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First Baptist Church Naples “Face-to-Face” Launched from a Harvard University dorm in February, 2004, the social network called Facebook has exploded in appeal and use, now logging five hundred million members. They have uploaded fifty billion photos and tagged fifteen billion of them. Nearly 20% of the users list themselves as single, with about 16% as married. Members create 400,000 events each day. Amazingly, about 70% of the users are outside of the United States. A recent article asked a
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  First Baptist Church Naples  “Face-to-Face” Launched from a Harvard Universitydorm in February, 2004, the socialnetwork called Facebook has explodedin appeal and use, now logging vehundred million members. They haveuploaded fty billion photos andtagged fteen billion of them. Nearly20% of the users list themselves assingle, with about 16% as married.Members create 400,000 events eachday. Amazingly, about 70% of the usersare outside of the United States. A recent article asked amajor question concerning our culture and then answeredit: “What are we doing? Joining and sharing.” I want to urgeyou to do the same but with what could be termed as a lowtech but high touch ministry.Networking technologies have a predictable growthpattern, starting with an early, steady trickle of adopters,then moving to the next wave with real-life socialcontacts. Older individuals jump beyond the newness tothe opportunity to relate to their grandchildren. God hasallowed many of our ministries to move through variouspatterns of growth. Unlike most churches, we launchedthe FAITH Evangelism program with a large number of earlyadopters. We continue to see a steady wave of witnesses,both leaders and learners, rather than an ebb and owpattern. Praise God! However, we are now top-heavy with“leaders” who have been through the training and are nowin need of those who want to be our “friends” who will “joinand share” as “learners”.You can certainly pray and witness in your online socialnetwork as in other aspects of life. However, most of usneed a specic, disciplined track to run on and to nudgeus to witness and disciple others. FAITH is as much aboutreproducing yourself through learner-disciple as it isvisiting an unsaved or unchurched person in order to sharethe gospel. Training will be each Sunday afternoon at 4:00p.m. to 6:45 p.m., beginning September 19, 2010. We haveexciting times of teaching, visiting for about an hour, andthen reporting back to share victory testimonies. I havemade some wonderful “friends” through this network. Ihope that one day when I have “nished the course” of thislife (2 Timothy. 4:7) that my “prole” will be similar to thatof Paul and Timothy: “The things which you have heardfrom me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust theseto faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2). That is truly high touch! Church Mission:  To know Christ and makeHim known in SouthwestFlorida and Beyond. FBCN Streaming:   Did you miss a recentservice? Watch it online. FBCN Church Online Contents: FAITH Kick O BanquetDave Ramsey ClassesLCT Choir RetreatFaith RidersPrayer Surge/NationProject56/PraisekidsDiscovering FBCNFirst Steps ClassWomen’s ConferenceBand of BrothersSystematic TheologyDivorce CareBeth Moore StudyKidztownQuiet TimeOperation Christmas ChildHelps Outreach The Vine MinistryPreschool Promotion Truth Project  Living Christmas TreesChoir Retreat Singing in the Living Christmas Trees is a wonderful opportunity touse your gifts and talents to servethe Lord. Not only is it personallyrewarding, it is also agreat way to share thegospel with our NaplesCommunity. We sawover 160 people makeprofessions of faiththrough last year’sLCT ministry. For more information,please contact Keith Mattson in theMusic Oce at 596-8600 x229 oremail. Saturday, September 11 from9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Breakfast begins at 8:00 a.m. Registration is$10.00 (includes breakfast and lunch) Faith Riders is a Christ-centered, faith basedmotorcycle ministry with a passion forsharing the gospel of Jesus Christ within themotorcycle community. Our rst meeting is scheduled for Thursday,September 9th at 7:00 p.m. in The Commons. This ministry is open to both male & femaleriders. Those without a bike are welcome aswell. Please contact Rick Mercer at239-691-2018 for more information.  To register or for more information, please and click on the Dave Ramsey banner. You will begin to model evangelism as a lifestyle and a way of thinking.You will gain competence in initiating spiritual dialogue and movinginto a presentation of the gospel as you experience a variety of visitation settings.Our spring kick-o will begin with a Banquet featuring Dr. Stephen Rummage,Senior Pastor of Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, Florida. There will be a $5.00requested donation at the door for the dinner. Sign up will begin during the servicesthis weekend. You will need to pre-register for Child Care. Please purchase childcarereservation tickets at the Preschool Rotunda in the education building during allservices. Our new schedule for the FAITH Semester will be September 19 – Nov. 14,2010 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. in the Worship Center. FAITH EVANGELISM KICK OFF BANQUET Sunday, September 12, 2010 at5:00 p.m. in the Worship Center  Calling all believersto be“Battle Ready”. Prayer Surge is a church- wide prayer emphasis.Join us together as wepray for... our Nation Ephesians 6:10-19 Father, thank You for the United States and its government. I pray for thepresident, the national and local government, the judges, the policemen, thebusiness leaders, and all those who are in leadership positions in this country.Please protect them from the evil that is in the world and keep them safe andfree from all harm. You have promised to bless any nation that follows afterYou. Help us to live quiet and peaceful lives so that we can continue to spreadthe Good News of the gospel throughout our land. Praying Scripturally For Your Nation - Pray that God will send godly leaders to run our country- Pray that God will give our leaders wisdom- Pray that God will change our country’s morals (abortion,homosexuality, drugs, crime, divorce, etc.)- Pray that God will convict and change us (God’s people, especiallythe church in America) 2 CHRONICLES 7:14
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