English Speech - Islamic Inventors for Youth Progress

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English Speech - Islamic Inventors for Youth Progress
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    With all my respect to the head of Pondok Pesantren Darul Qur’an Mulia, with all my respect to all Asatidz, all my Senior Fellows, and all my Beloved Friends, Assalaamu’alaikum wr wb……   Innal hamda lillah nahmaduhu wa nasta’inuhu wa nastagfiruh, wa na’udzubillaahi minsyuruuri anfusina wa min sayyi ati a’maalina mayyahdihillahu falaa mudillalah wa mayyudlilhu falaa haadiyalah. Asyhadu alla ilaa ha illAllah wa asyhadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rosuluh, laa nabiya wa laa rosula ba’dah.  First of all, Le t’s grateful to the Mighty Allah SWT, which already gave us Islam Favors, Longevity, and Healthy, so we can gather here at this glorious place. Also, Solawat and salaam to the most Honorable, Loving leader to his people, and the one that bring Salvation to the world and here after, our most respectful, Prophet Muhammad SAW. All Audience that Glorified by Allah SWT, at this occasion, let me talks about Islamic Inventors for Youth Progress. Audience, Let’s look to the past, to the Journey on Science from ce ntury ago. History records a lot of Muslim Inventors are being forgotten. And, I will tell you a few of them. The First is Al-Farabi, He lived around the year of 872 until 950. His real name is Abu Nasir Muhammad bin Al-Farakh Al-Farabi. He is a Famous thinker in the Mid-Century era. And He is mastered in Logic Science suche as Math, Physics, Politics, and Constitutional. His Famous Creation is Al-Madinah Al-Fadilah. and, The Second is Al-Batani, He lived around the year of 858 until 929, Born in Haram and known as Al-Batenius. He is a Math Astronomer. He is also Invented the Trigonometri. And, one of his accomplishment is the Sun Year. The Sun Year explained that One Year is 365 days, 5 hours, 46 minutes, and 24 seconds. Subhanallah!!! It is a really Incredible Invention. Then, The Third Muslim Inventor is Ibnu Sina, He lived around the year of 980 until 1037. Any of my audience know what is his famous name in the West? Anyone know? Ok, I will tell you, his famous name in the west is Avicenna. He is famous as Philopsopher and Medical Scientist. And, He is the Father of Modern Medication. His biggest Invention is the Book of Healing, and the Canon of Medicine, or in Arabic we can say Qonun fi Thib. It is really Amazing!!! Isn’t it? Usually, Canon was builde d to destroy something, but Ibnu Sina can build a canon for healing. He is really a Great Man!!!   My Respectful Audience, after introducing 3 Muslim Inventors, appear 1 Question, “How can they do that?”. Anyone know? How can Al-Farabi create Al-Madinah Al-Fadilah? How can Al-Batani Invented Trigonometri and the Sun Year? How can Ibnu Sina Invented the Book of Healing and the Canon of Medicine? Anyone know? The answer is in the wise word that said “There’s no Success without Sacrifice”. Ok, a lot of people  knows that, but, only e few people that know “what kind of Sacrifice that needed to reach Success. Anyone know what kind of Sacrifice is it? Ok, I will tell you. If you want to Success, you must Sacrifice your Time, your Energy, and your Mind. You got it? And Allah said in the Holy Qur’an Sura Ar - Ra’du verse 11 :   The meaning is “Allah SWT not going to change a Community if that Community not change their own Fate”.   Audience, Let’s Revolt and Learn from the incredible Islamic Inventors. No babies can walk or run when they born, correct? All the knowledge should be learn first. So , Let’s Learn seriously to improve Islamic World which be drowned at this moment. In the future, we can be a leader that honour Islamic Shari’a . if not us? Who will do? We can choose, become audience or become the actor. It is back to us. Let’s have the spirit on memorizing Qur’an and be an useful person. Insya Allah… Amiin yaa robbal Alamiin…  That is my review, thank you for your all attention. All the mistake is comes from me, and the truth comes from Allah SWT. Hopefully my review may be useful for the audience and for me. Wa billahi taufik wal hidayah wal ridho wal inaayah. Wassalaamualaikum wr wb.
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