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DAFTAR PUSTAKA 1. Daller, Meir, et al., 2004. Priapism in Handbook of Urology : Diagnosis & Therapy 3rd Edition. USA : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 2. Guyton, Arthur C., Hall, John E., 2008. Fungsi Reproduksi dan Hormonal Pria (dan Fungsi Kelenjar Pineal) dalam Buku Ajar Fisiologi Kedokteran. Jakarta : EGC. 3. Horst, c. Van derst. 2003. Priapism – Etiology, Pathophysiology And Management. Int Braz J Urol. 2003; 29: 391-400. 4. Kavoussi, Louis R., et
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  DAFTAR PUSTAKA 1.Daller, Meir, et al., 2004.  Priapism  in  Handbook of Urology : Diagnosis & Therapy 3 rd   Edition . USA : Lippincott Williams &Wilkins.2.Guton, Art!ur ., #all, $o!n %., 200.  Fungsi Reproduksi dan Hormonal Pria dan Fungsi !elen ar Pineal#  'alam  $uku % ar  Fisiologi !edokteran $akarta : %G .(.#orst, c. )an 'erst. 200(.  Priapism ' Etiology( Pathophysiology %nd  )anagement  . *nt +ra $ Urol. 200(- 2: (1/400.4.aoussi, Louis ., et al. 2003. *ampbell+,alsh Urology .!ila'elp!ia: ener5it Saun'ers %lseier. 6.7etter 8#, 2009.  %tlas of Human %natomy - th  edition . USA: Saun'ers.9.urnomo, +asuki +., 2011.  Priapismus  'alam  Dasar ' Dasar Urologi Edisi !etiga . $akarta : Saun Seto. 3.enar', $o!n, et al., 2009.  Priapism  in ./ford Handbook of Urology0  st   Edition . Unite' in'om : ;<=or' Uniersit ress..>ana!o, %mil A., McAninc!, $ack W., 200.  Priapism in 1eneral Urology 02  th  Edition . USA : >!e McGra?/#ill ompanies. .Le?is DA. Dianostic >ests =or !ancroi'. +ritis! Me'ical $ournal.2010-39:1(3/14110.Lautens !laer S. !ancroi'. *n: lauss Wol==, et al, e's.8itspatrick@s Dermatolo in General Me'icine. 3 t!  %'. USA:McGra?/#ill, 200, p. 1(/19.11.Wol= ,$o!nson A.. !ancroi'.*n: Wol= ,$o!nson A.,e's.8itspatrick@s color atlas an' Snopsis o= linical Dermatolo.9 t! %'.USA: McGra? #ill,200,p.(1/((12.$ames D. Williams, et al. !ancroi'.e's.An're?@s Diseases o= t!eskin : linical Dermatolo. 10 t! %'. USA : %lseier, 2009, p. 234/2361(.+urns >,et all. !ancroi'. e's. ook@s >e<t5ook o= Dermatolo,  t! %'.U.2010,p.(0.43(0  (114.onal' A , Al5ritton W. !ancroi' an' !aemop!ilus 'ucrei. in:#olmes ., Mar'! 8, Sparlin 8, Lemon S.M. Stamm W. %, iot , et al  ,. Wasser!eit $.7. Se<uall transmitte' 'isease. 2 t! e'. 7e? ork.McGra?/#ill. 1.  29( /29.
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