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The following people have contributed to OpenSim (Thank you for your effort!) Add your name in here if you have committed to OpenSim = Current OpenSim Developers (in very rough order of appearance) = These folks represent the current core team for OpenSim, and are the people that make the day to day of OpenSim happen. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * MW (Tribal Media AB) Adam Frisby (DeepThink Pty Ltd) MingChen (DeepThink Pty Ltd) lbsa71 (Tribal Media AB) Sean Dague / sdague (IBM) Tedd
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  The following people have contributed to OpenSim (Thank youfor your effort!)Add your name in here if you have committed to OpenSim= Current OpenSim Developers (in very rough order of appearance) =These folks represent the current core team for OpenSim, and are thepeople that make the day to day of OpenSim happen.* MW (Tribal Media AB)* Adam Frisby (DeepThink Pty Ltd)* MingChen (DeepThink Pty Ltd)* lbsa71 (Tribal Media AB)* Sean Dague / sdague (IBM)* Tedd* justincc* Teravus (w3z)* Johan Berntsson (3Di)* Ckrinke (Charles Krinke)* chi11ken (Genkii)* adjohn (Genkii)* Dr Scofield aka Dirk Husemann (IBM Research - Zurich)* dahlia* mikem (3Di)* Melanie Thielker* Homer_Horwitz* idb (Ian Brown)* Diva (Crista Lopes, University of California, Irvine)* nlin (3Di)* Arthur Rodrigo S Valadares (IBM)= Past Open Sim Developers =These folks are alumns of the OpenSim core group, but are nowcurrently not active. Their great contributions helped get us towhere we are today.* Gareth* Andy-* MorphW* CW* Babblefrog* Danx0r* Dalien* Darok* Alondria= Additional OpenSim Contributors =These folks have contributed code patches to OpenSim to help make itwhat it is today.* aduffy70* A_Biondi* alex_carnell* Alan Webb (IBM)* BigFootAg* BlueWall Slade* brianw/Sir_Ahzz* CharlieO  * ChrisDown* Chris Yeoh (IBM)* coyled* Daedius* Dong Jun Lan (IBM)* DoranZemlja* daTwitch* devalnor-#708* dmiles (Daxtron Labs)* dslake (Intel)* FredoChaplin* Gerhard* Godfrey* Grumly57* Ewe Loon* Fly-Man* Flyte Xevious* Imaze Rhiano* Intimidated* Jeremy Bongio (IBM)* jhurliman* John R Sohn (XenReborn)* jonc* Junta Kohime* Kayne* Kevin Cozens* kinoc (Daxtron Labs)* Kitto Flora* KittyLiu* Kurt Taylor (IBM)* lkalif* lulurun* M.Igarashi* maimedleech* Mic Bowman* Michelle Argus* Michael Cortez (The Flotsam Project,* Micheil Merlin* Mike Osias (IBM)* Mike Pitman (IBM)* mikkopa/_someone - RealXtend* Misterblue (Intel)* Mircea Kitsune* mpallari* nornalbion* Omar Vera Ustariz (IBM)** otakup0pe* ralphos* RemedyTomm* Revolution* Richard Alimi (IBM)* Rick Alther (IBM)* Rob Smart (IBM)* rtomita* Ruud Lathorp* SachaMagne* Salahzar Stenvaag* sempuki* Snoopy  * Strawberry Fride* tglion* tlaukkan/Tommil (Tommi S. E. Laukkanen, Bubble Cloud)* tyre* VikingErik* Vytek* webmage (IBM)* Xantor* Y. Nitta* YZh* Zackary Geers aka Kunnis Basiat* Zha Ewry* ziah= LSL Devs =* Alondria* CharlieO* Tedd* Melanie Thielker= Testers =* Ai Austin* CharlieO (LSL)* Ckrinke* openlifegrid.comThis software uses components from the following developers:* Sleepycat Software (Berkeley DB)* SQLite (Public Domain)* XmlRpcCS (* MySQL, Inc. (MySQL Connector/NET)* NUnit (* AGEIA Inc. (PhysX)* Russel L. Smith (ODE)* Prebuild (* LibOpenMetaverse (* DotNetOpenMail v0.5.8b (* Prototype JavaScript Framework ajax (* C5 GENERIC COLLECTION LIBRARY FOR C#/CLI* Nini (* log4net (* GlynnTucker.Cache (* NDesk.Options 0.2.1 (* Json.NET 3.5 Release 6. The binary used is actually Newtonsoft.Json.Net20.dllfor Mono 2.4 compatability ( plugins are based on Cable BeachCable Beach is Copyright (c) 2008 Intel Corporationsee addition, we would like to thank:* The Mono Project* The NANT Developers* Microsoft (.NET, MSSQL-Adapters)
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