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formato para el analisis economico de una empresa - proyectado
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  INGRESOS Y EGRESOS - PROYEC AÑO123INGRESOS VENTAS DE PRODUCTOSS/. 15,110.00S/. 16,188.00S/. 16,048.00SERVICIOSS/. 8,215.00S/. 8,215.00S/. 8,115.00 TOTAL DE INGRESOSS/. 23,325.00S/. 24,403.00S/. 24,163.00EGRESOS  ALQUILER DE LOCALS/. 2,400.00S/. 2,400.00S/. 2,400.00 ADQUISICION DE PRODUS/. 10,850.00S/. 10,835.00S/. 10,840.00LUZS/. 600.00S/. 600.00S/. 600.00 AGUAS/. 180.00S/. 180.00S/. 180.00INTERNETS/. 948.00S/. 948.00S/. 948.00NUEVO RUSS/. 240.00S/. 240.00S/. 240.00 TOTAL DE EGRESOSS/. 15,218.00S/. 15,203.00S/. 15,208.00 FLUJO DE CAJA - PROYECTAD AÑO123SALDO INICIALS/. 0.00S/. 8,10.00S/. 1,30.00 INGRESOS DE CAJAS/. 23,325.00S/. 24,403.00S/. 24,163.00EGRESOS DE CAJAS/. 15,218.00S/. 15,203.00S/. 15,208.00 SALDO FINALS/. 8,10.00S/. 1,30.00S/. 26,262.00IN!RESION INICIALAÑO 1AÑO 2AÑO 3-1,000.008,10.001,30.0026,262.00!ALOR ACTUAL NETO!ANS/. 8,660.44TASA INTERNA DE RETORNOTIR 3#  ADO 45 S/. 1,11.00S/. 1,636.00S/. 8,315.00S/. 8,230.00 S/. 25,486.00S/. 25,866.00 S/. 2,400.00S/. 2,400.00S/. 10,860.00S/. 10,810.00S/. 600.00S/. 600.00S/. 180.00S/. 180.00S/. 948.00S/. 948.00S/. 240.00S/. 240.00 S/. 15,228.00S/. 15,18.0045S/. 26,262.00S/. 36,520.00 S/. 25,486.00S/. 25,866.00S/. 15,228.00S/. 15,18.00 S/. 36,520.00S/. 4,208.00AÑO 4AÑO 536,520.004,208.00  fuFLUJO DE CAJACONCEPTOENEROFEBREROMARZOINVERSIONS/. 17,000.00INGRESOSS/. 8,715.00S/. ,!0 .00S/. 10,#$ .00VENTASS/. 7,500.00S/. 8,188.00S/. ,0!8.00SERVICIOSS/. 1,#15.00S/. 1,#15.00S/. 1,#15.00EGRESOSS/. 1,# 5.00S/. 1,#$5.00S/. 1,#$5.00COSTO DE VENTASS/. ,$85.00S/. #,!80.00S/. #,!80.00IMPUESTO DE LA NUEVO RUS%S/. 17,000.00S/. #0.00S/. 50.00S/. 50.00FLUJO DE CAJAS/. , 0.00S/. 10,$18.00S/. 11,!78.00  ABRILMA&OJUNIOS/. 11, 8$.00S/. 1#,851.00S/. 1!,75.00S/. 10,171.00S/. 11,$ $.00S/. 1 ,5!!.00S/. 1,#15.00S/. 1,#15.00S/. 1,#15.00S/. 1,#$5.00S/. 1,#$5.00S/. 1,#$5.00S/. #,!80.00S/. #,!80.00S/. 1,# 5.00S/. 50.00S/. 50.00S/. 50.00S/. 1#,$01.00S/. 1!,0$$.00S/. 15,7!.00
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