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Human Resource Management Submitted to: Submitted by: Sir SAQIB M AWAIS IBRAHEEM 1892 In MBA 3rd HAZARA UNIVERSITY HARIPUR CAMPUS Group: Communicators Page 1 Acknowledgement First of all I would like to thanks to Allah on this occasion. I also want to show my gratitude to my loving parents and humble teachers who make me able to be at this position. Bundle of Thanks to my honorable teacher Mr. Saqib, who give me a chance to enhance my abilities and skills. Group: Communicators Page
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  Human ResourceHuman ResourceManagementManage   ment Submitted to:Submitted to: Sir SAQIBSir SAQIB Submitted by:Submitted by:   M AWAIS IBRAHEEMM AWAIS IBRAHEEM18921892  In MBA 3In MBA 3  rdrd   HAZARA UNIVERSITY HARIPUR CAMPUSHAZARA UNIVERSITY HARIPUR CAMPUS  Group: Communicators Page 1  Group: Communicators Page 2 First of all I would like to thanks toAllah on this occasion.I also want to show my gratitude to myloving parents and humble teachers whomake me able to be at this position.Bundle of Thanks to my honorableteacher Mr. Saqib, who give me achance to enhance my abilities and skills. Acknowled ement  Table of ContentsTable of Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  STATEMENT OF PURPOSEPRODUCT SERVICE AND TECHNOLOGYVISION, MISSION AND CORE VALUESACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND DEDICATIONSHIERARCHY OF PTCL CHAP 1: INTRODUCTION OF PROJECTCHAP 1: INTRODUCTION OF PROJECT 1.1 INTRODUCTION OF PTCL1.2 HISTORY OF PTCL1.3 HISTORY CHART CHAP 2: FINDINGS OF TRAINING & DEVELOPMENTCHAP 2: FINDINGS OF TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT 2.1 TYPES OF EMPLOYEES AT PTCL2.2 TRAINING INSTITUTE2.3 TYPES OF LOCAL TRAINING2.3.1 TRAINING STAFF2.4 CAREER PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT2.4.1 SCHOLARSHIP STUDIES2.4.2 EDUCATIONL LEAVE2.4.3 PRIORITIES FOR FORMAL EDUCATION2.5 MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT TECHNIQUES2.6 Psychological Tests & Assessments CHAP 3: ANALYSIS OF HR-PRACTICES AT PTCLCHAP 3: ANALYSIS OF HR-PRACTICES AT PTCL 3.1 HRM PLANNING AND WORKING3.1 HRM PLANNING AND WORKING3.1.1 HR STRATEGIES3.1.2 HRM PLANNING3.2 RECRUITMENT3.2.1 RECRUITMENT PROCEDURE3.2.2 RECRUITMENT METHODS3.2.2.1 INTERNAL RECRUITMENT3.2.2.2 EXTERNAL RECRUITMENT3.2.3 QUOTA SYSTEM3.3 SELECTION3.3.1 SELECTION CRITERIA3.3.2 INTERVIEW METHODS3.3.3 FORMAT OF JOB DESCRIPTION3.4 PAY SCALES & OPPORTUNITIES3.4 COMPENSATION3.4.1 FINANCIAL REWARDS3.4.2 NON-FINANCIAL REWARDS3.4.3 LEAVE POLICY3.4.4 MEDICAL BENEFITS3.5 PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL3.5.1 PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL METHOD QUESTIONS AND ANSWERSConclusion and a practical recommendationConclusion and a practical recommendation APPENDICES &APPENDICES & SITES VISITED Group: Communicators Page 3  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  The goals of this project will be presented in this executive summary withsummarized pieces of information about specific activities i.e. Training &Development regarding Human resource department of PTCL. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE This project aim at presenting the studies of Human Resource Activities carried outin PTCL but the main focus is on Training & Development of employees working atthe particular organization.PTCL is one of the biggest organizations in Pakistan and the main area in which thisorganization deals is providing valuable services to its customer regarding telephoneservices, mobile services, internet services, DSLs, and Information Technologyprospective to the whole Pakistan within four provinces as well as Azad Jammu &Kashmir. INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTION Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largesttelecommunication company in Pakistan. This company provides telephony servicesto the nation and still holds the status of backbone for country's telecommunicationinfrastructure despite arrival of other telecom giants like Telenor, Warid, Mobilinkand China Mobile. The company consists of around 2000 telephone exchangesacross country providing largest fixed line network. GSM, CDMA and Internet areother resources of PTCL, making it a gigantic organization. The Government of Pakistan sold 26% shares and control of the company toEtisalatin2006. The Government of Pakistanretained 62% of the shares while the remaining 12% areheld by the general public.PTCL is also part of the consortium of three majorSubmarine communication cable networks:SEA-ME-WE 3,SEA-ME-WE 4andI-ME-WE. In addition to wire line operations, PTCL also provides fixed line service through its countrywide CDMAbased WLL (Wireless Local Loop) network, under the Vfone brand name. In thecellular segment, the second largest cellular provider in Pakistan,Ufone, is also awholly owned subsidiary of PTCL. HistoryHistory From the beginnings of Posts & Telegraph Department in 1947 and establishment of Pakistan Telephone & Telegraph Department in 1962, PTCL has been a major playerin telecommunication in Pakistan. Despite having established a network of enormoussize, PTCL workings and policies have attracted regular criticism from other smalleroperators and the civil society of Pakistan. Group: Communicators Page 4
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