An evaluation of offending behaviour programmes within the Prison and Probation Services

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An evaluation of offending behaviour programmes within the Prison and Probation Services
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  Statistics and Research Branch An Evaluation of Offending BehaviourProgrammes withinthe Prison andProbation services inNorthern Ireland NIO Research and Statistical Series:Report No. 17  An Evaluation of OffendingBehaviour Programmes within the Prisonand Probation Services of Northern Ireland NIO Research and Statistical Series: Report No. 17 Ruth Hatcher 1 , Charlotte Bilby 2 , Clare Gunby 1 , Clive Hollin 3 ,Emma Palmer 3 , and James McGuire 4  June 2008  1 University of LeicesterSchool of PsychologyForensic Section106 New WalkLeicesterLE1 7EA 2 University of LeicesterDepartment of CriminologyThe Friars154 Upper New WalkLeicesterLE1 7EA 3 University of LeicesterClinical Division of PsychiatryDepartment of Health SciencesLeicester General HospitalGwendolen RoadLeicesterLE5 4PW 4 University of LiverpoolDivision of Clinical PsychologySchool of Population,Community and BehaviouralSciencesLiverpoolL69 3GB  Produced by the Statistics and Research Branch of the NorthernIreland Office. For additional copies contact:Statistics and Research BranchCriminal Justice Policy DivisionMassey HouseStoney RoadBelfast BT4 3SX Telephone: 028 9052 7157Fax: 028 9052 7532Email: This publication and others on related criminal justice areas arealso available on the Internet at: The views in this report are those of the authors and are not tobe attributed to the Northern Ireland Office First published 2008 Application for reproduction should be made to Statistics and Research Branch, Massey House, Stoney Road, Belfast, BT4 3SX. © Crown copyright 2008 ISBN 1 903 68623 7  v Executive Summary 1.This report has been commissioned by the Northern Ireland Office(NIO) to provide an evaluation of offending behaviour programmesrun by the Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS) and the ProbationBoard for Northern Ireland (PBNI).The specific programmes underevaluation within the Prison Service are EnhancedThinking Skills(ETS) and the Sex OffenderTreatment Programme (SOTP). Within theProbation Service the programmes under review are the CommunitySex Offender Groupwork Programme (C-SOGP), Men OvercomingDomesticViolence (MODV) and Anger Management. Allprogrammes are based on cognitive-behavioural principles, aredesigned to be delivered in a group setting and were introduced intothe services between 1993 and 2004.2.The report incorporates two strands, an organisational audit (orprocess evaluation) addressing issues of programme implementationand delivery, and an outcome evaluation of prison programme data.As few prison programmes had been delivered and a lack of complete data in prison databases, a full reconviction analysis wasnot possible. As such, the outcome evaluation focuses on pre- topost-programme movement on ETS and SOTP psychometricmeasures across the three operational prison establishments. Due toprogramme work being more recently established within theProbation Board, psychometric data were not included in that partof the evaluation. As such, the probation stand of the evaluationfocuses purely on process issues with regard to programme delivery.3.The report provides a critical review of key issues arising from thedelivery and implementation of each programme within theProbation Board and across the three prison establishments.Thisinformation was collected from interviews with a total of 75individuals: 23 prison staff, 11 prison programme participants, 25probation staff, and 15 probation programme participants. Interviewschedules and topic guides were designed and utilised to facilitatethe collection of detailed information on staffing levels, theprovision of staff training, treatment integrity, referral and targetingpractices, compliance with monitoring procedures, communicationwithin the service and programme accommodation.
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