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  Bioethics Dr. Chan Ho Mun Associate Professor of Philosophy Dept of Public & Social Administration City University of Hong Kong June 26, 2006  What is Bioethics?  The term “bioethics” was introduced in the 70’s by Van Rensselaer Potter for a study aiming at ensuring the preservation of the  biosphere.  It was later used to refer a study of the ethical issues arising from health care, biological and medical sciences.  It is a major area in applied ethics.   The emergence of this new area of study has  been triggered by and a response to the new scientific/technological developments in  biomedical and life sciences.  Medical ethics and nursing ethics are more concerned with the ethics of the health care  professionals and their relationship with the  patient. Bioethics has a broader scope.  Some historical examples  Abortion  Contraception  Kidney dialysis machine (Who had the priority?)  Organ transplant, artificial ventilator, and brain death   In virtro fertilization (IVF)  Cloning and stem cell research  Genetic engineering  Main topics in Bioethics  Death and dying  Pre-birth Issues  Issues in human reproduction  Human cloning  Stem cell research  The new genetics
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