena Shaffer, and Keith Atkins at the Open Forum in I personally believe that the Board is now committed to finding ways to save money. It was a honor to serve as Alternate Delegate with Missy Carroll as our Delegate. We enjoyed the field trips, seminars, and, most of all, visiting with old friends and making new ones. Evansville is a friendly town, and the people were very warm and inviting. I encourage each of you to plan now and mark September 25-28, 2018 on your calen
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