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poems written in conjunction with the ensemble
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   Michael BolerjackThe Advent   You, knowing the placeOf my demise, the sendingAnd the dismissal,Look to the North and find theUnexpected future is.Here, out of nowhere,The place that poets, roamingWhere the time is right,In true north they have concurred.Anselm and Ancel agree.Eternity is,And cannot be taken fromPoets and othersWho find in the writtennessWitness for the Lord of Hosts.He and I, we write,Truth to tell, in prophecy,Neither pale nor glare,Not to pass, but shatter on,To decontrol the light is.  If you are catching,Catch me in the way you can,Pray as you can andNot as you can ’t , as you said.Find the door and knock, keepingTo the path we will be found.We will but found it,Our arrival is assured,At least we hope. ButHe cannot be untrue. YetBetween the yes and the noThere is nothing there,That between, that waiting,The space, the place of The apocalypse is come.There is that word yet to come.What logic reigns here?He said seven times,To the church, to churches go,Send a message, write it down,You must change and do it now.  Seven times, he asked.No, seven times seventy.The abundance is clear.The life we live is no life,Still we have that abundance.Beauty and truth are,And are convertible, yetNot the same at all.Ancel mistrusts beauty, othersMistrust truth, but we seek life,One who was alwaysAnd is and always will be.He is beautiful and trueAnd good, and cannot not be.He is simply forever.In apocalypseThe great salvation is come,To not be misledBy those who say he will comeOnly for those who are good.
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