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Enjoy the ben efits of being a student a t the Dep ar t ment of Meteoro l og y Dr. Alfred Opere, Ph.D. (Chairman, Department of ) You can start with a high school qualification,( GCE, IGSE, KCSE or their
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Enjoy the ben efits of being a student a t the Dep ar t ment of Meteoro l og y Dr. Alfred Opere, Ph.D. (Chairman, Department of ) You can start with a high school qualification,( GCE, IGSE, KCSE or their equivalents) or WMO recognized qualifications (WMO Class 1, 2, 3) or their equivalents and study your way to an internationally recognized Bachelor of Science in qualification. The Department s part-time and Open learning programmes are designed for busy people who work or have duties to care. Depending on your qualification and level of commitment, you could find yourself studying for our qualifications in and Climate Change. Currently, Bachelor of Science in and Master of science in Climate Change are available by distance learning Degree Programmes offered at the D e p a r t m e n t o f BSc. BSc. Atmospheric Science PGD: PGD: Aviation PGD: Operational Hydrology MSc. MSc. Agro- MSc. Aviation MSc. Climate Change Ph.D In this issue: We reveal to you why a course at the Department is a wonderful choice for you Special points of interest: Students spotlights Research projects presentation week Staff Highlights Out of classroom learning activities at the Department of Studen t spotlights September 2014 intake in progress for all Postgraduate programmes. Nairobi University Meteorological Association (NUMA) brings together students and staff. Photo: NUMA members Caroline Lolo is a second year BSc. student. She is a champion of the vulnerable in the society. She likes charity visits to children s homes Requirements: MSc. Programme. BSc. (Atleast upper second class hons). Duncan Otieno is a third year student studying BSc.. He is the chairperson of NUMA and a dedicated Meteorologist to be. He likes to play football, read and write. His role model is the late Wangare Marthai, the Nobel prize winner Phoebe Shikuku(Left) is an outgoing BSc. student. She likes working with communities. Her interests include climate change and it s socio-economic Impacts. BSc. ( Lower second class hons.) plus two years post qualification experience. R esearch Pro j ect Pres entations A student during a recent presentation at the Department of Final year undergraduate students defended their research projects on April 24, The research work was based on many scientific and socio-economic concepts. A research project is mandatory for all students before they graduate in their respective disciplines. Several students defended their dissertations recently and many more expected to defend their research work soon. Some research areas at the Department of include : Hydrology and surface water Resources Aviation Agricultural Dynamic processes and weather prediction Climate Change Science Physical and environmental Remote sensing and GIS Economics of climate Change Socio-political Dimensions of climate Change Research at the Department of is wide and not limited to the above areas. Join a course of study at the Department of and train to research levels on major global issues MSc. requirements continued: Applicants with lower qualifications but with relevant diplomas from recognized institutions will also be considered. Contact us For more information P.O. Box , GPO Nairobi. Telephone: , Ext 2070 Staff spot lights MSc. Climate Change. requirements First degree of atleast upper second class Dr. Alfred Opere, Ph.D. (Senior lecturer with specialized research interests in Hydrology and surface water resources) Prof. Mutua Francis - Ph.D, (Professor of and thematic head, Hydrology and surface water resources) Prof. Mutua is a seasoned interdisciplinary researcher with specialized research interests in hons. Graduates with second class hons, lower division with atleast two years relevant post hydrology, climate Change, qualification Disastor risk Assessment and experience. Prof. J.K. Ng anga - Ph.D,(Associate Professor of and thematic head, Physical and Environmental ) Prof. Ng ang a is a Specialized researcher in Environmental Management. Graduates with relevant diplomas after their first degree. Management, Climate Change and Environmental disasters. Prof. Muthama John - Ph.D Staff spot lights Prof. Muthama John is an Associate Professor of and researcher in the areas of Climate Change, and other related areas. He is also the thematic head of Climate Change. Dr. Raphael Okoola Ph.D (Senior lecturer and thematic head of aviation ) Out of classroom teaching activities Academic tour to the Kenyan coast by students(april 28-May 2, 2014). Dr. Fredrick Karanja Ph. D (Senior lecturer and thematic head, Agrometeorology). Dr. Karanja is a renowned researcher in Agricultural. NUMA football tournaments Community outreach activities Mr. Watitwa B.M MSc. ( Principal technologist). Dorcus Mule BSc. (Ongoing). Ms. Mule is an experienced technologist with technical training in. Career talks at the Department Students integration strategies WELCOME ALL
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