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  The STM32 F0 delivers 32-bit performance and STM32 DNA essentials into applications typically addressed by 8- or 16-bit microcontrollers. The STM32 F0 benefits from the combination of real-time performance, low-power operation, advanced architecture and peripherals associated to the STM32 ecosystem. All these have made the well-known STM32 a reference in the market. Now all this is accessible for cost-sensitive applications. The STM32 F0 offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability for home-entertainment products, appliances and industrial equipment. Key features  Q Core and operating conditions Q  ARM® Cortex™-M0 0.9 DMIPS/MHz up to 48 MHz Q 1.8/2.0 to 3.6 V supply range Q High-performance connectivity  Q 6 Mbit/s USART   Q 18 Mbit/s SPI with 4- to 16-bit data frame  Q 1 Mbit/s I²C fast-mode plus  Q HDMI CEC  Q Enhanced control  Q 16-bit 3-phase PWM motor control timer Q 5x 16-bit PWM timers  Q 16-bit basic timer  Q 32-bit PWM timer  Q 12 MHz I/O toggling Key benefits  Q Superior code execution for higher performance and excellent code efficiency for reduced embedded memory usage  Q High-performance connectivity and advanced analog peripherals to support a wide range of applications  Q Flexible clock options and low-power modes with fast wake-up for low power consumption Targeted applications  Q Home automation  Q Home appliances  Q Motor control  Q Sensors  Q  A/V receivers, TVs  Q Remote controls  Q Gaming STM32 F0 seriesEntry-level Cortex TM -M0 MCU STM32 ®  DNA at budget price www.st.com/stm32f0 STMicroelectronics  For more information on ST products and solutions, visit www.st.com © STMicroelectronics - April 2012 - Printed in United Kingdom - All rights reservedThe STMicroelectronics corporate logo is a registered trademark of the STMicroelectronics group of companies All other names are the property of their respective ownersOrder code: FLSTM32F00512 Device summary Part number Package Flash size(Kbytes)Internal RAM size(Kbytes)Timer functionsADC12-bitDAC12-bit I/Os Serial interface16-bittimers32-bittimers OthersSTM32F051 - 48 MHz CPU with DACSTM32F051R8 LQFP64648812 x WDG, RTC, 24-bit down counter161551xSPI/I²S, 1xSPI, 2xI²C, 2xUSART (IrDA, ISO 7816), CEC STM32F051C8 LQFP486488110139 STM32F051K8 UFQFPN326488110127 STM32F051R6 LQFP6432481161551xSPI/I²S, 1xI²C, 2xUSART (IrDA, ISO 7816), CEC STM32F051C6 LQFP483248110139 STM32F051K6 UFQFPN323248110127 STM32F051R4 LQFP6416481161551xSPI/I²S, 1xI²C, 1xUSART (IrDA, ISO 7816), CEC STM32F051C4 LQFP481648110139 STM32F051K4 UFQFPN321648110127 STM32F050 - 48 MHz CPUSTM32F050C6 LQFP483245 1 2 x WDG, RTC, 24-bit down counter10-391xSPI, 1xI²S, 1xI²C, 1xUSART (IrDA, ISO 7816) STM32F050K6 UFQFPN323245 1 10-27 STM32F050C4 LQFP481645 1 10-39 STM32F050K4 UFQFPN3216451 10-27 Note: supply voltage 1.8/2.0 to 3.6 V for all devices Block diagram System 27/39/55 I/OsCalendar RTCPower supply 1.8 V regulatorPOR/PDR/PVDInternal RC oscillators40 kHz + 8 MHzClock controlPLL2x window watchdogs(independent and system)Cyclic redundancycheck (CRC)Xtal oscillators32 kHz + 4 ~32 MHzSysTick timerTouch-sensing controller APB bus5-channel DMA  ARM Cortex-M0 CPU 48 MHz Nested vector interrupt controller (NVIC)SW debug AHB-Lite bus matrix1x 16-bit motor control PWMSynchronized AC timer Control 1x 32-bit timer5x 16-bit PWM timers1x 16-bit basic timer Analog 1x 12-bit ADC16 channels / 1 MSPS1-channel 12-bit DAC2x analog comparator Up to 64-Kbyte Flash memory20-byte backup dataUp to 8-Kbyte SRAMHW parity checking 2x SPI(1x with I²S mode )HDMI CEC Connectivity 2x I²C(1x with fast-mode plus) 2x USARTwith modem control(1x with LIN, smartcard, IrDA) Development tools  A complete development tool offer is available, including the following kits:  Q Low-cost STM32 F0 Discovery kit (order code: STM32F0DISCOVERY)  Q STM32 F0 evaluation board (order code: STM320518-EVAL)  Q STM32 F0 starter kits from IAR will be available in Q3/2012
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