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Bridgeview Condominium Owners Association Rules and Regulations Amended April 2, 2015 This supersedes all previously existing Rules & Regulations and is effective immediately. Fines (09/05) The Rhode Island
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Bridgeview Condominium Owners Association Rules and Regulations Amended April 2, 2015 This supersedes all previously existing Rules & Regulations and is effective immediately. Fines (09/05) The Rhode Island Condominium Act (The ACT), Title 34, , authorizes the Executive Board to impose and assess fines against a unit owner as a method of enforcing the association s declaration, bylaws, and rules and regulations (standing rules are included). Such fines may include, but are not limited to, daily fines for continued violative conduct in the future. Daily fines imposed and assessed pursuant to the ACT shall be no more than one hundred dollars ($100) per day. Fines other than daily fines imposed and assessed pursuant to the ACT section shall be no more than five hundred dollars ($500) for each offense. All assessments and fines shall become a lien on a unit from the time the assessment or fine becomes due. Violation of the Association Declaration, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations will result in the following action to unit owners for their offense, or that of a tenant, their families, guest, servants, employees, agents, visitors, and licensees. 1. At the sole discretion of the Executive Board, a violation may result in a letter of warning or a notice to personally appear at a hearing before the Executive Board or a person or persons designated by the Executive Board. The notice of hearing shall be either hand delivered or sent prepaid by United States mail to the mailing address of the unit owner. At the hearing, the unit owner shall be allowed to present any extenuating circumstances regarding the violation(s). The Hearing Officer(s) shall have the authority to dismiss the violation, dismiss the violation pending action, or impose or assess fines and administrative costs. 2. In the event the violation is not resolved or corrected within a reasonable time, as determined by the Executive Board, further fines and assessments may be made against the Unit Owner without the requirement of a hearing. Notice of such fines and assessments shall either be hand delivered or sent prepaid by United States mail to the mailing address of the unit owner. 3. The following table is provided for guidance only and does not establish a maximum (or minimum) amount for one time or daily fines. The amount of each fine shall be solely at the discretion of the Executive Board or Hearing Officer(s) appointed by the Executive Board. Violation Fine Notification* First $50.00 First Class Mail (hearing) Second $ First Class Mail Third $ First Class Mail, Certified Return Receipt Fourth $ First Class Mail, Certified Return Receipt Continuous $30.00 per day First Class Mail, Certified Return Receipt * All notices may be hand delivered in lieu of First Class Mail Non receipt or refusal of notification(s) shall not be a defense for non payment of fines and assessments. Administrative fees shall be reasonable costs associated with the violation administration incurred by the Executive Board, Hearing Officer(s) designated by the Executive Board, and the Property Manager. Administrative fees may also include reasonable attorney s fees. All fines and assessments shall be due and payable upon imposition of the fine or assessment of the administrative cost. Unit owners should notify their respective tenants as to their responsibility to you, the unit owner, as a landlord and condominium owner. Bridgeview Condominium Owners Association Rules and Regulations 1. There shall be no more than one lease in any calendar year, positively no monthly or weekly rentals, and no subleasing. A copy of all leases must be submitted to the Property Manager, Premier Property Management, 26 Valley Rd. #203, Middletown, RI ( ) 2. No owner shall do any painting or decorating of the exterior or common areas of the buildings or make alterations or construct any improvements to the exterior or do major landscaping of the buildings or any of the common areas unless approved by the Executive Board. 3. No owner shall use or permit to be brought into the building any flammable oils, or fluids such as gasoline, kerosene, propane, naphtha, benzene, or other explosives or articles deemed extra hazardous to life, limb, or property, without in each case obtaining written consent of the Board. 4. Unit owners, their families, guests, servants, employees, agents, visitors or licensees shall not at any time nor for any reason whatsoever enter upon or attempt to enter upon the roofs of the buildings. Owners shall be held responsible for the actions of their guests, children of the guests, and renters. 5. Complaints regarding service of the buildings, grounds, or common areas, or regarding actions of other owners or management shall be made in writing to the Executive Board or the Property Manager. 6. The sidewalks, entrances, walkways, hallways, vestibules, interior or exterior stairways, landings, and fire exits must not be obstructed or encumbered or used for any purpose other than the ingress and egress to and from the units of the buildings, nor shall these areas other than exterior walkways be used as a playground for children. 7. No sign, motto, notice, or advertisement shall be displayed, exposed, or inscribed at any window, door, or other part of the buildings, except such as shall have been approved in writing by the Board, nor shall anything be projected out of any window of the buildings without similar approval. 8. No awnings, shades, radio or television antennas, satellite dish or other projections shall be attached to the outside walls or roof of the buildings, and no blinds, shades, or screens shall be attached to, hung, or used on the exterior of any window or door of the premises without the written consent of the Executive Board. No shades, awnings, window guards, ventilators, fans, or air conditioning devices shall be used in or about the windows or doors, or in the common areas, except such as have been approved by the Board. 9. Nothing, other than approved barbecue grills may be kept outside the units unless approved by the Executive Board. These may be stored next to the building when not in use, but when in use must be ten feet or as far as possible from the building, yet not in the parking area. This exclusion includes bicycles, and similar vehicles and toys, rakes, mops and the like. Should a grill be used too near the building and melt or otherwise damage the vinyl siding, the very significant cost of repair will be the responsibility of the owner. 10. Skateboards are strictly prohibited in or about the buildings or anyplace on the grounds of Bridgeview. The use of small bicycles or roller skates by children must be limited to the sidewalks with no riding, skating, or playing in the driving or parking areas. In addition, children, when outside, must be supervised by a parent or other responsible adult. 11. The posted speed limit of 10 MPH throughout the Bridgeview complex will be strictly enforced. Although children's play is restricted to walkways, they are still children, and their lives are in danger should they run into the drive and parking areas. 12. All garbage and refuse from the condominium units shall be deposited with care in the receptacles provided and intended for such purpose, and only at such times and in such a manner as the management may direct. Large cardboard cartons must be broken down before being placed in the recycle bins. All kitchen disposals shall be used in accordance with the directions that are provided with the unit, and any given to the Owner by management. Wet garbage shall be deposited in the resident s disposal rather than in the garbage containers whenever possible. The dumpster are for standard household garbage and trash. Discarded furniture, mattresses and springs and other large items are not to be placed either in or next to the dumpster. The truck driver will not take these items. The resident himself while residing at Bridgeview, or when moving in or out, must arrange for, and pay for, the pick up of any large discarded items or the Owner of the unit will be billed, and possibly fined. This is not an expense to be borne by the Association. 13. No garbage cans, supplies, milk bottles, or other articles shall be placed in the common stair landings, or on front porches or stoops. 14. No guns or weapons other than legally registered ones may be brought onto the property. 15. Supplies, goods and packages of ever kind are to be delivered in such a manner as the Executive Board or its agent may prescribe, and the Executive Board is not responsible for the loss or damage of any such property. 16. The Executive Board may retain a pass key to the premises. No unit owner or renter shall alter any lock or install a new lock on any door of the premises without the written consent of the Executive Board. In case such consent is given, the unit owner shall provide the Executive Board, or its agent (Property Management Company), with an additional key pursuant to the Board s right of access to the premises. 17. The Executive Board or its designee shall have the right of access to any unit for the purpose of making inspections, repairs, replacements, or to remedy any conditions which would result in damage to other portions of the building. In the event that vermin, insects or other pests are found, the Board may take such measures as it deems necessary to control or exterminate the same. 18. Each unit owner shall keep his/her unit in a good state of preservation and cleanliness. Nothing shall be allowed to fall from the windows or doors of the premises, nor shall anything be swept or thrown from the premises, or dirt or other substances deposited upon the grounds; this includes cigarette butts. Nothing shall be hung or shaken from the windows or balconies, or placed upon the exterior window sills of the buildings. No clothing or other personal articles shall be allowed to stand in the common areas other than an area designated for such use. 19. No unit owner or tenant shall make or permit any disturbing noises in or about the buildings by family, servants, employees, agents, visitors, pets and licensees, nor permit any action by such persons that will interfere with the rights, comforts, convenience, or quiet enjoyment of other owners or tenants. No unit owner shall play upon, or suffer to be played upon, any musical instrument or operate, or suffer to be operated, a phonograph, stereo, television set, or radio, on the premises if the same shall disturb or annoy other occupants of the building. Quiet hours will be strictly enforced between the hours of 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM. 20. A single pet may be allowed, but only with the written consent of the Executive Board. No pet may exceed the weight limit of 20 pounds when fully grown. All unit owners must provide the Property Manager with the completed attached certificate, signed by their veterinarian who affirms that, if a dog, it does not weight more than twenty pounds, or will not when fully grown. Dogs must be exercised in the designated areas only, and must be picked up after at the time. They may not be allowed to urinate on the grass outside the unit, for it kills the grass. All pets must be kept on a leash when in common areas of the property (also a municipal ordinance), and may not be tied or penned outside the unit. Pets must be licensed according to municipal regulations. 21. The laundry and drying apparatus, if any, shall be used at a time and in such a manner as the Executive Board or its agent may direct. Residents shall not dry or air clothes or other articles on the roof, grounds, halls, or public portions of the buildings. 22. No washing or repair of automobiles shall take place on the property, nor shall parking spaces be used for any purposes other than to park registered automobiles or noncommercial trucks. Commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers RVs, buses, and boats are specifically excluded unless written approval has been granted in each case by the Executive Board. Any truck parked on the premises with lettering of any kind constitutes a commercial vehicle. 23. Water closets and other water apparatus in the buildings shall not be used for any purpose other than those for which they were designed, nor shall any sweepings, rubbish, rags or other articles be thrown into the same. Any damage resulting from misuse of water closets or other apparatus in a unit shall be repaired and paid for by the owner of the unit. 24. Unit owners shall not cause or permit any unusual or objectionable odors to be produced in or to emanate from their units. 25. All unit owners must insure that they have properly operating smoke detectors in their unit, and are advised to provide at least one fire extinguisher. 26. The Executive Board or its agent may assign storage space, on a limited basis and as available, for the use of a unit owner. Any such request must be made in writing to the Executive Board or its agent. 27. No part of the area constituting the property shall be used for any purpose except housing and the common recreational purposes for which the property was designed. Each unit shall be used as a residence of a single family, its servants and guests. No portion of any unit may be used as a professional office. No more than two individuals and a minor child may reside in a one-bedroom unit, and no more than five individuals may reside in a two-bedroom unit, unless authorized in writing by the Executive Board. 28. DELINQUENT FEES: The ability to provide service to the unit owners rests on the receipt of monthly fees in a timely manner. For this reason, if fees are not paid promptly, a late charge may be assessed by Rhode Island law of one and one half percent (1.5%) per month. In addition, if the fees are not paid after one month, fines as described earlier will be imposed. No notification or demand for the fees by the Executive Board, either written or oral, is required. 29. DAMAGE TO PREMISES: Unit owners agree to pay the association for repair of the premises when caused by their misuse or that of their families, servants, visitors, renters, or pets. Unit owners alone are responsible for damage or loss of personal property stored in, on, or about the premises. For this reason, unit owners and renters should protect their personal property with their own insurance. 30. Owners and renters of condominium units will have the same privileges during the time of their stay, and they will abide by all rules and regulations. 31. Any consent or approval given under these rules and regulations may be added to, amended, or repealed at any time by resolution of the Executive Board. Any consent or approval given under these Rules and Regulations by management shall be revocable at any time. 32. Anyone buying or leasing a unit must sign a certificate which states that a copy of the Rules and Regulations has been received, that they have been read, and that the buyer or lessee agrees to abide by them. 33. PARKING REGULATIONS: Owners, their families, guests, servants, employees, agents, visitors, licensees and tenants shall obey and comply with all parking regulations and any traffic regulations now in effect or published in the future for the safety, comfort and convenience of residents. Two parking spaces are assigned by deed to each unit. There shall be no parking by unit owners, their families, guests, servants, employees, agents, visitors, in other than lined, numbered spaces or in the designated Visitor Parking area. At no time should one park in a space assigned to another. Should residents find a car illegally parked in one of their assigned spaces, it is the resident s right and responsibility to call the towing service; do not call the property management company, or members of the Executive Board. Any improperly parked vehicles will be subject to the fines already stated. Visitors may park in visitor parking no longer than forty-eight (48) hours, or the car may be towed. However, the Board has the specific right to grant exceptions to this limitation. Should one wish to entertain with more than one guest, ask a neighbor for permission to use their unused space for the evening. a) Any vehicle parked in a place not designated by a parking space number and separation lines, or areas marked No Parking or Fire Lane, may be towed without notice at the vehicle owner s expense. b) There is also to be no parking around the island between buildings 100 and 200 except in the numbered, assigned spaces. All others may be towed. c) Any vehicle leaking oil or other fluids other than air conditioning overflow may be towed, and/or restricted from the property. The owner will be billed for the cost of cleaning or repairing any damage to the pavement. d) The Executive Board may assess fines up to $500 when it determines a resident is a habitual offender of parking regulations. A habitual offender is anyone that has had more than three (3) cumulative offenses resulting in fines or towing. e) No automobile shall be parked in such a manner as to impede or prevent ready access to another owner s parking space, or impede ready access to any entrance to or exit from the buildings or parking areas. 34. HEAT LEVELS (09/04) A. In order to prevent water pipes from freezing, during the period from November 15th to April 15th each unit owner shall: i. Set the heating thermostat no lower than fifty-five (55) degrees Fahrenheit. ii. Maintain hot water heaters in operating condition. iii. Maintain an ambient temperature in the unit no lower than fifty-five (55) degrees Fahrenheit. B. If, during the period of November 15th to April 15th, the unit is vacant for a period of twenty-four (24) consecutive hours or longer, the unit owner shall: i. Arrange to have the unit physically checked in the morning and evening of each day the unit is vacant; or ii. Install a temperature sensing device which, either actively or passively, will notify the unit owner (or his designate) if the ambient temperature in the unit falls below fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature sensing device is passive, the unit owner (or his designate) shall check the sensor in the morning and evening of each day the unit is vacant. iii. Failure of actions or devices in i. and ii. above do not relieve the Unit Owner of his responsibility as outlined in A. i., ii., and iii.. iv. Any resulting damage, superfluous or not, caused by frozen pipes shall be the responsibility of the Unit owner. 35. Propane fired deep fat fryers or kettle boilers may not be used in or on any part of the Condominium Complex. CERTIFICATE To be completed and signed by all residents of Bridgeview, whether owner or renter, absentee owners, and all future buyers and renters. If an owner of more than one unit, a separate certificate must be signed for each unit. Resident Name Owner Renter (Check one) Address: 66 Girard Avenue, Unit, Newport, RI Cell Phone Work Phone address Owner Name Business Phone Home Phone Bus. Phone address I have received the Rules and Regulations for the Bridgeview Condominium, have read them, and agree to comply with them. By signing this Certificate, I attest that the above information is correct. Signature Date Please return to: Premier Property Management 26 Valley Rd. #203 Middletown, RI BRIDGEVIEW CONDOMINIUM OWNERS ASSOCIATION Pet Application I,, hereby apply for permission to keep the pet described below. I hereby agree to abide by the following terms and conditions; 1. It is agreed that I will be billed for any damages to the property as a result of the pet. 2. I will curb my pet and be discreet as to the area used to exercise it. 3. I agree to the revocation of this application if said pet is determined by the Executive Board or its agent to be destructive; to be not fully trained or housebroken; or in any way to constitute a nuisance. In the event of such revocation, I will promptly remove the pet from the premises. SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT: Appli
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