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  LESSON 1: HOW TO READ ENGLISH NEWSPAPER Keys to Lesson 1. Happy are those who know the pleasure of reading.Great was their joy when they heard the announcement.Basic to the IOC decision was Seoul’s readiness in facilities.2. You help (to) wash the dishes. I’ll help repair the car.They worked very hard to help build a better society.It would help promote better relations with North Korea.3. Having finished my homework, I have nothing particular to do.Having received no answer from him, I wrote again.Having already hosted two Olympics, they should be proud.4. I was delighted to find the book I had given up for lost.He was surprised to hear of his brother’s failure.They were shocked to learn Seoul was chosen to host the games.5. The delegation attended the meeting, sure of their success.I moved back from the window, afraid of being seen.They returned full of enthusiasm for the facilities in Seoul. VOCABULARY WORDS Baden-badenInternational Olympic Committee – (IOC)Ballot – secret ballot -cast [take] a ballot –   Rival -without a rival NagoyaJuan Antonio SamaranchKurhausTurnaroundMelbourne -withdraw $ 100 from a bank – withdraw one’s statement – withdrawalfederationenthusiasm - show enthusiasm for - < enthusiasticfacility – (=ease) - sports facilities – transportation facilitiesCanadianCalgarySpaSole – (=only)Absentee – absentee voteBloc – without reservationBoycottChampionshipMontréalIntervention - < interveneAfghanistanPromote - promote world peace - <promotion.Relation – international relations - public relationsDivision – the division of the property – the division of labor - <divide.Peninsula the Korean – Peninsula - < peninsular.Delegation - < delegateAssurance – life assurance – (=life insurance). < assure.Ensure – Ex. Careful preparations ensure success.Entry -make a quiet entry into - < enter   Exit –an emergency exit – make one’s exit.Shock – shocked atBombshellBy a large marginStable – stable occupation -<stability. < stabilizeMidnight – as dark as midnight.Announcement – make a public announcement of - < announce.Commentator – in dismay – dismayed atSelect - < selectionDisappointment – to one’s disappointment - < disappoint.Torch – the torch of learningRegion – an industrial region – tropical regions - < regional.Global – (=world-wide) global place – globe.Candidacy – candidature - < candidateEventual – event.< eventually.Reunification - <reunify.Audacity – have the audacity to - < audacious.Readiness – in readiness - with readinessDemonstration - < demonstrate.Unify - < unification *FURTHER STUDIES*A. Pronunciation, Stress, and Intonation:  l + m, k, p, f, d – ‘l’ – m, k, p, f, d.Film, milk, silk, help, itself, over walk, overwhelm cold, hold  Last : untilleaf : feellarge : globalleader : appeal  -sen, -zen, -sonChosen, risen, citizen, dozen, reason, seasonCandidacy, celebrate, commentator Communist, journalismAudacity, committee, enthusiasmDiplomatic, disappointment, opportunity, representative. B. Word Power:  -ship -, -or, -see, -istChampionship, sportsmanship, friendship, leadership  scholarship, fellowship, citizenship, relationshipCommentator, spectator, professor, governor, actor,Communist, columnist, journalist, Buddhist, artistAbsentee, employee, examinee, interviewee, refugee* the host country – the 1988 Olympic Games 1988 – the Asian Games -The Olympic symbol – the opening ceremony – the Olympic flame – declare the games openKorea will be the host country of the 1988 Olympic Games.Seoul will also host the Asian Games in 1986.The Olympic symbol represents five continents.At the opening ceremony the athletes enter in alphabetical order. But the athletes of the host country enter last.
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