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ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR WWW.PRENHALL.COM/ROBBINS T E N T H E D I T I O N OBJECTIVES LEARNING Besides your textbook concepts, you will also learn to: 1. Understand the role of organizational culture 2. Vision, mission ,values 3. Dominant, culture/sub-cultures 4. Merging cultures 5. Creativity and innovation in workplace 6. Organizational socialization 7. Keeping culture alive The Basic Functions of Organizational Culture Organizational Culture/basic functions Provides a sense of identity f
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  ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR W W W . P R E N H A L L . C O M / R O B B I N S T E N T H E D I T I O N  Besides your textbook concepts, you will also learn to: 1.Understand the role of organizational culture2.Vision, mission ,values3.Dominant, culture/sub-cultures4.Merging cultures5.Creativity and innovation in workplace6.Organizational socialization7.Keeping culture alive    L   E   A   R   N    I   N    G   O    B   J   E   C   T   I   V   E   S  The Basic Functions of Organizational Culture OrganizationalCulture/basic functions Provides asense of identity for membersEnhancescommitmentto the organization’s  missionClairifiesandreinforcesstandardsof behavior   Core Organizational ValuesReflected in Culture ã Sensitivity to needs of customers and employees ã Freedom to initiate new ideas ã Willingness to tolerate taking risks ã Openness to communication options
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