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     Associate  Aromatic  Dipartime DISAFA  Departme AgriForF Universitá Via Leona10095 - G Email:   silVoice: +3Fax: +39 Skype: sil   Personal  Email: sil     rofessor lants Pro to di Scient of Agricuod di Torino rdo da Vinugliasco (ana.nicola 011 670 11 236 87  ynick  ynick@gm S  Vegetable  ram  ze Agrarie,ltural, For i, 44 – Lar O) ITALY  773 3   R ILVA Crops and Forestali st and Fooo Braccini ÉSUM NA   N  Medicinal  Alimentar d Sciences 2. É  ICOL  and i –  – A  Silvana Nicola - Page 2 of 59   INDEX  Biographical Information _________________________________________________________ 4    Education _____________________________________________________________________ 4   Sketch ________________________________________________________________________ 4   Social skills and competences __________________________________________________________ 5   Organizational skills and competences __________________________________________________ 5   Technical skills and competences _______________________________________________________ 6    Language skills _________________________________________________________________ 6     Main Experiences _______________________________________________________________ 6    Positions and employments ____________________________________________________________ 6   Other Relevant Experiences/Consultancies _______________________________________________ 6   Professional Societies Responsibilities ___________________________________________________ 7   Professional Memberships _____________________________________________________________ 7   Project and Research Evaluator ________________________________________________________ 7   International Position Reviewer ________________________________________________________ 8   Speaker Invitations at International Symposia ____________________________________________ 8   International Scientific Committees _____________________________________________________ 9   International Congress Organizations __________________________________________________ 10   International Courses Organizations ___________________________________________________ 10   International Editorial Boards, Responsibilities and Duties ________________________________ 11   Occasional Reviewer ________________________________________________________________ 11   Scientific Boards ____________________________________________________________________ 12   Session Chairperson at International Symposia __________________________________________ 12   Honors and Awards _________________________________________________________________ 12    International Relations and Experiences _____________________________________________ 2   Consortium Projects/Bilateral Projects/International Collaborations _________________________ 2   International Invitations ______________________________________________________________ 2   Presenter at International & Foreign Symposia ___________________________________________ 3   Participant at International & Foreign Symposia  __________________________________________ 4   Institutional Relations with Foreign Universities/Institutes __________________________________ 4   Institutional Erasmus Responsibilities with Foreign Universities _____________________________ 5   Participant at International Fairs, Meetings ______________________________________________ 5   International Courses Taken, Professional Improvement ___________________________________ 6    National Committees and Society Activities ___________________________________________ 6    National Scientific Committees _________________________________________________________ 6   National Congress and Meeting Organizations ____________________________________________ 6   National Editorial Responsibilities and Duties ____________________________________________ 7   National Working Groups – Scientific Boards ____________________________________________ 7    National Relations and Experiences ________________________________________________ 7    National Invitations __________________________________________________________________ 7   Presenter at National Meetings and Symposia ____________________________________________ 7   Participant at National Meetings and Symposia ___________________________________________ 9   Participant at National Fairs and Expositions____________________________________________ 10   Other Relevant Experiences __________________________________________________________ 11    Research _____________________________________________________________________ 11   Funded Projects ____________________________________________________________________ 11   PhD Advising _______________________________________________________________________ 2   International Students/Internships/Doctoral Fellows/Post-Doctoral Fellows/Visiting Scientists & Professors ________________________________________________________________ 2   External Examiner of Theses/PhD Proposals _____________________________________________ 2   PostDoc Scientist Fellowships __________________________________________________________ 3   Scientists’ Training Programs __________________________________________________________ 3   Advising, Tutoring, Training Programs _________________________________________________ 4    Silvana Nicola - Page 3 of 59   MSc and BSc Advising ________________________________________________________________ 5   Research Publications ________________________________________________________________ 2   Research presentations ______________________________________________________________ 17   Poster presentations _________________________________________________________________ 23   Training of Trainers Experience __________________________________________________ 27    International _______________________________________________________________________ 27   National ___________________________________________________________________________ 27   Teaching Experience ___________________________________________________________ 27    International _______________________________________________________________________ 27   National ___________________________________________________________________________ 28    Silvana Nicola - Page 4 of 59   Biographical Information Born on 1961. Married on 1987. Education University of Florida, USA. Ph.D. Major: Horticultural Science Ph.D. Dissertation Title : Lettuce (  Lactuca sativa  L.) root morphology, architecture, growth and development in an autotrophic culture system. Advisors: Daniel Cantliffe and Peter Stoffella. Horticultural Sciences Department, University of Florida. USA 05/1997  Universitá di Torino. Italy. Ingegnere Agronomo. Country-wide qualifying exams 11/1988  Universitá di Torino. Italy. Laurea in Scienze Agrarie. Major: Environmental horticulture Laurea Thesis Title : Experimental results of postharvest conditioning on cut flower of Gerbera  jamesonii hybrida . Advisors: Elena Accati Garibaldi and Massimo Dolci. Dipartimento di Agronomia, Selvicoltura e Gestione del Territorio, Università di Torino. Italy 02/1988  Sketch Ms Silvana Nicola is accredited Full Professor since 2014 and she is Associate Professor since 2006 at the University of Torino, Italy, in Vegetable Crops & Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, where she teaches at BSc, MSc and PhD level. She is elected Member of the Board of Directors of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), Vice-President of the Society, Vice-Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Responsible for the Scientific Activities of the Society (2014-2018). Silvana has a MSc in Agricultural Science, from the University of Torino (1988), and a PhD in Horticulture, from the University of Florida, USA (1997). She has been a Fulbright Scholar in the USA (1992-1993). She was elected Chairperson of the Section Vegetables of the ISHS (2006-2010; 2010-2014) and was Chairperson of the Working Group Quality Management of Fresh Cut Produce of the ISHS (2007-2011). She is author or co-author of 230+ scientific publications (135+ International), referee of several international scientific journals and research  projects, members of scientific committees of numerous international conferences, invited speaker at some 19 international meetings. She has been external examiner of MSc and PhD students for several universities (Denmark, Pakistan, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands). She works since 1988 in Horticultural Sciences and Development on: Seedling and transplant biology and  physiology, Soil and Soilless Culture, Protected Cultivation, Pre- and Post-harvest handling and processing, Post-harvest physiology, Quality and Safety, Supply Chain Management and Efficiency Systems. Dr. Nicola has fostered her knowledge in Quality and Safety Assurance, GAPs and other international certifications with private companies and international bodies, FAO and WHO among others, Postharvest Handling of  produce. Latest fields of study encompass the fresh-cut produce chain and aromatic plant post-harvest  processes. Dr. Nicola was enrolled in 1996 as Assistant Professor at the University of Torino to work in collaboration of a full professor to develop research projects on Seedling biology and Transplant production of vegetable species. During the following years she became research group leader in other fields of study: she has independently developed a program on soilless culture of leafy vegetables and protected cultivation, a  program on sustainable horticulture and valorization of local species, a program on pre-harvest and post-harvest physiology, handling, processing of horticultural products, a program on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants – cultivation and post-harvest management. Dr. Nicola has worked, interacted and networked in several countries out of EU, with different organizations,  private companies and bodies (e.g. Albania, Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, India, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Senegal, Serbia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, USA). Throughout her career she got experience at working in a worldwide dimension also by attending some 60 International Meetings or Symposia and by spending weeks for International exchanges in EU and non-EU universities. She has worked for 4 years at the University of Florida (USA), as Research Assistant (1993-1996) and Teaching Assistant (1995), as Visiting Scientist at the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain) (2003, 3 months; 2014, 6 months), and has been appointed by FAO to conduct Training of Trainers  program on GAP in Lebanon (2010).  Silvana Nicola - Page 5 of 59   She has been invited for lecturing at College HertoDenBosch, The Netherlands (2000); Universidad Polítecnica de Cartagena, Murcia, Spain (2003; 2011; 2012; 2014); Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt (2004); Häme Polytechnic, Lepaa, Finland (2004); Agriculture University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria (2004); Universidad Castilla-La Mancha, Albacete, Spain (2007); Università di Palermo, Italy (2007; 2011; 2012); Instituto Tecnológico del Valle de Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico (2007, 2008, 2009); Zhejiang Forestry University, Lin’an, Hangkhou, Zhejian Province, China (2008); Universidad de Almeria, Spain (2012); Henan University, China (2013), SLU, Alnarp, Sweden (2014). She is teaching at the European level under the frame of ‘Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus’, project IP-BioSusHort (Germany, 2012; Croatia, 2013; Czech Republic, 2014) EuroLeague for Life Science. Since 2011 she takes part every year to classes of the Master in Horticulture at the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain); since 2014 to classes of the Master in Mediterranean Greenhouse Horticulture at the Universidad de Almeria (Spain); since 2012 she is member of the Doctoral college of the Universidad de Almeria (Spain). As assistant and then as associate professor, Silvana Nicola has developed new syllabi for new educational  programs, in all field of studies she was involved in. She has also introduced new teaching methods, designed under the frame of ‘laboratorial studies’, with continuous interactions with the student up to final assessments. Social skills and competences Team work: I have worked in various types of teams. In my jobs I always worked in research teams, in any country I have been working. Since 1997, I am the leader of my research group. I have been the leader and the responsible of the Faculty Internationalization of the Education Program from 2002 to 2008, dealing among other with high education in countries other than Italy (Bologna declaration application and non-EU degrees). Mediating skills: I work with different types of people. At the University I work with students, professors, researchers, clerical staff, dealing with Research organization and in Educational related issues such as teaching methods and courses in my country and in different countries, exchanging information, relations and visits between EU and non-EU high education schools. I worked in teams as expert evaluator of different EU FP projects, INTAS projects (NIS), GNSF projects (Georgia) and National PRIN projects. I have  planned and conducted several courses on Training of Trainers, dealing and interacting with professionals and peers. Intercultural Skills: throughout my career I got experience at working in a worldwide dimension by working in different universities (USA, Spain, Italy), by interacting and networking in several countries with different organizations, private companies and bodies, by attending International Meetings, Congresses or Symposia, by being partner in research, educational and development projects, by teaching in different countries, by hosting BSc, MSc, PhD and Postdocs from several countries. I have been in all five continents,  professionally visiting and spending some time in Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chech Republic, China, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Jordan, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, The Netherlands, Turkey, UK, USA, getting acquainted to diverse cultures and religions. Organizational skills and competences As group leader of my research group, I seek, coordinate, manage and administrate projects and related  budget at local, national and international level. I also coordinate my Research Assistants, PhD and Postdoctoral Students. As professor at the university, I deal and organize all the teaching duties related to the vegetable sector and to the medicinal and aromatic plants programs both at the undergraduate and graduate level. I have numerous organizational duties at the national and international level, including the organization of International Symposia related to my field of research. As Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the International Society for Horticultural Science I am leading the international scientific structure of conferences and symposia, while as international consultant and expert I am challenged with several competences and often deal with work organization and human resources. During my professional life, which included numerous technical visits and staying abroad, I got acquainted to horticultural practices in the following countries: Armenia, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Jordan, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, The Netherlands, Turkey, UK, USA.
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