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The present study, entitled “Data protection in Spanish enterprises” is written with the purpose of establishing a diagnosis of the compliance with the current regulations on data protection by the Spanish small and medium enterprises, during 2012. The present study, entitled Data protection in Spanish enterprises is written with the purpose of establishing a diagnosis of the compliance with the current regulations on data protection by the Spanish small and medium enterprises, during 2012. To conduct this study, a qualitative/quantitative methodology has been followed. By this means 1,109 enterprises with less than 250 employees have been surveyed; and on the other hand, a group made up of experts and professionals working on the fields of academia, Public Administration and IT security, was essential for contrasting the enterprises´ opinions with their reality and environment. On the basis of the obtained results, a statistical analysis was conducted arriving at the conclusion that according how data management and protection are approached by these organisations, enterprises can be classified into four main categories: enterprises indifferent to/with no data protection activities, Proactive / strategic enterprises, Misinformed enterprises and Compliant enterprises. Furthermore, the study provides a number of recommendations for increasing the level of knowledge and improving compliance among small and medium enterprises, those guidelines include; information, training, dissemination and awareness raising activities, as well as some proposals regarding data processing management or certification, among other issues.
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