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Despicable me - response paper
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  Full name: Nguyen Quynh Chi Student code: 1157010029 RESPONSE PAPER If you are big fan of animation movie, you must be know or even watch the Despicable me in  both parts. This movie is a breakout hit in 2010 and when it came back to big screen with the second part in last year, it created the big effect not only as the entertaining production but also as the commercial participant. Many people found it fun and enjoyable watching this movie however; after making some research on the Internet, I realized that the second layer hidden inside the movie shows some identities and even the stereotypes on Mexican people in American society, especially in the part two. The first aspect revealed in Despicable me is the identity, especially the characteristics of Americans. Thinking about that united nation, people usually draw a colorful picture in which everyone is liberal to legal whatever they want without any attention of public. In this movie, Gru  –   the main character  –   invented many weird, even dangerous things such as his car and drove it around the city without any surprising or complaining from surroundings. Even though it is just a cartoon, yet it illustrates partly for the country of freedom. Moreover, Americans are famous for their independent characteristic. Gru lived apart from his mother very early, which  brought him a lot of chances to show off his talents. His three little girls when living the orphanage have to sell candies or cookies to survive. Even though this also shows the unequal treatment on the kids who are not adopted by other adult, it still reveals the independence the society requires from each citizen to exist and develop. Mentioning about his three daughters, people should raise the question about the equal in America. Why doesn’t any adult accept them? Is this because they are three girls instead of a  boy? Sexism takes a big part along with the history’s dev elopment of this country, so that somehow it is implied in this cartoon. Furthermore, it is undeniable that the owner of the orphanage maltreats these girls. “The shame box” where those girls are put in after failing in  business shows the discrimination. This society seems to be too cool when no one cares for their conditions, even the manager of their “home”. The only one put his eyes on them is Gru, yet , sadly for his bad purposes. It can be said that though foreigners, especially Vietnamese dream about America as the country of freedom, chances, riches and success, it cannot still hide the dark side inner the nation.  Full name: Nguyen Quynh Chi Student code: 1157010029 This animation movie is mainly produced for entertaining and children, however, in some case it show the stereotype on Mexican people. The second part of Despicable me talks about the  processing of discovering the bad conspiracy of Eduardo Pérez  –   a Mexican who own a Mexican restaurant. He is portrayed as the bad guy providing the most of conflict and drama in the story. This movie creates the stereotypical image of Mexican when describing him with negative sides. He always wears his shirt with opened button widely to show his chest along with chest hair and gold necklace. Back to his criminal background, he robbed the bank and shot things and human. His restaurant’ s name: El Bandido with El associated of Mexicans and Bandio meaning Robber in Portuguese. All of these features are described intentionally to show a bad and default image on the Mexicans. Moreover, Eduardo’s son –   Antonio who falls in love with Margo - Gru’s eldest child gets the discrimination from Gru. He tries many ways to separate her daughter and this boy. It can be supposed as what the father should do for his pre-teen child. However, it maybe the metaphor for  prejudices on Mexicans. I consider whether Gru thinks that this boy is a Mexican and he cannot  be near his daughter. In addition, every moment Eduardo and Antonio appear on the screen, some notes of salsa rhythms, which are the symbol of Latino/as, also happen. By using this sound, whether the producer misunderstands between Mexican and Latino/as or he intentionally does this. Both are unacceptable. In conclusion, at the first sight, Despicable Me 1 and 2 serve for the entertaining demand of children and adult. It reveals many aspects in America such as freedom, inequality or individualism. Yet if people make further investigation or observation, they can figure out many evidences of stereotype on Mexicans in this big country. What are the consequences if the children create the bad image about these people when they don’t have enough knowledg e and guide from their parents? Hollywood movie should think about this before launching some bomb film into screen. Reference:
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