Chapter 33 Outline | New Deal | Franklin D. Roosevelt

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  Chapter 33 Outline I. FDR: Politician in a Wheelchair a. Elanor Roosevelt most active First Lady b. FDR was good politician b/c of presence and speaking voice II. Presidential Hopefuls of 1932 a. Roosevelt seized the offenisve with attac on Republican Old Dealers b. New Deal- very vague idea at this point III. Hoover's Hamilton in 1932 a. beginning of distnict shift of blacks over to the Roosevelt campi. blacks worst sufferers from depressionii. became notably great in urban centers of the North b. Hard times runied Republicansc. 1932 election was anti-Hoover and pro- Roosevelt IV. FDR and the Three R’s: Relief, Recovery, and Reform a. eliminate bank withdrawls w/ nat'l holiday b. The Democratic-controlled Congressi. FDR effective presidentc. New Deal based on European Ideas V. Roosevelt Manages the Money a. The Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933 b. Then, Roosevelt settled down for the first of his thirty famous “Fireside Chats” withAmerica.c. The “Hundred Days Congress” passed the Glass-Steagall Banking Reform Act- used torestore faith in banks  d. gold standard removede. controlled inflation by ordering Congress to buy gold at increasinglyhigher prices VI. Roosevelt Manages the Money a. Emergency Banking Relief Act-FDR controls bank  b. The Glass-Steagall Banking Reform Act was passed.i.allowed FDIC -to insure the money bank.c. FDR wanted people to use paper $ VII. A Day for Every Demagogue a. Civilian Conservation Corps- provided employment in government camps b. FDR accused of militarizing the youths and acting as dictator.c. Federal Emergency Relief Act looked for immediate relief d. The Agricultural Adjustment Act-help farmers meet mortgagese.The Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC) refinanced mortgageson non-farm homesf.The Civil Works Administration (CWA) 1933- provide temporary jobs in winter g One FDR spokesperson was Father Charles Coughlin,h. Senator Huey P. Long of Louisiana was popular for his “Sharethe Wealth” program VIII. New Visibility for Women a. women more involvedi. most notable was Elanor Roosii. Sec. of Labor Frances Perkins was the first female cabinet member iii. Mary McLeod Bethune -Office of Minority IX. Helping Industry and Labor a.The National Recovery Administration (NRA)-help industry, labor, unemployed.i. minimum wages workers rights etc b. The Public Works Administration (PWA) -for industrial recovery and for unemployment relief.  i.Headed by Secretary of the Interior Harold L. Ickesii.long-range recoveryc. Prohibition was officially repealed with the 21st Amendment. X. Paying Farmers Not to Farm a.Agricultural Adjustment Administration- paid farmers to reduce their crop acreage andwould eliminate price-depressing surpluses. b. Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act of 1936- paid farmers to plant soil-conserving plantsc. Second Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938- continued conservation payments butwas accepted by the Supreme Court. XII. Battling Bankers and Big Business a. Federal Securities Act -required promoters to transmit to the investor sworninformation regarding the soundness of their stocks and bonds XIII. The TVA Harnesses the Tennessee River a. electric-power industry attracted the fire of New Deal reformers. b. hydroelectric power of Tennessee would give rise to the West XIV. Housing Reform and Social Security a. Federal Housing Administration- stimulate the building industry through small loans tohouseholdersi. “alphabetical” agency b. Housing Authority- lend money to states or communities for low-cost construction.i. slum areas stopped growing.c. The Social Security Act of 1935 created pension and insurance for less fortunatei. Republicans -thought it was communist act XV. A New Deal for Labor a. Wagner Act (AKA, National Labor Relations Act)- guaranteed the right of unions toorganize and to collectively bargain   b. Fair Labor Standards Act- set up minimum wagei. forbid children under the age of sixteen from workingc. Roosevelt-supported by labor unionsd. CIO broke completely with the AF of Li. became Congress of Industrial Organizations XVI. Landon Challenges “the Champ” a. Rep.- Governor Alfred M. Landoni. weak w/ radio and campaigning XVIII. The Court Changes Course a. FDR’s “court-packing scheme” failed,i. got some justices on his sideii. showed ppl didn't want to interfere w/ US court system XIX. Twilight of the New Deal a. Roosevelt Recession caused by gov't policies b. stimulate the economy by planned deficit spending.Reorganization Act- gave FDR limited powers for administrative reformsHatch Act of 1939- disallowed federal administrative officials from active politicalcampaigning and soliciting. XX. New Deal or Raw Deal? a. WW 2 lowered unemployment.i. war created more debt XXI. FDR’s Balance Sheet a. New Deal- got rid of worst part of Depressioni. saved free enterpriseii. hated by business tycoonsiii. reform w/o revolution
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