Grana, J.L., Cruzado, J.A., Andreu, J.M., Munoz-Rivas, M.J., Pena, M.E. and Brain, P.F. (2004). Effects of viewing videos of bullfights on Spanish children

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Grana, J.L., Cruzado, J.A., Andreu, J.M., Munoz-Rivas, M.J., Pena, M.E. and Brain, P.F. (2004). Effects of viewing videos of bullfights on Spanish children
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In such case, the employeemay cross out Paragraph A.1 but must sign and return this Agreement. If the Contribution was not prepared as part of the employee's dutiesor is not an official U.S. Government publication, it is not a U.S. Government work.[____] U.K. Government work (Crown Copyright)Note to U.K. Government Employees The rights in a Contribution prepared by an employee of a U.K. government department, agency or other Crown body as part of his/herofficial duties, or which is an official government publication, belong to the Crown. In such case, Wiley will forward the relevant form to theEmployee for signature.  A1 E-MAIL: reprints@wiley.comPREPUBLICATION REPRINT ORDER FORMPlease complete this form even if you are not ordering reprints.  This form MUST be returned with your corrected proofs and srcinal manuscript.Your reprints will be shipped approximately 4 weeks after publication. 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