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JAY SHREE KRISHNA I am grateful to the almighty for giving me the privilege to compile this Bhajan/Parthna Book for Lohana Community of United Kingdom. I am very thankful to ALL the past and present members of the Central Council, especially the presidents and the sercetaries. I am most thankful to Dilip Nathwani (Birmingham), who has been with me from start to finish of this project. Thanks to Nehal and Rajiv Chandrana for helping with the layout. My thanks also
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  JAYSHREE KRISHNA  I am grateful to the almighty for giving me the privilege to compile this Bhajan/Parthna Book for Lohana Community of United Kingdom. I am very thankful to ALLthe past and present members of the CentralCouncil, especially the presidents and the sercetaries. I am most thankfulto Dilip Nathwani (Birmingham), who has been with me from start to finishof this project. Thanks to Nehal and Rajiv Chandrana for helping with thelayout. My thanks also to Subras Radio and MATV(Leicester), and finallythanks to EVERYONE who has helped to make this book possible.There are many people who have wanted to compile Bhajan Books in thememory of their departed loved ones, but have not been able to do so for various reasons. I hope that this book has given them an opportunity to doso. Every effort has been made to ensure that all details are correct, please forgive me if there are any mistakes.We have a very rich culture and there are thousands of bhajans that could have been chosen. I have tried my very best to select a wide spectrumincluding as many popular bhajans as possible. We all know and accept that death comes to us all. Yet when someone wehave known passes away, our emotions take over, and when that someoneis one of our own families, then the heart definitely over takes the mind. It is at such time that we need help, support and guidance from those whohave been through it before. Sometimes we get too much (conflicting)information, which does not help our already confused mind.The last section of this book illustrates some technical and religiousinformation regarding death. My thanks to Dr. Sunil Kotecha(Birmingham) who has assisted me in checking through details as best at  possible.  This book is not meant to dictate and is by no means comprehensive, aseach individual or family has their own ideas and wish to do things in their own manner. Death is not always an easy subject to talk about, but likemaking a will, it is important for us to be prepared as best we can, when it happens to our loved ones.The bereaved family definitedly needs moral support from friends and relations. However, they also need space and time on their own in order tocome to terms with their loss. It is a delicate balance to achieve. We allwish to pay our respects and share our feelings and memories, yet we donot want to intrude too much either. Things have changed and will alwayskeep on changing. We need to consider space available, timing and convenience, but above all the wishes of the bereaved family are paramount. I hope this book achieves its purpose in serving our community.  May your God be with you Aa BajnaavalaI P`aBaukRpa tqaa saaO vaiDlaaonaa AaiSavaa-dqaI banaavavaamaaM AavaI CoAnao AaSaa raKIAo CIAo ko Aa BajnaavalaI AapNaa samaaj tqaa savao- ihnduBaa[ bahonaao nao KUba j ]pyaaogaI qaSao . Aa BajnaavalaI AapNaa svaga-sqa sava-jnaao naa smaraNaaqao- krvaamaaM AavaI Co .  Pradip Chandrana (Birmingham) LCUK Bereavement Convenor. July 2006   INDEX DescriptionPage No.Description Page No. Ganesh Vandan1Gadu Maru Kya Lahi Jaye51Shiv Stuti3Yeh Duniya Ke Rakh Wale53Shree Hanuman Chalisa5Bhakti Karta Chute Maro55Krishna Mala9Sukh Ke Sab Sathi57Shreenathji Dhvani11Shree Krishna Saranam59Che Mantra Maha15Banwanri Re61Tame Bhave Bhaji Lyo17Hey Prabhu Anand Data63Vandan Karo Pitaji19Ame To Tara Nana Bal65Tummi Ho Mata21Raghu Pati Raghav67Mathe Hari Bhajuvanu23Rakh Na Ramkda69Pankhida Ne APinjaru25Pinjare Ke Panchi Re71Tu Pyar Ka Sagar Hai27Meli Chadar73Rudi Reeteh Jivo29Hey Ram Hey Ram75Tera Maan Darpan Kahe31Krishn Jinka Naam Hai77Ek J Arman Che33Jyoti Se Jyot79Jite Lakdi35Maa Baap Ne Bhulso Nahi81Naya Zukavi37Aab Somp Diya83Tere Dwar Khada39Anjali Geet85Mara Ghatma41Satsang Motu Dham Che87Karm Karo Aisa Bhai43Essence of Gita89Hu Tari Bolavu Jai45In Case of Death91-92Shyam Teri Bansi47Items Requirement93Siya Ram49
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