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the bag was not mine three people told police they saw me pic it off the table but thats what happens when you get a I. P. W. B. Thats a in public while Bo in N.W. Washington st
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  1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132 NOT GUILTY - 1James SullivanCourt appointedMtvernon waSKAGIT CO SUPIORIOR PROCUTOR ,Plaintiff,vs.BODIE L HAMMOND,DefendantCase No.: NOT GUILTYMr sullvan on the day before I was arrested Anacortes police department showed up at 4009 L aveOn an unrelated complaint where they reconized me and call me by my first name told me to getthe hell out of here to calm the situation between the two sisters fighting and I did not giving me any info about anyarrest warrant at that time. Until the next day when they arrested me the arresting officer the night before was theone who called me by my first name and said he had full knowledge of the arrest warrant the night before but didn’t  want to do it right then. On the day of my arrest the Anacortes police officer who recognized me by my first name passed me twice as I was walking down commercial ave in Anacortes walking to the market grocery store for adrink with my girlfriend waiting for laundry to be done they waited till I was shopping at the front of the storestanding with some friends as I picked up a bag off the cherries table and showed it to my girlfriend my words to her were I should give this to the store manager to see if someone… at that same moment I heard bodie Hammond Ihave a warrant for your arrest put ur hands behind ur back and turn around In the seconds that followed Iunknowingly placed the bag opened in my pocket and was then discovered In the search I told the officers I did notconsent to of my pockets they asked is this urs in which I said no I just found that on the cherries table and wasconfirmed by my girlfriend and other friends standing there to them but the police did not take any statements fromthem or did they believe me . in my opinion the Anacortes police acted unporficionally and had me convicted andwas not going to hear me or anyone ells that I was innocent and after they decided to let me go other items were inmy possessions bag that were not mine that they were trying to say were like a torch and a pipe for smoking pot hellthey didn’t even search me well enough to find a lighter and my blackberry phone they were discovered at the policedept when they got me to holding cell a pure case of default by them and the fact that they waited till I was shoppingIn the store to pull this shit is pure brutality and humiliationDated this [day] of [Month], [year].  1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132 NOT GUILTY - 2[Attorney Name]
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