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An Introduction to Facebook for Business
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  AN INTRODUCTIONTO FACEBOOK FORBUSINESS. A publication of f A sep a sraegy giefr markeers.  AN INTRODUCTION TO fACebOOk fOR bUsINess 2   CONTENTS. Why se Faebk? 03 A Iri  Faebk 0409 Seig p Yr FaebkBsiess Page 15 15 Faebk fr BsiessBes Praies 24 Aiia Resre  AN INTRODUCTION TO fACebOOk fOR bUsINess 3   F acebook’s status as the dominant social network may be occasionallychallenged by emerging social platforms like Google+, Pinterest, and thelike -- but we prefer to go to the facts. With more than one billion members,Facebook remains the most popular social network around.A natural extension of Facebook’s consumer popularity is thatbusinesses are trying leverage that user base to help them meet dubiousmarketing goals. And for many, it’s working. Recent data reports that 4 1% of B2B companies and 62% of B2C companies have acquired acustomer from Facebook. That being said, learning the nuances of various social networks canbe tricky and time-consuming, especially considering how frequentlythey add, remove, and modify features. To help you get started on theright foot, we’ve put together this handy setup and strategy guide that IntRoductIon: Amanda Sibley is the co-marketing manager atHubSpot where she is responsible for generatingsales leads through growing relationships withcontent partners. Previously, Amanda ran the paidlead generation channel garnering thousands ofleads for the sales team. She is a regular contributorto the HubSpot inbound marketing blog andoccasionally produces ebooks. ABout tHE AutHoR: AmANDA SIBlEy@AmANDASIBlEy W use Facebook?  AN INTRODUCTION TO fACebOOk fOR bUsINess 4   ANINTRODUCTIONTO FACEBOOK. 01
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