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  Lx  6.9 690balok arah xLy  5.5 550hmin0.37mfy  400Mpa  b0.19m1.254545balok arah yhmin0.30mhmin0.26m jadih min0.3750cm b0.1925cmasumsi dimensi kolom40400.40.4 beban hidu3! #m2300! #m2$in%%i kolom4.&m4&0fc30'a'assa (enis )e$on2400k%#m  PERENCAAN TEBAL PELATPerencanaa $ ela$16cm0.16)era$ sen Lxn665cm)era$ balo Lyn525cm)eban !o ARAH X dan YBalok L  b,25cm-uh50cm0.5$16cm% erlu0.25be159cm% ada be2&9cm jadi be 59cm% ada K  1.4651600003&1564.921cm49&133.333cm4122026.667 αf1 3.127 αf 3.&&& Balok T  b,25cmh50cm$16cm be193cm be2153cm jadi be 93cm K  1.735451736.&29cm4192000.000cm42397&6.667 αf! 1.&&4 αf 2.353 alfa fm 2.&13 B 1.267  #ika alfa fm $ !% min 13.5cm/ L / LL & BL & 'LX & 'LY & BT & 'TX & 'TY  #ika ()! $ α fm  $!)( ℎ_=( (0,8+ /1500))/(36+5 β ( α _   −0,2))   #ika α fm  * !)(  ℎ_=( (0,8+ /1500))/(36+9 β )   Dimensi Kolom  iri la$14572.&k% k * dan +3720k% om1&43.2k%20136k%113&5k%423792 24703.99mm2160000mm2% erlu24703.99ok 
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