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UKedchat Archive Session 172
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  ukedchat Archive 10th October 2013 Hosted by @ICTmagicStrategies & tips to improve low-level behaviour issues?20:00:06@ukedchat It's 8pm. Time for #ukedchat with @ICTmagic. Topic:’Strategies & tips to improve low-level behaviour issues?’ 20:00:41@ICTmagic Tonight we are discussing low-level behaviour issues &tips to deal with them. #ukedchat 20:00:59@ICTmagic What low-level behaviour issue is the bane of your life?#ukedchat 20:01:06@UKBlogAwards Hello #ukedchat we hope you do not mind us joining inthis evening? We are looking to link with educationindustry bloggers! 20:01:10@ICTmagic … Add multiple tags, comments, messages, links &more to photos & then share with everyone. #ukedchat#ukedchat 20:01:11@Mishwood1 @ukedchat @ICTmagic Has to be whole schoolbehaviour management policy based on positivereinforcement consistently applied #ukedchat 20:01:15@mrpeel #ukedchat low level twattage - the constant trying towhisper or text - not even witty. 20:01:49@mistercollard Low level talking which is just enough to put you off #ukedchat 20:02:34@mrpeel #ukedchat not too stressful tho. Always follow throughon threatened sanctions. 20:02:35@ICTmagic @BehaviourTeach I don't remember seeing your handup! :) #ukedchat 20:03:05@Jivespin NEW RESOURCE - Talking chips - a useful tool to helpdirect chatty students #ukedchat A strategy that helpsdeal with low level behaviour. 20:03:09@ICTmagic @mrpeel Is the texting to pupils in the same room?#ukedchat 20:03:31@ICTmagic @BehaviourTeach What sort of interruptions arecommon? (remember to use the hashtag) #ukedchat 20:03:38@Jivespin  Another little trick ......Magpie cards - promotingcollaboration in your lessons. 20:03:50@mrpeel #ukedchat non idea - just take the phone... happy to getlaugh with jokes about boys with hands in pocketsunder the tables - more an issue 20:03:59@magicalmaths Maths Lesson Algebra Starter Resource EncodingDecoding Messages - #edchat #ukedchat... 20:04:04@magicalmaths Maths Lesson Starter Extension Problem - What are 1 of 19  ukedchat Archive 10th October 2013 Hosted by @ICTmagicStrategies & tips to improve low-level behaviour issues? Congruent Shapes? - #edchat #ukedchat... 20:04:12@ICTmagic @Mishwood1 Can you outline some of the features of your whole school behaviour manage system?#ukedchat 20:04:15@UKBlogAwards @mrpeel you may be interested in our awards which golive for entry this week! Please feel free to share your posts with us! #ukedchat 20:04:44@mrpeel @mrpeel #ukedchat with trainees who get stuck withgroups and allow a sense of lack of awareness todevelop - make this a key to training 20:05:06@Sablonette #ukedchat constantly turning round 20:05:20@ICTmagic @mrpeel I work is primary, so that hasn't been an issuefor me. Is it very common? #ukedchat 20:05:23@UKBlogAwards @Jivespin > this sounds like an effective tool! Does itwork? #ukedchat 20:05:36@ukedchat Tonight's #ukedchat topic: ’Strategies & tips to improvelow-level behaviour issues?’ Hosted by @ICTmagic 20:05:46@ICTmagic What are the differences between low-level behaviour issues in Primary and Secondary? #ukedchat 20:05:50@Mishwood1 @ICTmagic All staff trained, clarity of expectations,focus on de-escalation and positive rewards,involvement of parent/carers..#ukedchat 20:06:15@Jivespin @UKBlogAwards Yes - really hits the mark. Even better when you get your TA involved #ukedchat 20:06:16@UKBlogAwards @magicalmaths we would love for you share your postswith us! #ukedchat 20:06:17@CazpUK Year 6 boys general silliness #ukedchat 20:06:39@mrpeel @ICTmagic not in my current school... #ukedchat or mycurrent classes. Being 6'4 helps - I see a great deal andam quite intimidating 20:06:45@mrandmrsteach Repair and rebuild conversations with students after abehaviour incident. Every lesson is a fresh start.#ukedchat 20:06:48@OuthwaiteTt Inspired by 3 y/o today. A great day!#lovebeingateacher #ukedchat #earlyed #nurseryideas 20:06:52@eylanezekiel #ukedchat 1st tool to manage low level behaviour is'The Look' the one that says This is all I should need,shall we get on with learning? 20:07:27@CazpUK Passive learners and poor learning behaviour #ukedchat 20:07:40@Sablonette #ukedchat @ICTmagic @mrpeel Or are phones used 2 of 19  ukedchat Archive 10th October 2013 Hosted by @ICTmagicStrategies & tips to improve low-level behaviour issues? as learning tools? Aren't they creating more behaviour issues? 20:07:42@ICTmagic @mrpeel Yes sir, you are sir! :) #ukedchat 20:07:58@ukedchat Sign up to the #UKedchat bulletin to stay up to date withtopics, posts & view the best links shared on thehashtag. … 20:07:59@mrpeel #ukedchat I forgive a lot if it is witty and inventive. It'scrass silliness that narks. 20:08:09@oldandrewuk #ukedchat I find punishing students helps. 20:08:15@eylanezekiel #ukedchat 2nd tool is empathy - if you cannotunderstand the child and their behaviour - your sanctions will not fix anything 20:08:29@StuartLock To deal with low level behaviour, absolutely no chancesor warnings before action. Certainty of action.#ukedchat 20:08:34@cherrylkd  All staff being consistent in their treatment of low levelbehaviour issues is key. Child should always know whatto expect #ukedchat 20:08:38@UKBlogAwards @Jivespin Yes we bet! Great way to learn sharingapproach also, as well as talking about the topicpromotes learning! #ukedchat 20:08:55@ICTmagic Do we think that benefits of using mobiles in classoutweighs potencial behaviour problems with them?#ukedchat 20:08:58@TeachingTopTips MAKE behaviour management easier by putting one of these signs on your classroom door. 20:09:02@SparkyTeaching It's awe or nothing... … #ukedchat #ulearn13 20:09:09@designthinking Make sure your students know what u expect from them#ukedchat 20:09:15@UKBlogAwards @OuthwaiteTt feel free to share with us! Do you Blog atall? #ukedchat 20:09:21@philallman1 @cherrylkd oh totally agree! #ukedchat 20:09:45@ICTmagic  Any schools found a good balance between usingmobiles in lessons & behaviour management of them? Any schools banned them? #ukedchat 20:09:47@Jivespin @UKBlogAwards Also gives freedom to collaborate andencourages the weaker students to 'get out there' andask #ukedchat 3 of 19  ukedchat Archive 10th October 2013 Hosted by @ICTmagicStrategies & tips to improve low-level behaviour issues?20:10:04@mrpeel @oldandrewuk yearning for the birch? The vital thing idto follow through on any threatened sanction, however slight it seems.#ukedchat 20:10:07@eylanezekiel #ukedchat 3rd tool is 'righteous indignation' - youmanage the safety and respect of that space. Believe inthose rules - or they won't 20:10:14@caroljallen Often a link between low level behaviour issues andhunger, tiredness #ukedchat 20:10:19@Sablonette #ukedchat @ICTmagic cause more issues I'd say - noleast protection of privacy and ensuing argumentsbetween students. 20:10:42@Lottefran For teaching & techno-shy teachers: iPad, Nexus or Huddl? #ukedchat #engchat 20:10:51@mrpeel can i just ask? Anyone else here old enough toremember the threat of the cane? #ukedchat it never worked, but I remember it hurt. 20:10:52@ICTmagic @oldandrewuk What form does this punishment take?#ukedchat 20:10:56@TeachingTopTips GET pupils to behave by reminding them that you'vealready got your GCSEs. #ukedchat 20:10:58@eylanezekiel #ukedchat - Unlike @oldandrewuk I find carrot worksbetter than stick - but ... not afraid 2 use the latter either (figuratively of course) 20:11:13@mrandmrsteach @cherrylkd Definitely you need absolute consistency.#ukedchat 20:11:15@UKBlogAwards @oldandrewuk Your Blog looks fab! #ukedchat #edchat 20:11:21@School_LN @ICTmagic yes indeed, as long as students understandusage expectations and outcomes are made clear #ukedchat 20:11:36@StuartLock Giving warnings indicates that you're happy to spendtime warning them. #ukedchat #nowarnings 20:11:40@ExploreEd @mrpeel I totally agree with following through on action- it clearly defines boundaries #ukedchat 20:11:43@rgreen_ITT adapted @dylanwiliam secret student, it made chnresponsible for own learning and made it a class effort.Very effective! #ukedchat 20:11:53@UKBlogAwards @cherrylkd whatever their age! #ukedchat 20:12:01@ICTmagic Where does parental support/engagement fit in todealing with low-level behaviour issues? #ukedchat 20:12:09@TeachingTopTips SHOW others that you've perfected managing difficultpupils by ordering them to do whatever they happen tobe doing already. #ukedchat 4 of 19
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