Assessing sustainablility of wastewater reuse systems in Victoria

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Assessing sustainablility of wastewater reuse systems in Victoria
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  The University of MelbourneDepartment of Civil and Environmental EngineeringInternational Technologies Center (IDTC)4!"#44 $esearch %ro&ect 'ssessing sustainability of asteater reuse systems inictoria *y +yoti Upadhyaya,tudent no- !.!!/This report is submitted in partial fulfillment of the re0uirements for the degree of Master of Engineering ,cience+une 112  i  ABSTRACT This report provides details of developing development of a set of sustainability indicators (SI) to assess the sustainability of wastewater reuse systems in Victoria, by desktop study and theoretical analysis.Identifying impediments to wastewater reuse and interpreting concept of sustainability in terms of wastewater reuse revealed that ecept the T!" approach, consumers involvement in decision#making, institutional foundation and system approach are the  building blocks for a sustainable system. The two case studies ($onald tree plantation and %illaura "ake discharge) eamined the applicability of the SI in identifying the sustainability level of the systems and led to the refinement of the SI.  ii DECLARATION I hereby declare that this thesis is solely my own work and to the best of my knowledge and belief, does not contain any material published or written by anybody else, ecept where due reference has been given in the body of the thesis. &urthermore, this report is  prepared as a re'uirement for partial fulfillment of the aster of ngineering Science course and has not been used for any other course re'uirement in any university. *yoti +padhyaya- th  *une --/  iii ACKNOWELEDGEMENTS I would like to epress my sincere gratitude to my research supervisor $r 0raham oore, Senior "ecturer, I$T1, +niversity of elbourne not only for his ecellent supervisory role but also for his continuous support during the difficult times in the course of study. I am thankful to the 2us2I$ for financially supporting my study and stayin 2ustralia. I appreciate r. Simon 1outt, nvironmental 3fficer, 0rampians %immerraallee %ater for his time and effort in providing me data and various reports for the two case studies and answering my 'ueries via email. I appreciate 245 $on Stewart, I$T1 and 0avin elles, "ecturer, International Student Support 5rogram, +niversity of elbourne for their valuable suggestions. 2ppreciation goes to all my friends and staffs in the I$T1 who directly or indirectly helped me complete this research. The support of s Irene !rown, 5ostgraduate anager, ngineering faculty, s "ucia %ang, 2us2I$ "iaison 3fficer and s 6athy ene7es, 2ssistant Student anager, International 1enter, +niversity of elbourne is memorable.I especially appreciate the patience, cooperation, care and love my eight years old daughter showed together with her father during the entire period of my study. I couldn8t have done it without them.&inally I would like to dedicate this achievement to my parents, who always encouraged me believing in myself.  iv ABBREVIATIONS 52 9 nvironmental 5rotection 2uthority1o20 9 1ouncil of 2ustralian 0overnments1SI:3 9 1ommonwealth Scientific and Industrial :esearch 3rgani7ationS$ 9 cological Sustainable $evelopmentS55 9 State nvironmental 5rotection 5olicy$S 9 $epartment of Sustainability and nvironment$;: 9 $epartment of ;atural :esource and nvironmentST5 9 Sewerage Treatment 5lant12 9 1atchment management 2uthority:%2 9 :ural %ater 2uthority:+%2 9 :egional +rban %ater 2uthority+%2 9 etropolitan +rban %ater 2uthorityS1 9 ssential Service 1ommission$<S 9 $epartment of <uman ServicesS$ 9 Sustainable $evelopmentSI 9 Sustainability Indicator T$S 9 Total $issolved SolidsSS 9 Suspended Solids5 9 5hosphour ous  ; 9 ;itrogen!1: 9 !enefit 1ost :atio%1$ 9 %orld 1ommission on nvironment and $evelopment2 9 nvironment 2ustralia"12 9 "ife 1ycle 2nalysis!3$ 9 !iological 3ygen $emand1 9 lectrical 1onductivity
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