A New Direction for the Physics of Consciousness

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The theoretical study of consciousness needs to move in a new direction if it hopes to be successful. The first step is to take a logical look at how life, mind and consciousness could have evolved and then to find a physical theory of reality that
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  A NEW DIRECTION FOR THE  PHYSICS OF CONSCIOUSNESS By James E. Beichler  Toward a Science of Consciousness, Tucson, April 2002  SOFTSOFT– SS ingleingleingle FF ieldieldield TT heoryheoryheory •The four-dimensional space-time continuum of GR is curved into a real fifth dimension•4-D space-time is the densest portion of the 5-D single field, forming a 4-D ‘sheet’ characterized  by an ‘effective width’ •Denser portions of the ‘sheet’, corresponding to folds, bumps and burble, are defined as material  particles called protons, electrons and neutrinos.•The quantum of action or interaction, as described in Quantum Theory, is defined by the ‘effective width’ of the ‘sheet’  Chemical ReactionsChemical Reactions •Normal chemical reactions occur within the material portion of the 4-D ‘sheet’•In physics, chemical reactions are represented as energy exchanges between the elementary particles from which atoms and molecules are composed •These energy exchanges correspond to field density changes in the 5-D extension of material particles from 4-D space-time  LIFE –A 5-D COMPLEXITY •Simple chemical and equilibrium reactions in 4-D space-time correspond to specific patterns (resonances) established between field density changes in the extended 5-D continuum•A highly specialized mixture of different chemical reactions forms a complexity (from the individual chaotic reactions) which is a resonance pattern of changing field densities in the fifth dimension •We call this particular complexity LIFE•LIFE now organizes the 4-D chemical reactions from which the living organism evolved and the organism begins a new direction of evolution  Brain a 4-D organ •The living organism comes into contact and interacts with objects in its immediate 4-D space-time environment•As the variety of interactions increases the internal structure of the organism becomes more complicated, until the organism begins to differentiate its internal functions through the development of specialized organs•Eventually, the internal structure of the organism becomes so complicated that if must develop a new special organ to coordinate and control the other functional organs •This is the Brain, but it has a completely 4-D existence
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