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translator in the fields of Art, painting, philosophy, history, China, Japan
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  ALAN THWAITS 66 HOPEDALE STREET, BOSTON, MA 02134-1238 617-987-2085 ALANTHWAITS@GMAIL.COM HTTP://ALANTHWAITS.COM CHINESE AND JAPANESE TRANSLATOR LANGUAGES Japanese to English, Chinese to English (native English speaker) AREAS OF EXPERTISE Art, painting, philosophy, history, China, Japan AREAS OF COMPETENCE Archaeology, architecture, economics, ethics, folklore, religion, law EXPERIENCE In 1979  –  1981 I translated Japanese for two years in Tokyo. In 2003 I began translating Chinese and Japanese as a free lance. My clients include publishers, university professors, scholars, art dealers, and translation companies. CHINESE TRANSLATIONS Experienced in the following fields: •  Chinese imperial seals •   Qing women’s court apparel and accessories   •  Chinese calligraphy •   Scholars’ rocks   •  Chinese court paintings •  Chinese population problem •  Historical sources in literary Chinese •  Traditional Chinese law •  Chinese classical poetry •  Chinese aesthetics •  Zhou dynasty bronze inscriptions •  Japanese Sinology •  Qing-period fiction •  Traditional Chinese music •  Daoism •  Chinese economics •  Buddhist statuary •  Biographies of Chinese scientists •  Chinese porcelain •  Scientific ethics •    Ruyi  scepters, censers, screens, etc. •  Television programming JAPANESE TRANSLATIONS Experienced in the following fields: •  History of Japanese Sinology •  Japanese ukiyo-e artists •  History of East Asian education •  Japanese painting (Nihonga)  •  Islam in the Qing period •  Japanese naval history •  The Qing court and the Western regions •  Japanese war artifacts •  The 1911 Revolution •  Japanese economic history •  The diffusion of thought in East Asia •  Japanese traditional mathematics •  Early-modern history of Chinese •  Japanese swords •  Chinese ceramics •   Peintures de mœurs   •  Japanese ceramics IN-HOUSE TRANSLATING Assistant Editor at Japan Echo, Tokyo, 1979  –  1981. Translated articles on the economy and politics of Japan for  Japan Echo , Pacific Friend  , Press Guide , and  Information Bulletin . Translated a portion of Kura: The Japanese Storehouse  (Japanese to English). LANGUAGE STUDY •  Modern Japanese at the International Christian University (ICU), Tokyo, 1970  –  1971. •  Modern Chinese at the Harbin Institute of Technology, 1993. •  Four years of modern Chinese and two years of classical Chinese at Harvard University, 1990  –  1996. FULL-TIME OR PART-TIME Full-time freelance translator and editor PAYMENT Can receive payment by check in U.S. dollars, international bank transfer, and credit card. With my extensive editorial experience, I can provide you with quality translations in many academic subjects, especially philosophy, history, art, and Chinese and Japanese culture. I welcome the opportunity to work for you and am confident that I can deliver a quality product.  ALAN THWAITS 66 HOPEDALE STREET, BOSTON, MA 02134-1238 617-987-2085 ALANTHWAITS@GMAIL.COM HTTP://ALANTHWAITS.COM SUMMARY •  Considerable experience in translating Chinese and Japanese. •  Have published in Chinese. •  Extensive editing experience at MIT, in Japan, and as a free lance. •  PhD in philosophy. IN-HOUSE TRANSLATING ASSISTANT EDITOR JAPAN ECHO, TOKYO 1979  –  1981 Translated articles on the economy and politics of Japan for Japan Echo, Pacific Friend, Press Guide, and Information Bulletin. Translated a portion of Kura: The Japanese Storehouse. (Japanese to English) FREELANCE EDITING KANSAI UNIVERSITY 2011  –  PRESENT Edited a variety of historical essays for style and presentation. OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 2006  –  2012 Edited encyclopedia articles on primarily on East Asian history for content and style. Copyedited the following encyclopedias:  African American National Biography , 2012. Oxford Islamic Studies Online , 2012.  Medieval Warfare and Military Technology: An Encyclopedia , 2009. Oxford Encyclopedia of African Thought  , 2009. Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History , 2009. Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern World  , 2008. Oxford Encyclopedia of Maritime History , 2007. Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History , 2007. GALE CENGAGE LEARNING 2004  –  2009 Edited encyclopedia articles on China, history, philosophy, thought, ethics, the environment, and psychoanalysis for content and style. Worked for such imprints as Macmillan Reference and Charles Scribner’s Sons.  Copyedited the following encyclopedias:   Encyclopedia of Modern China , 2009.  Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy , 2008.  New Dictionary of Scientific Biography , 2008.  International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences , 2007.  Encyclopedia of Philosophy , 2006.  Encyclopedia of Religion , 2005.  Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics , 2005.  Encyclopedia of the New American Nation , 2005.  International Dictionary of Psychoanalysis , 2005.  New Dictionary of the History of Ideas , 2005. NIIT 2003 Edited a variety of textbooks on information technology and business for style and presentation. UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO PRESS 1978 Copyedited  Labor and Management  , edited by Keiichiro Nakagawa, 1979. IN-HOUSE EDITING EDITOR THE MIT PRESS 1988  –  2003 Edited the press’s most technical books primarily in cognitiv e science, psychology, philosophy, and linguistics, and on occasion in biology, physics, logic, economics, political science, and the history of science. Marked technical mathematics, logic, and linguistics. EDITOR PRESS INTERNATIONAL, TOKYO 1977  –  1979 Edited economic and business articles for China Newsletter, Focus Japan, and the White Paper on International Trade. Translated a portion of “The Other Side of the Twain,” a series in the Mainichi Daily News. LANGUAGES ENGLISH   Native speaker. Over 16 years of experience as an English manuscript editor.  CHINESE   Professional translator with 10 years experience. Many of the articles that I have translated are about history, so I have acquired considerable experience in translating literary Chinese. JAPANESE   Professional translator with 12 years experience. FRENCH   Proficient in speaking and reading. GERMAN   A reading knowledge. EDUCATION PHD  in philosophy, Claremont Graduate University, 1988. Area of specialization: philosophy of language.  MA  in philosophy, Claremont Graduate University, 1978. BA  in history, Drew University, 1973. STUDIED CHINESE  at Harvard University, 1990  –  1996. Four years of modern Chinese and two years of classical Chinese. STUDIED MODERN CHINESE  at Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China, 1993. STUDIED JAPANESE HISTORY AND LANGUAGE  at the International Christian University, Tokyo, 1970  –  1971.
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