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Money define our inclusion or exclusion from the possible opportunities in the society; it is the quantitative more important relation we entertain each other. Something that we never consider is the fact that money as well as the monetary system are
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  In everyone’s experience we know what extraordinary forces language and money are, while we invest our meanings in these two powers that are substantial nothing, pure symbols.These powers are nothing but what we want them to be; During modernity money acquired a more central position, as long as it has become the general mean that makes possible the control and the productivity of work and goods.In the twentieth century we witness a phenomenon called “dereferentialization” of money or the loss of the relation with the thing itself, that happened fristly to the language. At the end of the ‘800 a group of poets called Symbolist, claim that the duty of poetry, and art in general is not to describe or reproduce the thing itself but to evoke its presence, through the rhythm of words, the creation of atmospheres; here starts the great history of avant-gardes that during the twentieth century will dissolve completely the reference to the thing itself and replace the thing with its impression and evocation.At a certain point money start doing the same: the finance that until that moment worked as mean of exchange and reference, sign of the material presence of things, from a certain point in time becomes a pure play of language: when the 15th August 1971 the US president Richard Nixon declared the inconvertibility of the dollar into gold, which means that the value of the dollar is decided unilateraly from the US power.It starts a new historical period called “deregulation”,this word was frist used by a poet ,not an economist, Arthur Rimbaud, that in the letter to Georges Izambard talk about “dérèglement des sens”.Deregulation is the disconnection of the economical/ financial sign from the circulation of material things, this sets in motion a new entropy within the system.Finance that was a productive instrument become a black hole in which all the products of work are swallowed by unknown, indeed we know who, because there is a financial class which appropriates this wealth, but this has not anymore a concrete social character, it becomes a pure and simple destruction of other’s work and products.Language and money has become destructive powers, and politcs has very little instrument to counteract this tendency: politics depends largely on the financial power.Poetry is the function of human language that gives meaning to those words that losts their meaning due to the infinite repetition, the infinite operative and functional use of the word itself; poetry revitalizes language, give back a rhythm to a society without an autonomous rhythm, that undergone the rhythm of financial violence. Poetry is not only made of words, it is made of sights, relations, “emotional credit”, and solidarity; the same solidarity that neoliberism paralyzed and almost killed.Design can be considered as a poetry of objects, an its function is to give back concrete meanings to the all-commodified object world. “Money and language are nothing, but they can move everything”  Franco “Bifo” Berardi Exchange Relations  Zeno Franchini   Abstract: Money define our inclusion or exclusion from the possible opportunities in the society; it is the quantitative more important relation we entertain each other.Something that we never consider is the fact that money as well as the monetary system are designed,and this design define our system of value and directly changes our life.  Economic, Financial and Monetary system are designed, money itself is designed, as every design it also carries a specific meaning determined by the shape, the material, the graphic the perception of it.The concept of richness as always affected our aestethical values, for us gold is precious, alluminium less, as during Louis XVI of France the pale skin as high nobility was a quality.Today our system of value reflect and determine our aestetical perception and abstraction , dereferencialization and absurd make possible that when we touch paper similar to the one used for money bills associate it with a value of precious, even if we don’t consider cotton paper as a precious material .Economy is the relation that affect more directly our lives without ever being questioned or investigated, money are the mean of exchange and vehicle of means: our monetary system is based on the perpetual accelerated growth, that means that even a slowdown causes the crisis of the whole system.Is it possible to underline our conditioning questioning the structure and the concept of value and mean of exchange? If money carries intrest it means that it’s possible to earn money just earning money, and without producing anything concrete; if somebody control the quantity of money, control the economy of a government, so or the goverment take the charge of issue money or, in reaction to the financial plutocracy, autarchic systems will start their own currency, being ready to the expected failure of the financial world.Showing the process with which our society defined value i want to continue the road proposing some scenarios and steps in the history and future of exchange: 1. Sacrifice  (frist form of exchange) 2. Monetary system (religious crack) 3. Energy (financial crack) 4. Resources (resources crack) 5. Potlatch (gift economy)This is a physical path between the different shapes money can take, defining also a value for societies in the different scenarios, and the differnent systems.  1. You can sell something because you own it; the private appropriation was the insurance of survival for the primitive communities becoming agricultural ones.From the appropriation the system of exchange start developing fristly in the shape of sacrifice. An external (divine) authority grant the mythization of society and the consequent hierarchization. The mediator between god and human legitimate his real power with a mytical sacrifice, and his slaves/ workers sacrifice a part of their real life for a mythical right to survive; sacrifice is a tacit rule that masks the imbalance in the exchange.from that moment the members of a cummunity have to face with a kind of hostility that is not anymore climate, wild beasts, diseases, but the exclusion form an hunting territory. This archaic form of exchange dominate human and commercial relations without being rational of quantifiable, until the mercantile capitalism and the money-measure-of-everything take such a position in the feudal slavery society, to make economy appear as a particularly important category, separeted from daily life. Private appropriation  Sacrifice Mythological Crisis Type of relation: DecentraliedSymbolicNo mean of exchange acknowledgedSacrificeHierarchyGoods ProductionGift & Exchange
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