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   COMMENT:  There’s a famous saying that goes “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”.  Most of us can relate to this saying but it is not the case with hundreds of unfortunate souls who get dumped by the very people who brought them into this world. What do you call mothers who dump their babies and fathers who run away when they know a baby is on the way? Unmentionables, but since this is a family publication, let’s just call them monsters. Some of these dumped babies get discovered and saved in time, before being put in safe hands while there are others who meet their end in dumpsters, toilets, and inside plastic bags -- ravaged by ants, dogs and swarmed by flies, just hours after they see the light of the world. If you can’t im agine such a scenario, just look at the photo above, posted in the Facebook page of the Fire and Rescue Services Department in January last year. Just look at the innocent baby lying in the midst of piles of garbage -- what did he/she do to deserve such fate?  All this because the mother could not keep her pants/skirt in place and the rascal who had impregnated her had no testicular fortitude to raise and take responsibility for the baby. The baby dumping scenario has become sort of an epidemic in Malaysia. Statistics show that there were 417 baby dumping cases recorded nationwide between 2009 and September 2013. The latest statistics are not available in the website of the Ministry of Family, Women and Community Development, probably to mask the real situation. Selangor leads the list with the most number of baby dumping, followed by Johor, Sabah and Sarawak (2010 statistics). What is causing this epidemic and what is the solution? Youths today are moving at a rocket’s pace -- getting promiscuous very early in their teens and even having unprotected sex at that age. Loaded with porn video clips in their smart phones, they try to experiment the techniques demonstrated with their equally young, if not younger, partners. The result? A child without parents (if i t’s lucky enough to survive a dumping).  Who or what is to be blamed? Smart phones for being able to play porn clips? Illegal DVD peddlers for selling porn DVDS out in the open in the night markets? The youths for their raging hormones?  Or, is it parents wh o can’t be bothered to check on their child’s activities? Schools for failing to provide sex education for children? Or is it the authorities for not providing a sentence deterrent enough to prevent future dumping cases? In my opinion, parents, educators, authorities and the youths themselves have major roles to play to stop this menace. Parents should keep a lid on their children to see what they have been up to and who they are mixing with. There should be some sort of specific education to teach our yout hs about humans’ bodily needs and how to do it safely. The authorities may also want to consider upping the current 10 years' jail sentence for baby dumping, to deter would-be baby dumpers because the fact is, it is killing a life. Babies may be smaller in size but they are a soul nevertheless.  And youths, please try and keep your pants zipped up. Or please use protection. If that is hard to do, get a chastity belt and lock it up real tight. Do the world a favour and stop procreating. Remember, if you are old enough to have sex, you are responsible for the consequences. You may not be old enough to care for a baby, but at least own up to your mistakes and try to raise the baby with the help of your family. - See more at:   in-Malaysia#sthash.HJQTHl7E.dpuf   Such problem needs to be tackled by identifying it in a very precise and honest way, not like the Deputy Minister who were trying to blame others for the problem. His is a very good example why the problem still exist because the cause of it just does not want to be named and identified even when it is staring them in their face. It is the same with other problems - the cause, even when known just begged to be named. If the first step to identify a problem is made so difficult a barrier, what more the next step to start solving it. The problems will be left alone to escalate to such an extent until finally face saving is discarded and actual steps taken to solve the problems. As is it now, talking about it is taboo and even seditious.   Ok first let me ask who the hell doesn’t like child or baby. For me, it makes me jealous seeing a family with a cute baby with them and desire for having them is there. However lately, in our beloved country Malaysia is facing a serious issue about baby dumping and it getting more chronic and cause a lot of attention. How can this happen? And what can we do to stop it? While reading the issues at newspaper or at social network and seeing the dead baby being warp with newspaper and left it next to garbage wait of it to be eaten by wild pest is unbearable. This lucid mind was  thinking how could a human to be precise a mother to done such that…  Credit to :   From the perspective of youth as myself and where most of the dumper age was… it all started with the desire for try new things, such as drug, alcoholic, all rebellious act and of course sex, it make it worst by the help of influence from the western media on our daily tv show,internet and also from the friends itself. When teenager having sex what they only think the short moment of pleasure, they never think of the consequences of it, and when the girls get pregnant they become make it worst when the culture itself doesn't accept child form unmarried couple… the fear of rejected from the family force them to make a decision to dump the baby, in Malaysia there is no legal abortion center unlike at the western part of the world, where couple usually able to make the decision either to keep the child or abort it, for me even if the abortion is legal still is a brutal act and should never be allowed. What make most of us sad was the way that the baby being dump, there is certain where the baby were left in front of mosque or place where easy for people who concerned to pick it up, however the problem was the one  that dump baby at the garbage area and left it to die and throw to river buried it etc..This kind of action should be punished as a crime to human right. Credit to :   As a conclusion, awareness towards consequences of free sex, knowledge on sex education the government also can restructure or add the syllabus in certain subject in order to create awareness and highlighted the consequences. On top of that, the important of religious belief and practices also play a vital function. Every religion has lay down and taught about the dos and don’ts, about the sin and reward, and all religion prohibited the act of free sex. Drastic step need to be introduced by the government in categorizing baby dumping as a criminal act to murder if it meets the specifications. Government also can help to curb this problems by exterminate pornographic materials from internet and electronic multimedia. Posted by ( NIT) Fateha Nasron Irfan at 08:14  Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Share to Pinterest     Baby dumping: These words evoke an array of emotions ranging from anger, disgust, deep pain to disappointment. Baby dumping also raises the burning question of why a mother would want to throw her tiny, helpless infant away. This is a baby that she has carried inside her body for nine months; a baby that she should have bonded with while it was in her womb. What is it then that drives a mother to throw her baby away? Baby dumping is a crime, but it is also a cry for help. By definition, baby dumping refers to mothers abandoning or discarding a child younger than 12 months in a public or private place with the intent of disposing it. The causes of baby dumping include many social and cultural factors as well as mental illness. However, poverty is often a root cause of child abandonment. Another common reason for baby dumping is teenage pregnancy. Teenagers experience problems during and after childbirth due to social and psychological distress. In many cases, abandonment is an alternative to abortion. Baby dumping continuously makes news with glaring headlines like „newborn baby dumped in drain miraculously rescued‟ and „miracle baby rescued after being dumped in sewer‟.  In some countries, such as Malaysia, baby dumping has become an epidemic with 517 cases reported between 2005 and January 2011, an average of 100 annually. Closer to home, baby dumping has reached crisis proportions in Zimbabwe and Namibia. A January report by the Namibia Press Agency said about 40 babies and foetuses are dumped or flushed down toilets every month in Windhoek, Namibia‟s capital. In Botswana, police records indicate that at least 450 babies suffered this fate in 2010. 450 babies dumped annually translates into about 30 a month, which is alarming. Over the Easter Holidays, six babies were found dumped in different places in and around Gaborone and were sent to Princess Marina Hospital before a form of blessing in disguise presented itself when they were all adopted by various mothers at once. Just last week, the Member of Parliament for Palapye, Mr Moiseraele Goya expressed concern about the high rate of teenage pregnancy. He noted that between January and March, 143 students dropped out of school due to pregnancy in the Central District and Palapye Sub-district. Maikano Youth Wellness Organisation chairperson, Mr Nkosi Bentu recetly described baby dumping as rejecting and throwing a baby away after birth and exposing it to danger and death. They organised a mini workshop on baby dumping and infanticide last month. Mr Bentu said as an organisation that campaigns against baby dumping they are particularly concerned about the increase in the incidence of baby dumping, concealment of birth, child neglect , abandonment and infanticide in Botswana. He noted that the profile of the women who abandon, conceal, or kill their infants is clear; she is more often than not poor, single, and under the age of twenty-five; she is often a first-time mother or she is most likely to have less than Form Five level of education. He also stated that the perpetrators is likely to have reported physical, sexual and emotional abuse in her family of srcin (especially in blended families), and later, in her intimate relationships. He further noted that evidence suggests that often the father would have denied the pregnancy, and the parent would have reacted with extreme anger, driving the young woman into isolation during pregnancy. Mr Bentu pointed out that women dump their infants generally have made no plans for the birth or care of their child and get no prenatal care. Furthermore, they are often not mature enough to thoughtfully weigh their options or the consequences of their actions. Reasons for dumping their infants include extramarital paternity, rape, and illegitimacy and perceiving the child as an obstacle to personal achievement, Mr Bentu explained. Maikano Youth
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