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  PROGRAM STUDY HEALTH OF SOCIETY of STIKES BHAKTI HUSADA BENGKULU PROGRAM MASTER HEALTH OF SOCIETY (SKM)  Wiwit Heryanti Program of Study Health Of Society College Hygiene of STIKES Bhakti Husada Bengkulu Xvii + 60 Page;Yard + 9 Tables + 2 Schema  ABSTRACK Cadre have skilled and also high devotion in executing its duty is efficacy key of activity of posyandu. Role and also cadre influenced [by] various factor for example Motivation, Storey;Level Education, Knowledge, Facility, Construction, Appreciation, and others. target of this research is to know Factors related to role and also Cadre of Posyandu [in] Region Work Puskesmas Degradation Of Town of Bengkulu Year 2015. Research type is analytic survey with approach of sectional cross. this Research Sampel is totalizeing Cadre population of Posyandu that is amount 45 cadre. Data processed [by] n denga use program of SPSS windows for with technique analyse by univariat and bivariate with test of Chi-Square. Result of this research show: Result of frequency distribution of menunjukan ( 53,3%) cadre have low education, ( 55,6%) cadre have low motivation, ( 57,8) cadre have never followed training as cadre, and ( 55,6 ) inactive role and also in activity of posyandu. There [is] [relation/link] which [is] signifikan [among/between] education with role and also cadre of posyandu (?< 0,005). There [is] [relation/link] which [is] signifikan [among/between] motivation with role and also cadre of posyandu (?< 0,005).Ada [relation/link] which [is] sigmifikan [among/between] training with role and also cadre of Posyandu ρ<0,005.  Is suggested that by side of Puskesmas can give training in frequency often to each;every cadre of Posyandu and do consideration of education as cadre candidate so that role and also cadre of posyandu remain to awake. Keyword : Education, Motivation, Training and Role And also Cadre.  PROGRAM STUDI KESEHATAN MASYARAKAT STIKES BHAKTI HUSADA BENGKULU PROGRAM SARJANA KESEHATAN MASYARAKAT (SKM). Wiwit Heryanti Program Study Kesehatan Masyarakat Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan STIKes Bhakti Husada Bengkulu Xvii + 60 Halaman + 9 Tabel + 2 Bagan. ABSTRAK Kader mempunyai ketrampilan serta pengabdian yang tinggi dalam melaksanakan tugasnya adalah kunci keberhasilan dari kegiatan posyandu. Peran serta kader dipengaruhi berbagai faktor antara lain Motivasi, Tingkat Pendidikan, Pengetahuan, Fasilitas, Pembinaan, Penghargaan, dan lain-lain. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui Faktor-faktor yang berhubungan dengan peran serta Kader Posyandu di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Penurunan Kota Bengkulu Tahun 2015. Jenis penelitian adalah  survey analitik   dengan pendekatan cross sectional  . Sampel  penelitian ini adalah total populasi Kader Posyandu yaitu jumlah 45 kader. Data diolah denga n menggunakan program SPSS for windows  dengan teknik analisa secara univariat dan bivariat dengan uji Chi-Square . Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan: Hasil distribusi frekuensi menunjukan (53,3%) kader memiliki pendidikan rendah, (55,6%) kader memiliki motivasi rendah, (57,8) kader belum pernah mengikuti pelatihan sebagai kader, dan ( 55,6% ) peran serta tidak aktif dalam kegiatan posyandu. Ada hubungan yang signifikan antara  pendidikan dengan peran serta kader posyandu (ρ<0,005). Ada hubungan yang signifikan antara motivasi den gan peran serta kader posyandu (ρ<0,005).Ada hubungan yang sigmifikan antara pelatihan dengan peran serta kader Posyandu(  p <0,005) Disarankan agar pihak Puskesmas dapat memberikan pelatihan dalam frekuensi sering untuk setiap kader Posyandu dan melakukan pertimbangan pendidikan sebagai calon kader agar peran serta kader posyandu tetap terjaga. Kata Kunci : Pendidikan, Motivasi, Pelatihan dan Peran Serta Kader   
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